7 comments on “Austin F1 Track Map 3D”

  1. nice track, i would love to see more tracks in 3d, and i didn’t have to wear glasses

  2. It looks pretty mental.

    That first corner is gonna be blind. Queue first corner pile-ups to the extreme!

    1. I like that this track seems to have a bit of undulation in it. I think thats missing from a lot of tracks these days.

  3. mhh i like the layout, but would drive clockwise to have max speed at the end of the finish line.

    1. If they reversed the direction the speed at the finishing line would most likely be lower, not higher, because the preceding corner would be slower. And the maximum speed would still be on the longer straight.

  4. looks excllent the hill into a straight looks good I hope it brings out a lot of overtaking!

  5. Love T1, reminds me of the Laguna Seca Corcsrew enterance. T2 looks like it may be a flatoutbarnburner ala Spa! Can’t wait, when do tickets go on sale?

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