First zero of 2010 (Mercedes race review)

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Mercedes failed to score for the first time in 2010 at the Hungaroring.

And Michael Schumacher came in for criticism after a dangerous move on Rubens Barrichello.

Michael Schumacher Nico Rosberg
Qualifying position 14 6
Qualifying time comparison (Q2) 1’21.630 (+0.819) 1’20.811
Race position 11
Average race lap 1’28.262 (-1.436) 1’29.699
Laps 69/70 15/70
Pit stops 1 1

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Michael Schumacher

Mercedes’ persistent trouble with its W01 was plain for all to see. They spent Friday evaluating which of its Hockenheim upgrades to take off the car and decided to swap the new floor for the old one.

But during final practice Schumacher received a radio message during Saturday practice telling him his rear wing wasn’t working properly either.

Schumacher attributed the massive gap to his team mate in qualifying – eight tenths of a second – to him taking a different direction on set-up.

He moved up to 11th at the restart but was mugged by Kamui Kobayashi as racing resumed and lost a place.

Lewis Hamilton’s retirement and Rubens Barrichello’s pit stop promoted him to tenth – a place he defended fiercely when Barrichello caught him late in the race.

Schumacher came dangerously close to causing a huge crash when he veered towards Barrichello as the Williams driver came by at the start of lap 65.

The stewards took a dim view of his driving and handed him a ten-place grid drop for the Belgian Grand Prix. Afterwards Norbert Haug and Ross Brawn defended his move, saying he left Barrichello enough space.

Compare Michael Schumacher’s form against his team mate in 2010

Nico Rosberg

Despite the vagaries of the W01 Rosberg generally plugs away, gets the job done and brings home points.

He looked on course for more points today but for the problem at his pit stop. The right-rear wheel wasn’t put on the car properly and it came off, forcing him to retire.

Compare Nico Rosberg’s form against his team mate in 2010

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14 comments on “First zero of 2010 (Mercedes race review)”

  1. keith im afraid it was the rear right wheel that when said the same in the other articles too.

    1. So it was – have changed it.

  2. It seems like it’s pretty much time for Mercedes to cut their losses and start developing next year’s car. Every race it seems like they’re falling further and further behind.

  3. Once again this year Schumacher proved form is temporary and class is permanent by showing none of either.

    OUCH! All true.

  4. I loved when he made a return in F1 as my interest in F1 came by seeing him winning in the 20’s but that move by Schumi was utter stupid.Yes he have kept some space for Rubens but he could have left some more.He deserve this punishment.

  5. Mercedes and Schumacher are really the most disappointing horses of 2010. And I’m sorry for that. Expect better next year.
    To me they should revert all the efforts and budget to next year, by now.

    1. maybe they should try rolling out the old brawn…surely it couldn’t be any worse?

      1. One small problem, it wouldn’t last the distance… (because of the refuelling ban)

  6. The season seems to go from bad to worse for Mercedes. I can imagine Rosberg calling it quits and jumping ship for Renault if he does not get some confirmation of a upturn in form for next year.
    Just think about the Honda years, when they were hopefull at the beginning, falling back during the season and hopefull for then next year? Looks like their right back where they were before Brawn took over.

    1. I had a distinct impression that Rosberg didn’t feel so very sad about being out of it this race – sure, upset, but also thinking it wouldn’t have brought him a lot to continue either (even though he could have been sixth, quite possibly). Rosberg must be a bit disappointed at seeing Williams be faster now.

      1. Rosberg and Mercedes are well ahead of Williams in the championship, mostly down to him over a certain 7 time world champion

  7. Now is definitely the time for Old Schuey to hand back his helmet and make a gentlemanly second retirement from F1.
    That single move, no matter how much Norbert or Ross defend it, has injured not only Old Schuey’s remaining reputation, but Mercedes’ as well.
    After getting a big slap from McLaren during ‘Spygate’, I don’t see the Mercedes management wanting to be associated with anybody who drives as dangerously as that.
    If it was Rosberg you would certainly be hearing calls for him to leave the team…….

  8. LOL Yet again Brawn jumps to Schumachers defence, this time its the tyres….

    “I don’t think Michael has quite worked out how to get the best from these tyres. Some tracks where the tyres are perhaps not such an issue then he is fine, where you get tracks like this where finding a way of getting the tyres to work is hard.

    “I also don’t think they reward an aggressive style. Michael’s talents are an aggressive-style car that is on the edge of stability and controlling it there. I don’t think these tyres reward such an approach, so it will be interesting next year to see what Pirelli come up with.”

    Seem to work OK for Hamilton, funny that!

  9. Mercedes are clearly working on the next years car, this result comes as no surprise… Michael seems to struggle with soft tires… 2001 car will be made from michael’s point of view… till then you will team experiment with the car & use data for next years car…

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