McLaren to launch MP4-25 on January 29th

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

McLaren will launch its 2010 contender on January 29th.

The car will be called MP4-25, continuing McLaren’s naming convention which dates back to the 1981 MP4 (later called the MP4-1).

Meanwhile Toro Rosso has announced it will not have a launch for its car, but will appear at the first test on February 1st.

See the F1 Fanatic Calendar for more 2010 car launch dates.

12 comments on “McLaren to launch MP4-25 on January 29th”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing Toro Rosso’s first in house design and whether it will bear much similarity to the Red Bull…

    1. I think it will be quite similar to the RB5.

  2. I’ll imagine a silver car with red vodafone graphics on it, à Red number 1 and a thin rear wing – exact same as last year with minute changes

    1. i wouldnt put money on that calum, the 24 was about fixing the problem that they had at the begining of the season, not developing them, look at the front wing they introduced in singapore, it was radically different (although they didnt use it) it was the first highly developed component

  3. Harvs/ I meant the colours of the car and the layout of sponsor decals more than the actual physical componants – for one the cars overall length will be longer.

  4. Where will they lunch the car?

    1. Sorry for the mistake.

      Where will they launch their car/

      1. They haven’t said for sure yet. Media are being advised to fly to Heathrow which suggests the MTC but could also be somewhere in London.

    1. The car doesn’t launch for another two weeks yet.

  5. Mclaren have put their car launch website up:

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