Who should get the last F1 seats? (Poll)

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Renault are the last of 2009's teams with a seat to fill
Renault are the last of 2009's teams with a seat to fill

With Jose Maria Lopez confirmed at US F1, 23 of the 26 places on the 2010 F1 grid have been filled.

Several drivers from last season are left on the sidelines, including Nick Heidfeld, Romain Grosjean and Kazuki Nakaima. They’re competing against several up-and-coming drivers from GP2 – some with significant financial backing.

Who should get the last three places on the F1 grid? Cast your vote from the options below.

The three remaining teams with seats to fill are at Renault, US F1 and Campos. Assuming all three make it to the first race at Bahrain – and there are soubts over the latter pair – who should get the three remaining drives?

Who’s on the list?

I’ve offered a choice of 19 20 names below. These include:

  • Anyone who lost an F1 seat in 2008 or 2009, excluding those who retired (David Coulthard) or who have drives elsewhere in 2010 (Kimi R?ikk?nen, Nelson Piquet Jnr)
  • F1 reserve drivers from 2009
  • Anyone who finished in the top six in GP2 last year who doesn’t already have an F1 drive
  • Other drivers who have significant connections to F1 teams or won major junior formulae last year, who have not announced drives for this year

Leave a comment below if you think there’s someone else who belongs on the list who isn’t on there.

Vote for up to three drivers from the list below:

Who should get the last three race seats on the 2010 F1 grid?

  • Nick Heidfeld (23%)
  • Romain Grosjean (3%)
  • Kazuki Nakajima (2%)
  • Sebastien Bourdais (7%)
  • Giancarlo Fisichella (7%)
  • Luca Badoer (1%)
  • Takuma Sato (8%)
  • Anthony Davidson (13%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (8%)
  • Paul di Resta (4%)
  • Luca Filippi (0%)
  • Pastor Maldonado (1%)
  • Bertrand Baguette (1%)
  • Jerome d'Ambrosio (0%)
  • Ho-Pin Tung (1%)
  • Andy Soucek (2%)
  • Gary Paffett (3%)
  • Marc Gene (1%)
  • Christian Klien (6%)
  • Jacques Villeneuve (8%)

Total Voters: 2,132

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Update: Villeneuve added as suggested by John H.

Who did I vote for?

Nick Heidfeld – Out-scored Robert Kubica last year and although I wouldn’t say he is a better driver than his former team mate he shouldn’t be left on the sidelines.

Romain Grosjean – I wouldn’t write him off on the basis of his handful of drives in an uncompetitive Renault at the end of last season, up against a twice world champion, having had very little testing. Deserves a proper chance.

Paul di Resta – Will apparently drive for Force India on Fridays this year, but should have been on the path to an F1 race seat years ago.

Tell us who you voted for in the comments.

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101 comments on “Who should get the last F1 seats? (Poll)”

  1. It’s only allowing one choice for me.

    1. I just tested it and was able to vote for three without a problem.

      1. mmm, doesn’t seem to be a ‘Me’ option?

  2. hm, i thought i can for 3 drivers, but only 1. i voted for Heidfeld.
    i would have loved to see Fisichella at Sauber, however, the remaining 3 teams don’t show any interest in him, would have been my second choice.
    and there are 3 drivers, Sato, Davidson and Klien that might deserve a good seat, but forced to leave the sport a while ago.

  3. i did heidfeld, fisichella and petrov

    1. Good picks I chose, paffett, heidfeld and villeneuve. I’ve heard nothing but goo from paffett. Heidfeld a JV have a lot of experience and a wdc just what usf1 needs but I’m sure they’ll take the money route. JV would also add personality to f1 as an added bonus. As if it needs that ha ha.

      1. Magnificent Geoffrey
        28th January 2010, 8:04

        Paffett, Heidfeld and Grosjean. In that order.

  4. Would love to see Anthony Davidson back on the grid, this time in a car that he can compete in, which would pretty much mean that I would want to see him at Renault..!! I do believe that his experience with BAR/Honda/Brawn could be of value to one of the new teams though. And to those who question his speed, he often used to top the times as a Friday tester…

    Of the others, I think Nick Heidfeld deserves to be in F1 for much the same reasons as Keith states above. And I think it would be good for F1 to get some Russian representation so I’ve gone for Vitaly Petrov.

