Yamamoto lags behind (HRT race review)

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

The HRT duo brought up the rear again.

Sakon Yamamoto Bruno Senna
Qualifying position 24 22
Qualifying time comparison (Q1) 1’26.453 (+0.062) 1’26.391
Race position 19 17
Average race lap 1’33.234 (+1.824) 1’31.410
Laps 66/70 67/70
Pit stops 1 1

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Sakon Yamamoto

Felt he could have out-qualified Senna but for a mistake in the final sector of his qualifying lap.

Lost 50 seconds relative to his team mate when the safety car came out but has lost even more than that again by the end of the race – he was 117 seconds in a rear, not far off being lapped by Senna.

Compare Sakon Yamamoto’s form against his team mate in 2010

Bruno Senna

Left his team mate behind but didn’t have a car capable of taking on anyone else.

Compare Bruno Senna’s form against his team mate in 2010

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17 comments on “Yamamoto lags behind (HRT race review)”

  1. little typo senan ;)

    Hope this was Sakon’s last race. Bring Karun back or even Klien!

    1. Yeah, Chandhok was never getting lapped by Senna…

      1. Klien might even be able to start fighting with Lotus and Virgin, maybe not consistently, but Senna is not far off Di Grassi usually.

        Come to think of it, Klien could do that team a lot of good in terms of position.

  2. Now sakon please be saked

    Get klien in the car and chandhok on bbc

    1. I have agree to some extent. The Karun Chandhok has been great commentating during the practice sessions. Much better commentator than that HRT car lets him perform as a driver. Yamamoto has been truly awful. I’d far prefer to see Klien have a bash.

  3. Considering they have the slowest car in the field, HRT aren’t doing so bad. They are in 11th place in the standings, which I was surprised but glad to see. If they can make tenth by season’s end that would be a nice little bonus, 15 million in prize money is it??

    Considering they aren’t updating the car that much (or at all), I’m really impressed with them. I hope they make it to next season. I mean that in the least patronising way possible.

    Good luck to them.

    1. I agree, I hope they do to, I think they will, But, whether they will have a better car next year? I’m not sure.

  4. Well HRT might retain him for another race because of his dazzling performance.

  5. HRT have done enough testing with their drivers & now it’s time to put both Senna & Chandok in the cockpit for the remaining 7 races of the season.Yamamoto is way slower then his team mate Senna.

  6. You know what this remind me of? the great Ayrton Senna, he used to lap team mates as well!

  7. I think Kolles might let Klien have a go at Spa, although i would rather he let Chandhok in the car again. Still you have to admire these guys for taking that dreadful ride to the finish at all.
    If you look at the footage, it must be real tough to drive and keep on the road.

    1. That could a be possibility. Weren’t there rumours last week that Klien was to replace Senna at Spa?

  8. It was not clear from the Speed broadcast but it appeared that Kobayashi was the first lapped car caught behind the SC. Thus, when the track went green, he was obliged basically to stop on the track and let every competitive car by. Which explains him getting almost-lapped by Senna. Also look how much slower his stop is. That’s 15s right there. Aside from those jumps where his apparently letting streams of faster cars through, his pace is OK and at times just as good as Senna’s.

    1. You mean Yamamoto, not Kobayashi…

      1. Right. Apologies for that one. And I wasn’t the one who voted for him in Driver of the Race by mistake or otherwise!

  9. Nearly 50 seconds of extra pit time / safety car for Yamamoto. No wonder he was that behind.

  10. Yamamoto said he’s in the car on performance alone…I guess HRT wants to see if Senna can lap him…, maybe they are trying to flatter Senna? hahaha.

    Bring Karun back!!!

    If HRT are ture to their word of ‘accessing our drivers’, next line up should be Klien-Karun.

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