Lotus T127 launch and shakedown videos

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lotus revealed their T127 F1 car last week. Here are some videos from the launch (above) and some footage of test driver Fairuz Fauzy driving the car at Silverstone (below).

See more pictures of the Lotus T127

Video courtesy of Lotus F1

34 comments on “Lotus T127 launch and shakedown videos”

  1. That’s a very good looking car on the move apart from the rear wing endplates. But it’s early days!

  2. They nailed it. looks great, the yellow wheels are a lovely touch and the colour is beautiful, proper racing green. Fingers crossed for them but on paper they look quite strong with gascoigne/trulli & heikke. Every Brits 2nd team no doubt.

    1. “Every Brits 2nd team no doubt.”

      Assuming you mean McLaren hold the top spot, in what order do we put the rest of the ‘British’ teams: Williams, Mercedes, Red Bull, Renault, Virgin and Force India?

      1. I think he meant that, whatever team you support, if you’re British you’ll support Lotus as well.

        1. They’re Malaysian!

          1. The Comedian 39
            21st February 2010, 15:09

            matt90 – Yes you’re sorta correct there. But the old Team Lotus was British and we associate this Lotus with that. Along with the livery of Britsih Racing Green makes them feel British.

            They’re still based in britain too – Norfolk. they’ve postponed their move to Malaysia. :)

  3. Good presentation and good livery but I am totally disappointed with their driver line-up. Both are too dull for this great car :-(

    Can you imagine a Trulli-Train with this car? OMG!!

    1. finally a Trulli green train!!!!!!!!!

  4. i think trulli qualifying 5th and holding up the field is something Lotus will be dreaming of and heikki was never as bad as Lewis made him look.

  5. A very pretty car and I hope it goes well for them. Not much to go on from the video but at least they actually do have a car. Anyone else forecast a 22 car grid in Bahrain?

    1. No, I fully expect there to be at least 24 cars. Something tells me that if either USF1 or Campos fail to make it (or both) then a way will be found to let Stefan GP onto the grid…

      …that said, does anyone think we’ll see either of those 2 teams on the grid?? I would have thought that by now we’d have seen more of them given that Lotus have had less time and now have a car in the public eye…

  6. Great livery, in particular the yellow wheels.
    I’ll have a mice eye on them and hope they can be competitive as soon as possible.

  7. every brit of a certain age then! id hardly call renault & mercedes english teams !!

    1. Mercedes build their cars in Brackley, their engines in Brixworth, have a British team principal and put a German name on the cover, which is a perfect representation of the British automobile industry as it is right now. Renault are a bit less British, given their engines are built in Viry (near Paris).

      1. There is only one car (chassis) built in France to have won a world championship. And it wasn’t a Renault…

        1. In fact, you could almost claim it was a Mercedes. Or at least, the ancestor thereof…

          1. Matra didn’t have any links to Mercedes, did they? They were a French aviation company.

          2. Ah, but while the constructor was Matra, the team that entered the Matras in 1969 was Tyrrell. And as we all probably know, when Tyrrell eventually folded they sold their entry to BAR, who eventually became Mercedes through Honda and Brawn.

  8. Looks great! I like the classic style stripes and the sharp and simple design of the car.

  9. The only thing lacking is a touch of gold – could be in the WHEELS
    Otherwise great looking car !!!

  10. yes i know where its made, id like to know the make up of the staff who make the engine and for example i dont consider a Mini British despite its english heritage and manufacture. Its great F1 is so UK centric but it’ll be a German National anthem played if Mercedes win and i doubt there will be street parties in Sevenoaks if they win the Championship. Anyway its nice to see a Lotus in Lotus colours even if its a bit of a trick.

    1. Mark Hitchcock
      15th February 2010, 20:34

      Given that Lotus is owned by Proton, that’d make this a Malaysian team.

      1. Yes but “Made In Britain” :)

  11. Great looking car! Its fantastic that the brand is back on the track. Looking forward to 2010

  12. Just when things were looking good for Lotus, Nick Fry has been spotted at the team after resigning from Merecedes GP…

    (Reported by pitpass)

  13. Aleksandar Serbia
    15th February 2010, 22:03

    Pictures didn’t do it it justice, it really is a beautiful car!

  14. Those aren’t Proton’s traditional colours? I’m disappointed :(

    1. colours don’t mean anything……

    2. Hey comon, Ferrari have worn a Fiat badge above their shield for ages, doesn’t make them any less the team from Maranelo that competed in F1 right from the 50’s – same here.

  15. i hope they do well…

  16. Dave Williams
    19th February 2010, 8:25

    Is it only me that thinks the nose is s little on the high side as a lot of the teams are dropping the nose further down like they used to be in the Mansell/Senna era

  17. Brit team? My ar$e….

  18. Sorry folks but this car really does not do it for me. It just looks cheap and unchearful. Lets hope performance says otherwise as who really care about looks when results are good…

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