F1 Fanatic round-up: 25/1/2010

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We’re finally going to see some proper launch action later today, even if it is only Mercedes pulling back the back the covers on a BGP 001 painted silver and turquoise.

Also expected today is an announcement from US F1 confirming Jose Maria Lopez as their first driver and possibly a bit more too. Here’s today’s round-up:


Thoughts on Rossi, Massa, Trulli, Alguersuari and Lopez (James Allen)

Thanks to the various people who pointed out this addition to the debate on how impressive Vanetino Rossi’s lap time at Barcelona was: “Rossi lapped Barcelona in 1m 21.9 seconds, in a 2008 car with 2009 tyres. The following day Massa put the performance in context when he went almost three seconds faster, setting a time in the 1m 18s. It is not known whether the conditions in terms of fuel load and new tyres were identical. Massa covered over 400km in his test, helping him with his rehabilitation from injury.”

Comment of the day

Dsob gives a comprehensive and thought-provoking addition to the NASCAR vs F1 debate. This is just a small sample:

I?ve read complaints(knocks) that NASCAR doesn?t allow innovation technically. Perhaps. Perhaps they like the racing to be more about the driver than the car/technology. And those unlearned about NASCAR would be amazed to learn just how much technology does go into it.(Talk to Montoya.) They don?t just grab a good ole redneck hotrod off?n the streets and paint a number on her.

The other big knock I read against NASCAR is that it isn?t real racing, it?s only entertainment. OK, you get in the car and run 200mph with another car 3 inches off your side and the concrete wall just another 6 inches off your other side??Mind you now, there are NO run-off areas??only the track??and the wall??and then tell me it isn?t racing. Tell me it?s just manufactured entertainment, not real competition.

From the forum

It’s always interesting to see what other racing series people follow and which drivers they support – have a look here and tell us who you’re rooting for in 2010.

Site updates

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Happy birthday!

Today’s birthday wishes go out to Taimur and Mouse_Nightshirt!

On this day in F1

One of the most memorable F1 seasons got started on this day in 1976. By the standards of what was to follow – with multiple controversies and Nika Lauda’s near-fatal crash – the curtain-raiser at Interlagos was a tame affair. Lauda won while pole sitter James Hunt crashed out eight laps from the end.

15 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 25/1/2010”


  2. ¿what time is the Mercedes launch?

    1. “The event, featuring the unveiling of the title winning Brawn car in the silver livery for 2010, begins at 11am local time”


      1. 10am british time.

      2. Am I right in thinking that Germany is 1 hour ahead of us…so that would be 10am in the UK…

  3. i really hope the new livery is better than the photoshop mockups they showed.

  4. Michael Chewbacca
    25th January 2010, 7:44

    Mercedes launch is being streamed on http://www.sport1.de from 11 am

  5. Michael Chewbacca
    25th January 2010, 7:54

    Or at least that’s what iv read

  6. It looks like the Sport1.de stream is only for German internet users, because I can see the ad video’s but no main movie.

    According to Motorsport.com, the event will be broadcasted on the German sports channel DSF, as well as n-tv and the news channel N24.

    1. probably because it hasn’t started yet…

  7. CounterStrike
    25th January 2010, 9:27

    McLaren’s team boss Martin Whitmarsh has travelled to Stuttgart for the event.


    1. Curiosity…or maybe because he was invited…

  8. Just get on with showing the car already!!!!

  9. First one to spot pictures of it online and posts a link wins…

    …the gratitude of everyone else who is sat at work trying not to let their boss see them searching for new pics..!!

  10. I guess I win?
    http://www.autosport.com or look elsewhere on website

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