Schumacher in Mercedes SLS ad (video)

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There must’ve been some joyous whooping in Mercedes’ marketing department when they found out the team was poaching Ferrari’s former star driver for 2010.

Moments before the team revealed the colours of their 2010 F1 car they ran this new television ad starring Michael Schumacher.

In a cheeky nod to Schumacher’s former employer Ferrari by showing him emerging from an SLS sports car in a shade of red with a hint of Maranello about it.

The wink at the end is a bit Anne Robinson, though.

Mercedes are going up against Ferrari on the road as well as the track – its SLS is their rival to Ferrari’s new 458.

Just as Mercedes have stuck to their historic silver arrows livery for 2010, the SLS harks back to the 300 SL with its retro looks and ‘gullwing’ doors. The 300 SL was introduced in 1954, when their team first raced in the F1 world championship.

Another of their rivals teams will be launching a competing product in the same market soon – the McLaren MP4-12C arrives next year.

Here’s some pictures of all three cars. I’m having a hard time picking a favourite – do you have one?

Mercedes SLS and Ferrari 458 pictures

Ferrari and Massa image (C) Ferrari spa

43 comments on “Schumacher in Mercedes SLS ad (video)”

  1. Chesse to max there!!!!

  2. Has to be the 458, its beautiful and it’s a Ferrari. The SLS is nice and retro but a little bit too much like every other Mercedes, and the McLaren is just…boring.

  3. Good luck getting into or out of that Merc in a crowded car park!

    I wonder if Ferrari have taken Michael’s FXX back as well?

  4. The SLS looks stunning.
    Next to it, the Spaghetti Special looks like crap.

    McLaren should make some cars with a front mounted engine. A longer hood gives more room to design a beautiful car such as the recent Stirling Moss tribute by Mercedes.

    1. Spaghetti Special ????? Hello…

  5. Can anyone imagine Kimi doing this ad?? No, me neither…

  6. Mclaren looks like a Tesla which isn’t good in my opinion just boring.
    I’d have the Ferrari but none of them wins me over that much.

  7. After (far too much) reflection. I’ve eliminated the SLS because I think the retro thing is getting a bit tired (New Beetle, New Mini, New 500…).

    So I’m left to pick between the 458 and the MP4-12C. And I’m stuck.

    1. Put it this way – would you rather have dinner with Enzo Ferrari or Ron Dennis? ;)

    2. The SLS just doesn’t work – the main body of the car is too ungainly, the angles of the radiator, headlights and the back are all wrong, and the Gullwings are the best thing about it. They’ve attempted to update a classic, but look like they’ve given up half way through because they couldn’t make it work.

      The Ferrari is beautiful, but is a Ferrari, so people will assume you’re a man with no taste and probably have a prancing horse duvet cover.

      The McLaren is just – boring. Will probably be excellent, but visually it’s utterly bland. Of the three, I’d take the Ferrari and make a point to only wear subdued Savile Row suits when driving it.

      1. Hear, hear! I couldn’t have put it better myself!

    3. Well, I wouldn’t bother having a SLS. Anyhow, if I have the money to buy such a car, I’d get a Porsche.

  8. to me the McLaren is like a good Vanilla Ice-cream, nice but I don’t want it everyday.

    The SLS is a pretty from most angles ‘cept the back quarter, reminds me of a BMW 6 series.

    The 458 is the best looking Ferrari in a long, long time so I think on looks I’d go for it, that said I wouldn’t say no to any of them if your buying Keith ;)

  9. thanks for video! but its an old one with a new end? look at where the first video came some week ago..

  10. SLS is too retro to the point that I find it pretty ugly.
    The McLaren isn’t bad but you want more than “not bad” if spending that kind of money.
    The Ferrari does it for me, distinct, of it’s time, but not over the top.
    The 360 wasn’t edgy enough, I liked the 455 but looks wise the Gallardo has always edged it for me.

    In the Gallardo and the 458 the Gallardo spider would take it but we’ve yet to seen the 458 convertible.

  11. CounterStrike
    26th January 2010, 14:44

    I wonder what the thoughts of Luca di Montezemolo will be at this moment. 14 years of Ferrari heritage got flushed down the toilet sink :P

  12. Yea, that Mercedes is bordering on ugly and is not exciting. The Ferrari is good looking, but not their best piece of work…

  13. retro style merc is the one i would pick out the three. The others are ‘over the top in your face look at me whats the point of driving an inpratical machine like this on the roads with speedlimits’ supercars.