    I think it would have been interesting to see whether Pique Jr would have gotten any votes if he had been on the list…

    1. I would have voted for Piquet Jr.

  5. Petrov, Fisichella and Heidfeld

  6. Purely on my opinion of their ability, I’ve gone for di Resta, Heidfeld and Petrov.

    Realistically I’ve no idea who USF1 will choose, it sounds like di Resta will be a reserve, and the rumours won’t go away that Heidfeld will too. He’ll be encouraging Schumacher to try out as many motorbikes as he can.

  7. firstly, i voted for giancarlo fisichella. he’s a veteran of formula one, is a good driver, knows the tracks well, and would be a valuable asset for any team. however, it looks as if he’ll spend 2010 as the first reserve driver for ferrari.

    my second choice is luca badoer. he has to be one of, if not THE unluckiest drivers of his time. in his ‘prime’, if you will, he was a pretty good driver, given the abysmal cars he’s driven (the 1999 minardi being the best of the lot). it’s such a shame he never got a fair chance to show what he could do in a competitive car.

    IF ferrari actually utilised him in 1999, when michael schumacher broke his leg, i would not be typing this now. or, maybe, even if he accepted a drive for sauber in 2001. i just really wish the bloke could of scored at least one point in his formula one outing. please note, luca badoer driving competitively for this season, eleven full years after his last full season in formula one is wishful thinking, i’m very aware of that.

    lastly, would he not be the mercedes grand prix test driver this year, i’d of chosen nick heidfeld. instead, i’ve gone with marc gene. realistically, unlike his former minardi team-mate, the aforementioned luca badoer, gene could possibly do okay in a formula one car for a whole season.

  8. Heidfeld would be a good choice for any of the vacant seats – quick, reliable and a cunning racer. With Kubica at Renault the team could afford to take a risk on a rookie so Campos or US F1 would most benefit from Heidfeld, if they could afford him.

    Grosjean didn’t stand out in 2009 but performed reasonably well in difficult circumstances – no testing, difficult car, double world champion as team mate. His performance relative to Alonso was not noticeably worse than Fisichella’s record against Raikkonen. Obvious links with Renault but a fresh start with a new team might be better for him.

    Di Resta beat Vettel in Euro F3 and has since impressed in the DTM. His links with McLaren and Force India are likely to disqualify him from any of the remaining seats, though.

    I’d love to see Davidson get another crack at F1 but it’s unlikely to happen. Petrov and Maldonado both have the magical combination of large wallets and reasonable talent and at least one of them is likely to be on the grid in 2010.

  9. My options (Sato, Fisichella and Klien) disappointed even myself just after I clicked “voted”.

    That shows how unimpressive the junior formulae drivers indicated above (Maldonado, Petrov, Tung, Filippi, Soucek) are…

    Perhaps Baguette is too old to still drive in Formula Renault (unlike Bruno Senna, he didn’t have his career interrupted)…

    For me, the most exciting prospects are Daniel Ricciardo and Felipe Nasr, but both are far too young, especially Nasr…

    One big promisse that had poor results the last couple of years is lvaro Parente (2005 British F3 and 2007 World Series by Renault champion)

  10. I picked Heidfeld & Davidson, purely because I feel sorry for them, in differing ways. Unfortunately I’m not sure they will get race seats this late in the day but you never know.

    I also picked Baguette, simply because he has the best name I have ever seen.

    P.S. The new server seems to be running nicely Keith, fast loading times today!

    1. Nah, that’s got to be Will Power !

      Who certainly has some, I hear he is about to return to Indycar shortly, after breaking his back mid last year. Go Will !

  11. Keith, the French medias are today annoucing the Russian Petrov as Renault’s second driver…

  12. Petrov is pretty much a dead cert to be racing at Renault next year.

    I’d say that Wurz and Villneuve may end up with USF1. I’m leaning more towards Wurz.

    The other Campos seat is a tricky one. I’d probably say a Latin driver. But who knows. This is assuming that USF1 and Campos make the grid…

  13. I think it’s a disgrace that Heidfeld doesn’t have a drive – he beat Kubica last year. What is that all about? I wish he was at McLaren instead of Button, but failing that, he should be in pole position for the next available seat.

