F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship gets even closer after round seven

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Only graham228221 predicted the podium correctly at the German round
Only graham228221 predicted the podium correctly at the German round

Just like Jenson Button, Dougie faces a reduced lead in the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship. Saloolas has cut his advantage to just five points.

Here’s the standings in full:

The prizes

First place prize

  • An original F1 painting by Rob Ijbema
  • Five F1 DVDs from Duke Video: “Formula One 1970: The uncrowned champion”, “Formula Villeneuve: A tribute to Gilles Villeneuve”, “The World’s Greatest F1 Cars”, “Champion: Hill” and “Nine Days in Summer”
  • ??60 to spend on F1 merchandise at Onpole.com

3x Runners-up prizes

  • Copies of “Lotus Goes Turbo” DVDs from Duke Video
  • ??30 to spend on F1 merchandise at Onpole.com

No-one predicted the pole sitter and podium correctly at the Nurburgring. This time the highest scorer was graham228221 – the only person to correctly name the podium as Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel and Felipe Massa.

He was one of 25 people who correctly predicted Mark Webber’s maiden victory. The less said about my prediction (a Vettel win from pole with the Brawns filling the rest of the podium) the better.

It was a pot-boiler of a result for the championship as leader Dougie sees his advantage trimmed by Saloolas. Also moving up is the ever-consistent Dank, who has climbed steadily from 78th after the Spanish round to equal third with Benno and Sush.

Graham228221’s cunning prediction sees him climb 83 places to hold equal 40th. Here’s the standings in full:

25 comments on “F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship gets even closer after round seven”

  1. Romain from Grenoble
    14th July 2009, 23:27

    Thanks for this championship Keith, I love it. I have to work on my DNFs, they cost me dearly. Congrats to all the predictors.

    1. You’re welcome! I need to find a less time-intensive way of running it next year though. And more prizes :-)

      1. Thanks for doing the effort, Keith :-)

        Ha! Now I’m only 3 places behind you!
        I’m in your quadraple difuser. Are you scared already?!

  2. I just wish I jumped on sooner! I’ve only played three rounds and am on 60 points!

    Damn Massa this time, he’s the only one I got wrong this week!

  3. Just 10 points in my first prediction, but I’ll surely get it right on the next round!

    Awesome game Keith. Congrats.

  4. Once I was 3rd today 11th.Day by day I am going down.
    What will happen at the end of the season is anybody’s guess.

  5. Sush Meerkat
    15th July 2009, 6:26

    I didn’t realise I’d do quite so well on this, I should have taken it a bit more seriously to start with instead of putting Sutil on the podium every other race.

    Now i’m playing the numbers game.

  6. Although I got the first two places right I was also going to say Webber for pole as well but decided to chang it to Vettel before I clicked submit, Doh! Oh well I am still in the top ten for now.

  7. Damn my office laptops! :( Not being able to open any social networking sites! They have blocked all! :(

    1. You scored 10 points, your total is 110 points, and you’re 31st in the overall standings.
      Visually, you’re around the 3/4 mark of the first page (looking from the top).

      1. Thanx a lot, Damon! Thought I was in the 2nd page! :P

  8. I may be a moron, but Can anyone tell me how to see the results in full?

  9. I’m quite happy to be on page 2 after 3 or 4 times lol

  10. @Keith: Aren’t the mid season drivers’ review coming yet??

  11. Andrew White
    15th July 2009, 13:01

    I didn’t get to predict this time because I was on holiday. I went from 26th to 40th :(

  12. Whewbacca_the_Cookie
    15th July 2009, 14:16

    In this list I see Eddie Irvine (tied 182nd) as the epitome of consistency.

  13. graham228221
    15th July 2009, 15:44

    w00t! my cunning powers of prediction finally strike gold :D

    I missed the first two points-scoring rounds, so to be 40th is not too shabby IMHO. Bring on the rest of the season!

  14. Ahhhh….good Webbber, he gave me 35 points :-)
    I got him as pole and winner….just Button didn’t get the 3rd place…
    Nearly in the first page :-)

  15. Dougie is like Senna. Alas, I am more like Jean Alesi. lol.

  16. Flying Wombat
    15th July 2009, 20:16

    I had Webber getting pole and winning at Silverstone. Obviously, that didn’t go well. So this time, I thought I’d play it safe and predict Vettel would get pole and win.

    I don’t think I’m terribly good at this prediciting lark… ;-)

  17. i think i was pretty close for maximum points.

    firstly because i didn’t expect any brawn driver to be on podium(very big chance, seeing the past), which happened, then i predicted webber to be on pole and take the win and vettel third with trulli second.
    Seeing trulli set the second fastest time i think my prediction was pretty close.
    btw good competiotn and great website keith.

  18. DomPrez says: July 11, 2009 at 3:42 am
    Bonus points for first DNF – Bourdais

    honestly, i should win the entire pool right now for that^.

    1. Nicely done Dom!

  19. can someone please tell me how to enter this competition and start predicting???

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