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Drivers in dispute over superlicence fee

“High level sources have revealed to autosport.com that drivers have now taken the matter into their own hands because of a further minor increase in the licence costs due to be introduced for the 2009 season. The price of a licence has increased by ??400 (to ??10,400), while drivers must pay an extra 100 (to ??2100) per point scored. There is also a ??2,720 compulsory insurance charge.”

What is a Superlicence worth?

“If one compares that with the money that journalists spend to visit the races ($40,000 a year) in order to make two or three times that amount if they are lucky, the Superlicence fees seems a very reasonable sum of money.”

Kobayashi stretches title lead with Bahrain win (GP2 Asia)

Kamui Kobayashi tested for Toyota at Portugal this week – then went to Bahrain and won the GP2 Asia race. Nice job.

Toyota: Washout vindicates test policy

Pascal Vasselon: ??We have had here a perfect illustration of how important it is to go to Bahrain. For us it is just the best value for money, and when you have budget restrictions you go for the best value for money.”

Mark Hughes?s technical lowdown

“The distinctive features of the MP4-24 ?ǣ its longer wheelbase, square-profiled sidepod, wing configuration etc ?ǣ could all have their roots in tyre modelling answers that the others do not yet have. Which must make Lewis Hamilton feel pretty good.”

Massa encouraged by F60’s form

Felipe Massa: “The car threw a tantrum practically one lap from the end, but it gets thumbs-up without a doubt.”

Talking of India

“In recent days JP Associates has signed a deal to build the 650-mile Ganga Expressway Project that will connect Noida to Ballia in the eastern part of the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the biggest infrastructure project undertaken in the country so far and aims to transform the economy of the region. With such substantial government funding behind it, JP Associates should be in a position to build the F1 circuit and run the event even with the global economic crisis.”

Sebastien Buemi Q&A: I can live with Vettel comparisons

“I was not thinking of a Plan B to be honest. But Red Bull would have thought about it because they manage me. They would have let me drive again in GP2 or play the part of the third driver. But in reality a third driver doesn?t drive much these days, so I am happy that I will be one of the Toro Rosso drivers in ??09.”

Sutil confident of regular point finishes

Adrian Sutil: “Maybe we can really go into the top 10 and finish a few races in the points.”

Kovy wants to silence the critics

Heikki Kovalainen: “I want to repeat my win in Hungary many times this year.”

4 comments on “F1 links: Superlicence fee row”

  1. i believe that they should keep prices reasonable but i really cant see how the slight price increase will affect the bank balance….. probably wouldnt notice that the money has gone lol…..

  2. I see the superlicence shambles continues…

  3. This is just another example of a reporter trying to put themselves higher than the action that the cover and equate their skills/risk. Is there any reason why a participant, the actual draw to the sport and generates revenue for all (teams, sponsors, REPORTER/PAPER), should pay damn near a quarter million Euro’s?

  4. Where does the money from the Superlicence go? Does it just vanish into Max’s deep pockets, or is this money destined for greater things, like funding Young Driver incentives?

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