F1 Fanatic round-up: 28/2/2010

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It’s the final day of F1 testing and I’ll be at the circuit in Barcelona once again to see who looks quickest ahead of the first race of 2010.

More from the test later, here’s today’s round-up:


No Future For USF1/Stefan Deal (Speed TV)

“Chad Hurley wants to do a deal but Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor have refused to play ball. ”

StefanGP will not race in Bahrain (The Buxton Blog)

And Will Buxton is convinced Stefan GP won’t be at Bahrain.

Comment of the day

Away from testing, Adam the Owl has taken the plunge and bought Grand Prix tickets for Spa:

Just been reading through this thread after I finally bit the bullet and bought GA tickets for this years Belgium GP ?ǣ my first GP abroad after seeing 4 at Silverstone across the years.

Coming over with a mate, and having read a number of threads elsewhere that were not very complimentary about official campsites I have been brought back to the camping idea by this thread! So hopefully we?ll be able to stay at the elephant, and have a cracking weekend!
Adam the Owl

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to (the unfortunately-named) Bastardo!

On this day in F1

Mario Andretti, 1978 F1 world champion, turns 70 today.

He was born in Italy in 1940, though the area he was from became part of Yugoslavia at the end of World War Two. His family emigrated to America when he was 15 and he later became an American citizen.

Andretti also won the Indy Car championship, Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500, making him unquestionably one of the most versatile drivers ever to win the F1 title.

Books about Mario Andretti

9 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 28/2/2010”

  1. inc0mmunicado
    28th February 2010, 7:26

    This will sound like it’s coming out of nowhere, but if USF1 are gonna make a deal for securing the long term future of the principals on which it was founded (US drivers, US tech, etc), wouldn’t a deal with STR and Red Bull (not RBR) be more appropriate? At some point, Mateschitz will question whether it’s worth running two teams with different technical designs in their cars to promote his drivers and brand. Sure Stefan GP has a car for this year, but what about next? A deal with STR would bring all the untapped technical resources together that were mentioned in the link above w/ RB’s funding. It would bring RB’s young drivers and a ton of exposure for RB in America.

    1. This won’t happen for a long time, STR have nothing to gain from it.

  2. A deal with STR and Red Bull might be good for USF1, but STR nor Red Bull would really have anything to gain from it.

    And Red Bull already has huge American exposure from their sponsorship in Nascar’s Cup and Nationwide series.

    Anderson and Windsor are idiots. They should do the merger deal while keeping themselves in a partnership position. Who knows, maybe Zoran would decide the wanting was better than the having and they could buy him out in a year or two.

  3. Hey Keith I found this on the times online.

    The five best Formula One websites

    4 f1fanatic.co.uk

    An uncomplicated site distinguished by its large video archive, this labour of love by F1 aficionado Keith Collantine is as good as fan sites get. His preview of the cars of 2010 is impressive.

    Well done!

    1. Here is the link


      Cheers everybody especially to Keith for this wonderful achievement.

  4. @Adam in the comment of the day, I’ve done the exact same thing! Bought GA tickets at Spa, camping at Elephant and it’s my first GP abroad. Except I’m going alone because I couldn’t find anyone committed enough to go with.

  5. The whole F1 grid for the last two slots is driving me crazy.

  6. Me too WasiF1. It really gets my goat that it’s still politics at play more than anything else. The remnants of Max’s dictatorial regimen methinks. He just wanted to prove that he was right that even ‘meagre’ budgets could be accommodated in F1. It sure doesn’t look pretty for the old man! I hate to see a late entrant come in and cause trouble for the rest in terms of causing crashes and just getting in the way.

  7. Lewis was doing so well in his Barcalona test interview until, so close to the end, he let’s his tongue slip and records his first “for sure” in the 2010 For Sure Cup. :)

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