4 comments on “Silverstone Arena circuit”

  1. Don’t like the look of this layout. Silverstone should spend the money removing the Abbey chicane, and putting a huge run off area at Lufield 1, so we can have the cars flat out at high speed through Bridge again like the old days. This “Arena” idea looks stupid, please don’t ruin Silverstone, like they did with Hockenheim.

  2. It is shame since two of the new left hand bends look flat for an f1 car.

  3. Keith do you have or know where I can get my paws on a very Hi-Res version of that image of silverstone circuit I need one for a project I’m working ?

  4. The new part reminds me a bit of the “old” Bahrain circuit from turn 4 to what is now turn 18. The drop-down left-hander. Which leads to me to think out loud – I thought everyone hated the second half of the Fuji circuit. Why then do these “improvements” to circuits have left-right-left-right, go slow, throw-in-a-hairpin updates to them? Silly, imo.

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