    Anyway, you never know, he might be driving for Mercedes this year if Schumacher’s neck doesn’t hold out.

    1. Oh, and I voted for Heidfeld, Sato and Bourdais. I always liked Bourdais and thought he deserved another chance, and Sato is a legend.

      1. Sato is a legend? Why, because he crashes alot? Seriously, I can never figure out why so many people love a guy who put in maybe two good drives and crashes the car so much.

  14. I think a lot of people are voting for Davidson just because he is British. He’s nothing special.

  15. voted for Nick Heidfeld , Bertrand Baguette & Jerome d’Ambrosio.
    Nick because he it in him to win races I think.
    And Baguette & d’Ambrosio because I am from Belgium and it is time for a Belgian driver to make it to F1 again! : )

  16. Schumi_the_greatest
    27th January 2010, 12:42

    i voted for heidfeld, davidson & petrov

    Heidfeld – because hes still one of the better drivers on thr gird, he out scored kubica last year and in 07. He also outscored raikkonen in 01 at sauber. Hes been very unlucky, hes always raced well and consistently wherever hes been and always seemed to move to the right team at the wrong time, williams move in 05 being the prime example. I dont think renault will take him as i dont think he’l bring alot of sponsorship but for the new teams he’s a dream, hes been racing full time in f1 since 2000 and he can be relied on to bring the car home, and when ther’s changeable weather he always pops up in the points.

    Davidson – because hes fast as he proved from his time as a friday driver, and he did well at super aguri, deserves another chance

    Petrov – because he’ll bring alot of cash to renault, which they need, be a shame to see the ex world champions struggling plus id like to see if kubica can really lead a team, and i cant be bothered to hear his constant moaning over the radio if he has a crap car again..very annoying last year

    1. Schumi_the_greatest
      27th January 2010, 12:44

      plus heidfeld in my opinion would be the ideal number 2 driver at mclaren for hamilton, can be relied on to score points consistently but wont be quite quick enough to affect hamiltons tittle chances

      1. That’s exactly what I think!!!

    2. He did not outscore Kubica in 07.

        1. Yes he did, but the truth is that Heidfeld could outscore kubica only when kubica was unlucky. In 2009 Heidfeld got 2nd plcae (very very very lucky), and Kubica lost 2nd place at Aus bcoz of stupid Vettel. Anyway both are good drivers, but heidfeld looks boring to me.

          I voted heidfeld, klien and baguette.

  17. I voted for Jrome d’Ambrosio, because he litterally blew away his teammate Kamui Kobayashi in GP2 last season, and was really on par with him in his debut season. He also has very close links with the new Renault teammanager.

    Secondly I voted for Christian Klien, because I think he deserves another nod at F1.

    And last I voted for Bertrand Baguette, another Belgian. I think he did a terrific job with Renault and BMW Sauber at Jerez testing.

    Grosjean should get another chance too, but since I’m Belgian, I’d like to see my countrymen pedalling around!


  18. Keith, where’s Villeneuve? Has he dclared himself out of the running?

    1. Good idea – have added him.

      1. In addition to this, do you not think Jonathan Summerton has a worthy shout for USF1 with being an American, winning the Indy Lights championship and possibly bringing some money to the table?

  19. Heidfeld, Fisichella and Di Resta.

    Heidfeld – He still has a lot to give

    Di Resta- He should be in F1… I don’t understand, we have Vettel who WILL be a future world champion, and you can get the guy who beat him for cheap… What is there not to like about that?

    Fisichella – Although his Ferrari part of the season wasn’t great, people forget about his brilliant Spa race. The guy got pole position and very nearly won it! That shows he still has some use, I really don’t understand why Sutil would have been kept over him when Fisi was the one who got the results while Adrian was nowhere.

  20. I’d like the places to be filled by Heidfeld, Davidson, Petrov, but I don’t think Heidfeld or Ant will get a drive!

  21. I would like Heidfeld and Davidson to get race drives but it doesnt look like they will. I dont really follow the junior formulae so I cant really comment on most of the other drivers, Petrov and Di Resta seem to be popular on this site though. I would like Villeneuve back in F1 but only if he was on the pace which.

  22. Takuma Sato, Nick Heidfeld and Christian Klien.

    1. good choice.

