F1 links: Ferrari cake

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Cake about Ferrari for birthday

mmm… Ferrari cake

Blundell tips Raikkonen to take title

Mark Blundell says Kimi Raikkonen will bounce back in 2009

Times are tough on the circuit, says F1 hopeful

"Formula One hopeful Jonathan Kennard believes motorsport’s top teams are worried to invest in drivers following Honda’s dramatic departure from the sport."

Team Brundle hits F2

Alex Brundle's F1 drive gets covered in The Sun.

What are the retired F1 champions doing now – Michael Schumacher

Schumacher's bike racing exploits.

Formula One turning to younger drivers

"[Esteban] Gutiérrez easily would have taken my vote for the young talent of the year, had it not been for the final meeting of the Formula BMW series on Dec. 7, an event in Mexico City with the top drivers from the series around the world taking part in a world final. Gutiérrez took the pole position and won an early heat. But the title went to an American driver, Alexander Rossi, 17, who earlier in the year became the first American to win the Formula BMW America series, with 10 victories and half again as many points as his closest rival."

One Wish

"Jenson doesn't deserve to be thrown out of F1 like this, Jenson is one of the best drivers out there, he put his whole life and soul into the Honda team, he worked so hard for 2009 and now he might not even get a 2009."

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8 comments on “F1 links: Ferrari cake”

  1. Dastardly Dick
    4th January 2009, 0:16

    I heard somewhere that the guy doing the icing for the Ferrari cake, got the icing bag nozzle snagged resulting in icing going everywhere…..

    1. It wasn’t his fault though. They told him to start when the nozzle wasn’t ready.

  2. I’d heard they do Alonso cakes as well but they’re apparently quite bitter…

  3. HounslowBusGarage
    4th January 2009, 10:20

    . . . that’s odd. The MacLaren cake looked identical.

  4. Dastardly Dick
    4th January 2009, 17:35

    Next years offerings will be awful, i heard the mixture has got to last three cakes…..

  5. How much are the F2 cars selling for? Thats a nice little earner for Mr Williams…..

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