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  1. I like it. One or two corners look pretty interesting. That long right hander before the final two corners looks like another Turn 8 and that fast sweeping section after the first corner interests me. They’ve said there will be plenty of gradient too so it looks like it’s something to look forward to. No chicanes too!

    1. That lonf straight followed by those tight corners will certainly allow for awesome overtaking.

      I have to admit, this looks really promising.

  2. Back straight looks like it might be too long for overtaking, but the stadium part could give some good action. The long flowing corners probably will only lend themselves to one line through, so won’t be any wheel to wheel action there but could give a good challenge to the drivers, and favour cars like Red Bull. It looks though like he’s tried to give more of a neutral balance to the track, so there are sections which reward good downforce, strong mechanical grip, and a decent low-drag/high-efficiency aero setup. So rather than favour one particular car type, it looks like several different approaches could work well there, which could again lead to close racing. I reckon even with what looks like a fairly long lap, the qually times will be fairly similar. Could be a bit of a car breaker though, stressing brakes and tyres, as well as engines.

    1. I agree the back straight might be too long.

      I think the idea is that the long sweeping corners should act as error multipliers, allowing a better driver to get closer to an opponant before overtaking them at the one or two overtaking points.

  3. I like the look of it, of course there are gradients that need to be seen from another angel to be visualised properly. These could make it even better than it looks.

    This could be a great circuit, they now have to build it, and on time.

    1. ” they now have to build it, and on time.”

      Its being built by Americans GQsm! We always build things to code, under budget and on time. What could go wrong?


  4. this looks great, the back staight looks great and there will be some slip streaming there

  5. I hope the entry & exit at the Hairpin at the top are nice and wide a la the Adelaide hair pin at Magny Cours and the old layout at La Source in Spa before they put in the kerb and the astro turf so we can have loads of lines in and out and a drag race out of it onto the long back straight :)

  6. Hard to tell without gradient, but so far it looks promising. The 1st half could be really fast and would be very much like Silverstone. I’m sure some rfactor mod will appear soon.

  7. is that what americans think england, scotland and wales looks like?

  8. would prefer to see the gradient, but not bad for a 2d track… but what kills in the tilkedromes are the runoff areas, they make mistakes so forgiving…i’m all for safety, but i’d like a lot more gravel traps

  9. lets wait and see how the inclanation of the track shows how much challenge the drivers will face.

    i like that sequence of curves in sector one… after turn 2. i wonder if maybe they can make interesting like suzuka….

    all depends of inclination… of up and downhills…

  10. Looks very promising – although I would prefer it if the Hockenheim stadium section was taken out between turns 12 and 15 and instead the straight was extended just a little bit more into a tight corner at about the point where the track boundary is. This would still give the long straight followed by hairpin overtaking situation but would also give more of a run into the Istanbul Turn 8 corner, making it bit faster and potentially turning it into more of a Pouhon, which would be excellent.

    Minor technicality aside, it looks like the best new track layout we’ve seen for a while (I’m not holding out much hope for Korea or India lol).

  11. the hairpins after the straight are quite crappy…

  12. by the way, what is the track length and its av speed?

    1. 3.4 miles and 200mph is the top speed

  13. Really?!?! All the talk about this super fantastic layout and we get another go kart track. Passing possible on the backstraight and slightly possible on the front and follow the leader the rest of it. Another Tilke cookie cutter treat for the followers. Hooray.

  14. Craig Woollard
    1st September 2010, 15:48

    Every single track that has looked good has ended up being the same old thing, this one seems no different to every other Tilke-drome. And the problem with most Tilke-dromes is that all of the corners just follow one after another, a lot like the Hungaroring, which has zero overtaking also (unless you’re Barrichello or Damon Hill ;)). The only two decent corners are the two fast left handers which are carbon copies of Estoril at Magny-Cours (but mirrored) or Turn 8, and a much faster version of Maggotts (but mirrored also). We need more tracks like Monza and Spa, and also Suzuka (the last sector mainly) where overtaking IS possible, because the weather is very variable, there are very slow corners followed by long straights, and some very hard corners to judge perfectly too.

  15. The first sector is very promising and should encourage a lot of overtaking at the far hairpin. Turn 3 looks like it will be flat, followed by a series of corners very similar to Maggotts/Becketts.

    However, the other two sectors looks rubbish. A long straight with two very tight second gear corners at either end is atrocious and won’t encourage overtaking at all (to encourage overtaking, you need to have a corner where the driver needs to carry a lot of speed to succeed (see Eau Rouge and Blanchimont) before a straight and a braking zone. With the cars so tight in terms of straight line performance, there won’t be any overtaking.
    The tight section after the straight is just like the Bahrain extension (ie. rubbish). Turn it into a high speed left kink leading onto that long right hander and you’ll see overtaking at the final corner.

  16. The 3d gradients are available at . Looks interesting, including a short uphill drag to turn 1. I wonder why they decided on an anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise) track – more training for neck muscles.

    1. Gotta win over the NASCAR fans!

  17. Try again to get the URL to appear:

    The 3d gradients are available at http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2010/9/11198.html. Looks interesting, including a short uphill drag to turn 1. I wonder why they decided on an anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise) track – more training for neck muscles.

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      2nd September 2010, 8:22

      Err. Dunno.
      But this isn’t the final, final, 100% accurate plan is it? I have to ask as there are only nine ‘Team Buildings’ behind the Pitbuilding.

  18. Not sure whether I like it yet, but where’s the imagination in copying bits of other tracks? Also the last two turns is Austria’s but going left, and it reminds me of Abu Dhabi layout slightly.

  19. I like it a lot.
    The only part I dislike is the turns 12 through 15. Some says it “gives a nod to Hockenheim’s stadium section”. ????????????? To me it appears more like the horrible final sector of Fuji.
    Anyway the initial part is very promising, something like the esses of Suzuka. And the long straight and “8 curve” style are also a good idea.
    I hope they will keep the trees and the grass around and avoid to build strange grandstands, as it happens in a lot of Tilkodromes (say Abu Dhabi).
    It’s really funny they seem to forget box entrance and exit lanes. May be they are looking for strange solutions…

  20. Hairpins everywhere are a worry. For example the entry onto the back straight should have been a free flowing sweeper so the car behind can follow & carry the speed. Paribolica is a good example. Hairpins spread out the pack & have no place on the straight entry. Ding Dong racing here we come. About time drivers had more input on circuit layout.

  21. I like the flowing sequence of corners till turn 11. But then there is the typical Tilke feature “>1km straight” which we can find in Shanghai, Hockenheim, Yeongam, Abu Dhabi and Delhi. Only Shanghai starts with a fast corner, all other examples are hairpin into hairpin. It´s a pity that the Istanbul-style corner starts right after only 250 m of acceleration.
    I really do miss a fast corners after long straights like Tamburello, 130R, Blanchimont, Copse, Stowe, Club and of course the complete Österreichring.

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