F1 links: On TV rights and medals

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Sir Frank Williams CBE Endorses Karting for the Disabled at enABLE 08

Sir Frank Williams CBE has fully endorsed the free Karting for the Disabled seminar which will take place at the very first enABLE show at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena on 28&29 November 2008.

James Allen on Rubens’s revelation

"When I was researching the Schumacher biography in early 2007 I spoke to Rubens at length and he told me that he was certain Michael had been in on it, despite his denials at the time. Rubens revealed that he has a transcript of the Ferrari radio conversations that day, which was presumably used in the FIA hearing."

Has the death knell sounded for the Premier League’s big-money TV deals?

"In the meantime, the Premier League is likely to continue its game of cat and mouse with websites like Justin.tv. But with a paradigm shift in the future of broadcasting already underway, it might be better advised to quit chasing them and tap into their technological expertise instead." For 'Premier League', substitute 'Formula One Group'.

LG Electronics becomes an F1 partner

'The electronics firm will become 'the official Consumer Electronics, Mobile Phone and Data Processor' of the world championship, and its logo will feature on F1's live timing system and timing graphics.'

Ecclestone: Medal system next year

'When then asked if it was fair that someone who wins six races but doesn't finish any others, beats someone who had finished every race in second place, Ecclestone replied: "He'll have to try harder next year."'

BBC Worldwide in talks with Woolworths to buy DVD publisher 2entertain

2entertain are publishing the 2008 F1 season official review DVD

The expense of hosting a Grand Prix

"At one time, when Bernie personally owned the commercial rights to F1, it was in his gift – should he choose to do so – once in a while to cut a race organiser some slack, to compromise, but since selling out to CVC things are a little different, for the company borrowed hugely to finance the buyout, and the interest payments alone on those loans are staggering. F1, essentially, is in debt – and in a big way. Hence it takes its show to where the money is." (registration required)

Beeb presenters

"Ladies and gentlemen, James Allen has left the building. The BBC has announced its F1 commentary line-up for 2009, and Mr Allen is not on the teamsheet." Top Gear on the BBC's F1 line-up.

Formula 1 – 1999 Liveries

I’d forgotten about Ferrari’s tobacco-free livery with the kiss-ass ‘F1′ logo on it…

Careful Nico…

"Rosberg may not have had as competitive a car as he might have hoped this year but it does need to be pointed out that he also made a string of mistakes which cost the team a considerable number of points in the course of the season. If those points had been scored rather than thrown away the team would have done much better in the Constructors' Championship and so perceptions would be rather different than they are today."

The Official Formula 1 Website

Nico Rosberg: "I really thought that we would be able to carry the momentum into ’08 and continue to improve, but it wasn’t to be. I am thankful still that on occasion my car was okay and I was able to show that I can still drive a race car, which is important as you need to keep your reputation."

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7 comments on “F1 links: On TV rights and medals”

  1. Keith – Coulthard have a BLOG and the name of his son is Dayton Minier Coulthard.

  2. What about Ferrari’s livery free livery last year? It was as if they were waiting all year for a big sponsor who never showed up!
    The pit crews overalls, and the drivers had lovely retro stripes on them, and looked great, but these weren’t on the cars, which just made them look boringly red, red and red……

  3. DG – Ferrari’s non-sponsored car wasn’t the one that Rossi was driving was it? I think that there were contractual obligations there that prevented them putting certain stickers on the car.

  4. Sorry, I meant this year/last season – all year the cupboard was bare – if you see how the McLarens, Williams and BMWs looked this year….

  5. Regarding TV rights — is it so difficult for the Formula One powers to understand that there is demand for live webcasting of practice, qualifying and races? Coverage could be so much better in so many ways that it’s frustating beyond belief. Surely some of the high-tech sponsors in the sport could see and opportunity and sell it to Bernie?

  6. Becken – Thanks for the link!

    DG & Alex – I thought that barcode thing looked horrible on the Ferrari. The one Rossi drove last week was tobacco-free: Valentino Rossi’s Ferrari test (Pictures)

    Chris – Apparently so, but this is not just a problem that’s unique to F1. As the article points out there a shift between on-TV and on-internet demand for live coverage for all sports and probably other stuff too.

  7. DG

    What about Ferrari’s livery free livery last year? It was as if they were waiting all year for a big sponsor who never showed up!

    Big teams in any major sport are able to attract much bigger sponsors than the smaller teams.

    These sponsors will pay much more if you have a limited number of other sponsors as it adds to the exclusivity and also gives a better image of there being a partnership rather than just a financial deal.

    I can’t remember the figures but I read a few years ago that Marlboro were paying far more for their sponsorship stickers than most other sponsors for other teams were paying for the same space on the car due to Ferrari having less sponsors than the other teams.

    Having less sponsors also allows you to focus on the ones that they do have so the advertising is far more effective.

    I bet Ferrari made as much if not more than the other teams as far as sponsorship is concerned.

    I loved the retro suits too, it’s a nice look.

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