  23. Generally speaking, the cream of F1 has already risen to the top. My picks:

    Heidfeld: Has proven to be a dependable driver and certainly deserves to stick around.

    Petrov: With Hulkenberg already at Williams, Petrov seems to a promising alternative.

    Takuma Sato: Just because he overtook Alonso in Canada in 07. He’s just fun to watch.

    Otherwise it’s slim pickings.

  24. I voted Heidfeld (quick and reliable driver), Petrov (runner-up in GP2, so must have some talent because he beat Di Grassi) and Soucek (winner of F2, which should also lead to F1).

    Di Resta and Paffett are also options, but they should try a year in GP2 first (IMHO).

    I miss Adam Carroll, the A1GP winner, who Teixeira wants in F1)

  25. Somebody give Adam Carroll a chance in f1 unfortunatley he dosnt have thel backing but none the less is one of the best drivers not in f1.

  26. Davidson deserves a drive based on his Super Aguri performances, but far more importantly, he deserves a drive because he heroically saved us from having to listen to Legard last year. For that alone, he deserves a massive salary, buttered crumpets on tap, a private jet, and basically whatever else he wants.

    1. But then… if he gets a drive, you’ll have to listen to Legard this season. It’s a lose-lose situation!

      1. You’re right – but he’s said he may be off to DTM if he can’t get back into F1 so it looks like we might lose him anyway. If he’s going, he deserves a reward for saving the coverage last year.

        1. A sad, sad day for Formula One fan’s ears everywhere.

    2. In regard to my other pics, Heidfeld because I’d like to see him beat Kubica again (curmudgeonly old git that I am) and Petrov because new money (sponsors) coming into the sport is good.

      Grosjean didn’t impress in F1 because he’s too sloppy – and that’s entirely backed up by his reputation in GP2, which clocks back the “time to adjust” excuse.

  27. Heidfeld – He still just about has unfinished business.
    Sato – I’d love to see him back in a car, always good fun to watch
    Villeneuve – I just like him, and felt he was hard done by, half by his management, but also half by himself.

    1. Those were my three choices too. Together with Fisichella, they are the best drivers out of this list, but Fisichella only really had a chance of getting a seat at Sauber, and now that that’s gone to de la Rosa, he seems pretty happy as a Ferrari reserve driver.

  28. Why the short window for voting?

  29. Quick nick is a no brainer but i think renault want petrov for the massive amount of cash and future russian sponsorship. Petrov has got talent and deserves a fair shot (hes managed a 2nd in gp2 and a 3rd in the gp2 asia seris).

    Unfortunatly i think quick nick took a gamble on schuey not coming back and lost that one. I think the two brits davidson and pafett (fastest time on day 2 in the young drivers tests) deserve a shot along with klien.

  30. I can see Petrov paying loads of cash into Campos Meta;
    Renault F1 as a french constructor giving Grosjean another chance; and Jacques Villeneuve bringing his experience into USF1…

  31. I would have voted for Heidfeld, but he’s supposedly going to be Mercedes’ test driver, which makes picking 3 easier.

    1: Anthony Davidson
    I feel the guy has enough potential to deserve a decent chance and frankly I’m amazed he hasn’t got a drive yet.

    2: Gary Paffet
    Talented enough that he might have been a McLaren driver already, if it wasn’t for Lewis Hamilton. Would be nice to see him at USF1, a former test driver would be good for them. However McLaren are unlikely to allow both their test drivers to leave.

    3: Takuma Sato
    Needs no explanation. Just a shame he’d probaby end up with a backmarker car were he to be signed – Renault won’t go for him, and will probably sign Petrov for the monies.

  32. 1.Heidfeld

  33. A driver who isn’t on this list is Ryan Briscoe, don’t be surprised if he gets the 2nd USF1 seat. GUN!!

    Nick is very under rated, how he hasn’t a seat is beyond me.

    Petrov might be a pay driver but he’s very quick.

    …a bit more Aussie bias if I may, Ricciardo will replace Jaime Aljazera by Monaco.

  34. Voted for Heidfeld, Davidson and Baguette. Had it been 6, I would vote for Sato, Petrov and di Resta.

  35. i thought heidfeld was mercedes’ reserve driver?