  14. I think the rear of the Ferrari is ncest, but the front of the Mercedes is better. The McLaren would be a good compromise!

  15. Microsoft has created a nice theme for Windows 7 using this Ferrari with some 6 Hi Res pictures of it in closeup. Would be a good desktop Theme for Ferrari Fans.
    BTW there is Ducati, Inifiniti and Porsche Themes too in the list.

    Coming back to the topic
    Thanks for the Pictures Keith. I did like all the three. The Stunning Macho looks of the Ferrari. The Elegant SLS and the Beautiful Mclaren. I am wondering if MClaren would run that shiny orange in their F1 Livery next year or so. Now that they do not have to insist on the Merc colors they should try going their own. It really looks nice.

    Looks Apart how do these machines match head to head on the technical side aka power, speed and so forth ? Any statistics on that ?

  16. I’ll have a Mc any day Fellas!!!

  17. If Toyota had stayed, they also would have challenged these road cars with their new LFA. I like it the most.

    BTW out of these 3, i would rank Mclaren first followed by Ferrari and MB SLS.

    1. The crazy thing about the LFA is it costs as much as two of these put together.

      1. That’s not quite accurate, Keith, at least not for US pricing (I cant speak to european pricing). I dont think McLaren have announced pricing for the MP4-12C but the expectation is that it will be about 250,000 USD. The Ferrari is expected to cost about the same, and the Mercedes has an MSRP of 195,000 USD. The Lexus is 350,000 and it will also be much more exclusive with production limited to 500 cars. But if we’re really going to quibble about bang-for-your-buck, the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 or Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR could probably spank all 4 around a track for just north of 100k (each).

        1. I heard £150K for the SLS, £175K for the 458, and £340K for the LFA – but there’s probably regional variatons.

          1. I imagine there certainly are, but 340k in GBP?! Thats nearly 550k in USD, equating to almost a 60% price hike between the two regions! And that doesnt include the inevitable dealer mark-ups. For that kind of money you are quite right my friend, it is crazy.

          2. Yep, according to Autocar, £343,000 – and I think they said the same price on Top Gear the other week:


  18. Well I will buy the Ferrari 458.
    Does Schumacher still has the Ferrari FXX Enzo?Sad news for FERRARI as now their technology will be in Mercedes!

  19. I like the wink. It’s got a sort of “Oh yeah… I’m back baby” look to it.

  20. Hmm of these 3 I would have…none of them. I’d go and buy an Aston Martin DBS and if I had any change I’d get a Focus RS to use during the week…

  21. The SLS has too much of the ‘we’d better improve on the SLR’ about it – with a hint of retro. I’d prefer the latest SLR Roadster.
    The Ferrari looks just like all the other modern Ferraris….unfortunately their best looking one is also a bit ‘retro’ too
    Well, the McLaren has the F1 to look back on, and a growing market to fight in, so I suppose it does seem similar to everything else in the class…..
    Oh dear, none of them appeal!

    1. None of these 3 cars are appealing to you? Really?

  22. I loved the SLS until I saw the side-on picture. Looks vile from that angle – a great shame as it looks great from all others.

    Ferrari is missing **something** somewhere in the front lights/grille I think which is a shame because it is a really good design otherwise. Very modern and stylish.

    The Mclaren wins.

    Although picking one is a bit like having to choose between Cheryl Cole, Eva Green and Kaley Cuoco! :-p

  23. God,Budda,Muhammad,Krishna please grant me the wish of a Ferrari 458

  24. Forgot to mention No Red Helmet and Ferrari doesn’t need to do ads to sell cars.

  25. The Ferrari Italia has perfect lines. It easily gets my vote as the best looking of the 3.

  26. Jarred Walmsley
    29th January 2010, 5:29

    Did anyone else note the sneaky ‘hey, sucks to be you Ferrari we got your best driver’ hint to the video in the form of the bright red SLS?, Or is my english teacher getting to me and making me see things that don’t really exist?

  27. SLS all the way

  28. I forget to mention I’ve seen the actual ad. It was someone else who did this stunt and not Michael and also the stunt is real.

  29. banzaibeemerboy
    5th February 2010, 15:49

    Got to apply the Kristen Scott Thomas test – McLaren would have you as the pub bore, Ferrari as a bit of a nob, and Mercedes you might just get away with. Just need Dave Richards to get Aston into F1 and then there might be a better option…

  30. I am torn between supporting Ferrari because i have grown to love the brand through Michael’s acheivements, or now support Mercedes because Michael has joind them……i guess time will tell…

  31. LOVE THIS CAR!!!!!!!

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