Chinese GP race preparation in pictures

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Ferrari practice pit stops in Shanghai
Ferrari practice pit stops in Shanghai

The teams are getting ready for the fourth round of the season which begins tomorrow.

Force India have new UB Group logos on their VJM03s, Ferrari have been practising their pit stops, and Malaysian Grand Prix winner Sebastian Vettel has been walking the track with his team.

See below for pictures of today’s pre-race preparations.

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Images (C) Ferrari spa, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team

29 comments on “Chinese GP race preparation in pictures”

  1. those red bull photos, is anyone else seeing reservoir dogs?
    ‘looking back, on the track, for a little green bag…’

    1. Exactly what I was thinking! ‘Red’ervoir Bulls.

      1. reservoir dogs?

      2. More like Bull-Fiction. I am not really seeing it. It’s a reach, but still funny that so many noticed it!

        1. tarantino reminds me of christian horner

  2. great! do you have more behind the scene fotos?

  3. Does anybody know what the Red Bull mechanics were covering on the grid on Vettel’s car in Malaysia? There were 4 mechanics blocking the view of the diffuser/undertray of the car. Personally I think they were just playing with the rumours of their active suspension.

  4. what exactly do the mechanics talk about with the drivers on these grid walks?

    1. lay of the land :)
      Where the grip may or may not be?

      Presumably the driver talks to the mechanics as well, the tracks lookie this we should set it up thus.

    2. Duh. Women and Football. What else?

  5. Check out the Renault engineer peeking at Reb Bull’s notes on pic #18.

    1. Thats probably their engine guy from the Renault engine builders not the Renault team.

    2. It could be someone from their engine team – Red Bull use their engines.

      1. it is, you can see the red bull racing logo on the left of his jacket (: his face looks really sly though (:

  6. Do you mean the UB Group?

    1. Sorry, UB – changed it.

  7. @keith
    i think its UB GROUPS and not UG….. in the 2nd line that starts with force india……

    1. @Keith
      Speaking of FI, I see they have some response to the F-duct in that photo… do the other teams have such openings now as well Keith?

  8. hahaha Buemi looks so scary there :P!

  9. looks cold, colder than the other races this year

  10. I was hoping to see the new reported Ferrari F-duct (I’m sure they’ll insist the F stands for Ferrari) but I guess that’ll be for Friday then.

    1. That’s what I want to see… Developments. No offense to the photographer, but I already know what these guys look like. I could care less that Vettel needs a haircut lest he’s trying to start an Iron Maiden or Metallica tribute band; maybe Vettelica?

  11. It was raining today, but it will be fine for the next days.

  12. We need more close ups of the cars!

  13. UB is one of Vijay mallya’s companies

  14. Caption competition:

    Vettel: “If we follow the track we can only end up back where we started – so how the hell did we get lost!?”

    1. “Francois thought his ‘confused-face’ looked just as convincing as Sebastian’s, yet the Red Bull team could still pick him for the Renault spy that he was.”

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