  36. The guy I would be pulling most for is Jonathan Summerton, but I think he’ll be much more ready if he can do a season in GP2 or F2 this year.

    Of the current choices, I would say Heidfeld first and foremost- I have been a fan of his since I became interested in the sport, and if he has the right car he can be as good as anyone. Second I said Davidson, as I believe he got the better of Sato at Super Aguri, and I would love to see what he could do with a better team. Lastly I said Paffett, as many people had him tipped for big things and I think it is a shame he hasn’t had a chance with even a small team.

    I don’t see Grosjean getting a seat anytime next season, but I think he dose have the coolest helmet design on the grid in recent memory, so I hope to see him racing somewhere in an open-wheel car!

    Laslty, I

    1. What I meant to finish with

      I have absolutely zero interest in a Sato return. In my mind he had a few good drives and that was it- there are plenty of other guys who deserve a shot before he dose.

  37. Eje Gustafsson
    27th January 2010, 16:30

    Vitaly Petrov, Pastor Maldonado and Takumo Sato.
    First two was strong in GP2 and deserve a seat more then Senna IMO. Sato impressed me and deserves seat far more then Kazuki (he should lost his ride before 09 started).
    Davidson never showed good race quality he was good in the smaller series of Formula3 10 years ago.. Granted when he raced in F1 he drove for Super Aguri but that more then likely will be his downfall he will remain a test/reserve driver right now he is test driver for Force India unless something changed.

    Fisichella will be Ferrari test driver and will be happy there. With as quick as he jumped ship shows me that is where he wanted to be. He KNEW when he took that ride that it would not lead to a ride in 2010 for the reds and should also known that there was no way back to Force India and likely no where else but I think he just wanted to be a red even if that meant a few races in the car then be a reserve/test driver.

    Heidfeld don’t see him getting a drive with Renault don’t think the Polack would like that. Robert was on top of the game in 08 and out drove him but last year ended up partly in Heidfelds shadow don’t think he will want to risk that repeat so I think he will lobby against Heidfeld.

    Patrove supprised he not been annonced as Campos F1 driver consider the Barwa Addax / Campos ties.

    One name missing on the list is Lucas di Grassi
    After all he drove better for most part then Grosjean until Grosjean left for Renault and finished 3rd in 09.

    Maldonado after his race in Hungary you would think he should had a seat by now. He ended 08 on the top. Drove 2/3 of 09 on the top but had a horrible finish to the season.

    1. Lucas di Grassi is already signed by Virgin.

  38. I voted for Heidfeld, Fisichella and Davidson.

  39. I think there is an issue with the percentage-figuring of the votes. They’re summing nowhere near 100

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      27th January 2010, 20:03

      Johnie John, my immediate thought was that they should total 300%, but they currently come to 259%, so I am confused too. Keith?

      1. I presume it’s because some people voted for 2 drivers or less instead of 3, though it’d be a bit odd if the remaining votes of that voter continue to count towards the overall percentages…

        Also, Heidfeld, Di Resta (though it seems he’ll have to wait for 2011 at least) and Davidson – mainly due to ‘getting to know him’ through F1 practice commentary.

    2. Sato : Fun to watch
      Davidson : deserves the chance
      Ho Pin Tung : because he’s from my area and learned to drive, just as we all around here, on the Posbank : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWT6ls7JOA8

      (note: I’m not in the video)

  40. Heidfeld is the most sensible choice, he always has bad luck ad now he’s added as the third driver at Mercedes? That’s just horrible. He would have been the second driver if that old fart Schumacher didn’t all of a sudden return. Heidfeld is one of the best “racers” IMO. He doesn’t make many mistakes, extemely reliable, experienced and tactically he’s always doing great. He’s that guy you never see in a race but still finishes third and also the guy who went in to get rain tires before anyone else and passes the entire field. Shame he doesn’t have a drive!

  41. 1. Klien

    2. Klien

    3. Klien

  42. Pedro Andrade
    27th January 2010, 16:58

    I voted for Heidfeld, Davidson and di Resta. Heidfeld is still one of the best drivers around (even if not a world beater – he’s better than most on the grid). Davidson looks fast and has lots of experience with testing, and it’s a shame to see him waste his career. di Resta looks like could be a star of the future.

