German Grand Prix Thursday pictures

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Sakon Yamamoto, Karun Chandhok, Bruno Senna, Hockenheimring, 2010

The teams have arrived at a rainy Hockenheimring for the German Grand Prix.

Today Red Bull have been doing pit stop practice and the HRT trio have been driving trucks for some reason.

Take a look at the pictures from Thursday in Hockenheim below.

2010 German Grand Prix

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Images (C) Ferrari spa, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Lotus F1

27 comments on “German Grand Prix Thursday pictures”

  1. Karun´s face on that picture is priceless…

    1. He’s a roadie this weekend!!!

      1. Christ I hope he gets to stay in F1, We need drivers with a personality.

  2. “the HRT trio have been driving trucks for some reason.”

    its to give Sakon some testing time in a vehicle that has the same handling characteristics as the Hispania

    1. no, it’s because they wanted to compare HRT performances with the other trucks they are racing

      1. Good point. And this way they can provide all of them with rides, and save money on truck drivers to boot. Win.

    2. My guess is it has something to do with the trucks not being allowed in the back of the Garage anymore. I think I read somewhere that Martin Witmarsh said the teams are sometimes given the trucks (or at least at a reduced cost) by the manufacturer because of their presence in the garage. Without the presence due to the advertising BS, maybe HRT had to offer the manufacturer better exposure to avoid paying higher amounts of $$ for them (or having to return them)?

      Just a guess but it seems like too much of a coincidence that they release these pictures shortly after the Witmarsh comments.

      1. I think CAcarella is right.

      2. What’s the reasoning behind banning trucks from the paddock?

        1. Advertising rights, Bernie (by way of Allsport) gets a cut from the garage advertising in all the races except Monaco (which he is now threatening) and the trucks are basically carrying team sponsor adverts without paying Allsport (which means Bernie goes starving)…

          (Insert sarcastic tone above, pls…)

    3. Didn’t Klien have a go too?

  3. What I want to know is what’s being said between Schumacher and Vettel…

    1. But if you come to Mercedes next year you’ll be in a German car! Don’t worry, I can vacate my spot and look after your spot at Red Bull.

    2. “Listen, being treated like #1 for the team TOTALLY won’t alienate your teammates, TRUST me. I mean, my teammates and I got along just fine…”

    3. “They always say they are not number twos… but they eventually do the job”

    4. Schumacher: “So Kid,whata ya wanna know?”

      Vettle: “Webber thinks HE is the #1,got any suggestions?”

      Schumacher: (whispers) “OK…heres what ya gotta do…psst..pssst…Todt…pssst..pssst…block in quali…pssst…newest parts…pssst…bribe mechanics…psst….move to Ferrari when Alonso is gone

      1. Schu: I may doing crap now, but you’ll never win seven championships.

        Seb: uhhh… dang now I’m depressed.

        1. haha.. thats right………..

    5. Vettel: ‘So I crashed into Mark like you suggested, but it’s not working for me.’
      Schumacher: ‘Idiot! You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off.’

      1. Vettel: ‘So I crashed into Mark like you suggested, but it’s not working for me.’
        Schumacher: ‘Idiot! You weren’t supposed to take yourself out.’

        1. I believe Icthyes is refering to Michael Caine

  4. Schumi: the secret to my success was that my number two drivers always knew their place
    Vettel: tell that to Nico!

    1. Classic, like it.

      1. In a classic F1 answer, For Sure!..

    2. Vettel: I had number 1 driver status last year, but I don’t know what the hell is going on this year.

      Schumacher: You’re telling me. I had number 1 driver status my whole career, and look at me now! Guess we have to actually beat our teammates on track…. man this is gonna be hard!

  5. Looking forward to a great weekend.

  6. Schmi:’In my day, number 2 drivers used to hand you race wins on a plate, sigh. How I long for Yesterday’.

    Vett:’I feel your pain, for sure’.

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