3 comments on “A mechanical Formula 1-specification KERS by Flybrid”

  1. the briliant technology……..

  2. Today by coincidence I heard about KERS for the first time. This gave me a shock because I thought it could be similar to my invention, a new brake system, which recovers, stores and recycles brake and shock absorber power. I rushed home to check on internet. Luckily I found out my system and kers are quite different.

    1. andy crockett
      21st May 2012, 14:10

      quick question? im working on a recovery system,do you know any one that is good at calculating the physics and possible theorums of this subject as this is beyond my mathematical comprehention,and need to reduce the number of physical tests and experiments,to keep cost in both money and time to a minimum.I pressume a lot of these possibilites have already been tried and dismissed recently,and are continualy assesed as being viable or not, given state of the art technologys available.You never know we may have missed something right under our nose,can any one help?

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