  43. I voted for

    Heidfield (Renault): He still has some F1 left in him. He can give Renault a better performance compared to a newbie and will also keep Kubica on his toes.

    Villenueve (USF1): He is Canadian so perhaps makes good marketing for USF1, well better than a European. Also one more WDC on the grid and always a chance for fireworks with MS.

    Petrov (Campos): He can get the extra cash for Campos so they make the grid (I read they may not announce their second driver till the Bahrain GP eve, thats ridiculous). Also, bring F1 to Russia.

  44. Quick Nick-Deserves more than a testing role.

    Anthony Davidson-Never had the luck and machinery to show his potential.

    Adam Carroll-Suprised you didn’t mention him Keith and he won the A1GP series.

    I would give my right leg to see these guys get the last three spots on the grid!

  45. Diego Medeiros
    27th January 2010, 17:47

    Heidfeld for Renault; Sebastien Bourdais for USF1 (because he is a four-time champion of Champ Car, very American, for an American team); Andy Soucek for Campos (If Campos really debut on Bahrein)…. I’d like to see Paul di Resta on Force India…

  46. KilledByDeath
    27th January 2010, 18:07

    As a russian i obviously choose Petrov. And i think he has some talent really, will be sad if the team treats him just as a rent-a-driver :(

  47. As a Canadian I obviously chose Villeneuve. Especially since it doesnt really look like there will be another Canadian driver in F1 for a long, long time, and the Montreal GP is back! I would die a happy man to see him race again at home!

    … and if they ever DO get an F1 snow race going, Canadians and Russians will be up there with the Finns!

  48. Heidfeld, Ho Pin Tung and Fisichella

  49. Davidson definetly. Good driver deserves more than he got in F1. Di Resta and Ho Pin Tong

  50. I voted Petrov, Sato and Paffett

    Some people would like to see Davidson racing, but I don’t think there’s any chance of that.

    F1 (and Renault in particular) need Petrov.

    Sato IMO is definitely worth having.

    And lastly, although it’s very unlikely, Gary Paffett, who should have been offered a drive long before now.

  51. I went for Heidfeld, di Resta and Sato. Davidson would have been my next choice, but I really dont want him to go to another crap team :P

  52. Is Fisichella staying as test for Ferrari, what a waste if he’s not racing.

    What is the deal with Heidfeld, he’s quick and reliable, is there some other issue why teams aren’t interested?

    Grosjean deserves another shot for sure, but I went for di Resta, anyone who can beat Vettel…

    Pole I’d like to see “Is Schumacher in a Ross Brawn car developed since June going to kick ass in 2010?”

    1. Maybe Bernie E. does not want him back in f1 :)Heidfeld is most boring f1 driver of last years. You dont even remember after race if he run or not. He is reliable, quick? – maybe, but there is no show with nick on the track :/

  53. I’ll admit it – I voted for Bertrand Baguette just because he has the most awesome name since Dieter Quester.

  54. I voted for Heidfeld, Grosjean and Petrov.

    Heidfeld should definitely get a chance. He is better than half the grid. On Grosjean, i have seen many of his GP2 races and he is surely better than what we have seen of him in F1 so far. Give him and similar drivers like Alguersuari some tests and then it would be fair to judge their performances or how good and bad they are.
    Also let’s check out how good much hyped petrov is.

  55. Keith
    Was Adam Carroll not thought good enough to make the list? Or Neel Jani?

  56. I voted for Nick Heidfeld,Giancarlo Fisichella & Christian Klien.Still I think it will be an incomplete grid if Nick is not in it.

  57. I think Scott Speed could be a great choice for USF1, especially if he could bring some Red Bull money with him. America loves Red Bull, and it could be a marketing windfall for them. Speed’s history in F1 is questionable, but his experience is as strong and current as any of the real contenders’ (except Heidfeld’s, who’s apparently already committed)

  58. Jraybay-hamiltonmclarenfan
    28th January 2010, 3:49

    Vitaly petrov
    Takumo sato
    anthony davidson.

    1. Jraybay-hamiltonmclarenfan
      28th January 2010, 3:52

      would be cool to see petrov. One of Hulkenbergs rival pilots : D . Many people think petrov is ready too.

