Buemi’s ice-capade abandoned (Pictures)

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Huskies have better grip on ice than F1 cars
Huskies have better grip on ice than F1 cars

Sebastien Buemi didn’t get to drive his Red Bull on ice after all. The team had to abandon its “Frozen One” event near the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve because it wasn’t quite frozen enough.

However the team were able to do some photography with the car in uncharacteristically icy surroundings. Have a look at the results below – check out the studded tyres for gripping the ice!

Image (C) Red Bull/Getty images

17 comments on “Buemi’s ice-capade abandoned (Pictures)”

  1. That’s a shame – I was looking forward to seeing a video.

    And can I say that I thought the tyre spikes would be larger. Then again I’ve never seen what the tyres look like on snow/ice racing vehicles…

  2. It’s a real shame – my parents were off to see it and I surely would have had some photos and video to share with everyone… I’m curious about the picture with the guys playing hockey; must be purely photo-op – as far as I know no public event took place at all.

  3. well what a waste of money that was…

  4. That RB5 looks a bit different does it not? Engine ‘gills’ and a different exhaust?

    1. Looks like a Hybrid RB1/5.

      The RB1 is normally the showcar, but the front end looks like a 5 but the rear looks like a 1 with the shark fin added.

      1. RB6 maybe? haha

  5. They should have taken it up to Tremblant and tried to drive the car on that track in the snow with the studded tires, but playing hockey with an F1 car seems like fun too!

  6. I totally forgot about it…

    @Choltz that would have been cool.

    Talking about the mild winter here, they are already re-naming the Vancouver 2010 winter games to Vancouver Spring Games…..

  7. I would love to see an Ice Grand Prix…and now it’s been proven that the tyres can be made for it…

  8. new winter Olympics. RACING a f1 car on ice.

  9. The Facebook page Redbull had setup for the event announced the cancellation on Saturday. A shame because it was much colder on Sunday than what was forecast.

    I used to play street hockey when I was kid and we had to stop often because of cars… but we NEVER got interrupted by an F1!

  10. Check the video: http://drop.io/redbull_frozenone
    (100 MB h264 mov)

  11. dumb question: is that the Red Bull car? It says Renault somewhere… I thought since it was Buemi that it was a Toro Rosso event…

  12. guys, didnt u find the photos of a little lower quality this time??
    the edges aren’t sharp enough

  13. The event was called off in Montreal and they didn’t tell the public they were going up to St-Alexis-des-Monts for the real fun…
    Too bad, because I would have certainly driven up there to watch the entertainment.

  14. This video has sound and includes the hockey players that weren’t in the B-Roll.

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