One comment on “Ryan Briscoe, Penske, IndyCar, Surfers’ Paradise, 2008”

  1. Personally, out of this list, I like the IRL cars more. The thing that I don’t like about the F1 cars is the tiny rear and rear wings, which even Massa touched on when the 09 Ferrari was launched last month.
    The IRL car looks huge by comparison, but believe me, in the flesh they sound like F1 used to sound like years ago.
    I agree with Keith concerning GP2. F1 would have been better off concentrating their efforts on the GP2 model car than their rather ‘over radical’ rear and front wing designs.
    Although the 2009 McLaren and Williams are my favourite F1 cars to look at so far from the cars that have been launched, the Renault is by far the worst racing car I have ever seen.

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