  59. Prisoner Monkeys
    28th January 2010, 4:55

    I’m not feeling the love for Villeneuve. He’s been out of the sport for three years, and while Schumacher might be able to make a comeback after the same period, Schumacher also won his third-from-last race. Jacques Villeneuve hasn’t won anything for a decade. He’s not relevant anymore, and I think he’s only going to disappoint and then grin his goofy I-didn’t-score-any-points-this-season grin. I can’t help but notice that BAR improved massively after he left.

    Andy Soucek would be another driver who is a mistake. Especially after his stunt in Belgium. Having the Coloni cars impounded – especially since his issue was with Coloni’s former management, Fisichella Motorsports – would have earned him a black mark from all the teams. Plus, his Forula 2 results are slightly skewed: he was easily the most experienced driver in the formula, and when the competition was the likes of Pietro Gandolfi, it wouldn’t have been much of a challenge. andy Soucek would just be the poor-man’s Nelson Piquet.

    Vitaly Petrov was the only person I voted for because he’s the only person on the list that I want to see get a drive, and because everyone else I wanted to see racing – Hulkenberg, di Grassi – have already got seats.

  60. My pics are Heidfeld, Petrov and Klien. I hope the teams go for talent over money, doesn’t seem likely though :(

  61. Heidfeld – Beat all his team-mates many touted as potential WDC’s (and were in the case of Raikkonen)

    Di Resta – Surely deserves a shot now after being shunted to DTM

    Davidson – Desperately unlucky to lose various drives

  62. FISICO………………………………………………………………………….U MUST RACE……….

  63. I could be wrong but isn’t Ant Davidson over or pretty close to 30…I understand him being a brit woud get the emotional vote but he can’t compare against Button or Hamilton.

    There’s a whole grid of GP2 drivers not to mention the other much more faster and experienced grid former F1 drivers.

    I chose Heidfeld (consistent, experienced), Petrov (GP2 star), Di Grassi (GP2 star, bit irratic though). Didn’t see Maldonado, would’ve chosen him over Di Grassi

  64. petrov is on renault. usf1 need an american driver, so i think they’ll choose villeneuve, bourdais – four times champion in us, or other american driver. in campos maybe adam caroll

  65. Roelf van de merwe
    28th January 2010, 18:28

    Karun Chandok

  66. 1. Heidfeld, that’s pretty obvious and Keith’s arguments support this choice best.
    2. Fisichella – I just like that guy. period.
    3. Petrov – I’d like to see the Rocket from Vyborg in F1, also bernie would like to see his business expand on Eastern Europe.

  67. Who I voted for:

    What I think will happen:

    Renault: Petrov
    Campos: Soucek
    USF1: Maldonado

  68. I went for Heidfeld (in the Renault) as I can’t see him being without a drive – and suprisingly I think Campos could be waiting for him. I think he is too consistent to go and would only see DTM as a viable option for him.

    Then I went for Vitaly Petrov (In the Campos) as I think he would be great buisiness for F1 as a Russian, and may get the ‘East’ more intrested in F1, alongside the fact he is seemingly a rather controversial & electric driver in GP2.

    Thirdly, I went for Chrisitan Klien (In the USF1 I’d Imagine) as I think he is a talented driver who deserves another crack at the whip, and would provide enough experience & energy to the new team. He is talented and worth a shot..

    Ty (First Post.. Done :D)

    1. I chose the exact same drivers for the exact same reasons as yourself! Great minds think alike, eh? :)

  69. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
    28th January 2010, 22:59

    What about Adam Carroll he won A1gp and was just unlucky not to do well in Gp2 definitely deserves a shot at F1. He’s ranked higher than many of those drivers in the autosport castrol rankings.

  70. Once again, the good young Canadian, Robert Wickens is overlooked on a list of drivers. C’mon, give the guy a break! He deserves a shot!

  71. The thing that bothers me most is the Campos situation. do you think Renault are waiting for that to clarify and perhaps they pick Bruno from the aftermath?

    Renault need a constant push in Brazil, and having Brunno Senna driving for them, and their cars manufactured at a plant named after his uncle would be super convenient for the french brand.

    that is unless it is trying to distnace itself form Brazilian drivers thanks to Nelsinho’s dumb-ass-ness..

  72. I went Heidfeld-Soucek and left the last option blank for Carroll.

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