Keep on top of the fight for the title with the F1 Fanatic Championship Calculator

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Still confused by the new points system? You’re not alone.

And with five drivers still in the running for the world championship there are many possible combinations for how the points might add up.

With that in mind F1 Fanatic has a new page where you can instantly see how each driver is doing in the championship. Give it a try now.

The F1 Fanatic Championship Calculator is a simple tool which shows you what each drivers’ championship score will be based on where they finish.

You can find it here: F1 Fanatic Championship Calculator

You can also find it under the ‘F1 information’ menu at the top of the page and of course we’ll have a handy link to it during the live blogs for the Korean Grand Prix weekend.

It’s quite basic at the moment so if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, or would like to make some changes to the code yourself, please post them in the comments.

Read more: F1 Fanatic Championship Calculator

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71 comments on “Keep on top of the fight for the title with the F1 Fanatic Championship Calculator”

  1. Why is when I press up on the controls does it show:


    1. How are you pressing ‘up’?

      1. Ah I see. It’s a Chrome thing. Will have a look at that.

      2. Next to each input box i’m getting up and down arrows. Like scroll arrows. Using latest Chrome release on Windows 7 professional.

        1. Refresh the page and all should be well now.

    2. Jelle van der Meer
      15th October 2010, 14:26

      Hi Keith,

      Good start but functionality is limited and does not allow to play with results for remaining 3 races.

      See email I send you with an excel version that gives more functionality and does driver & constructor championship at same time.


      1. hi Mate

        Could you send me that sheet would be thankful,

        Thanks and Regards
        Dexter Moss

  2. Why have you put adrian newey’s face in the article?

    1. Seems like he accidentally made the fastest car on the track!

  3. is there any interest on your side of having a “F1Fantaic Championship” next year. using your own points system etc……. i.e whatever system you think f1 SHOULD HAVE…….

    1. At the risk of making an awful pun it sounds a bit… pointless.

      1. LOL Keith, that calculator is very much “to the point” thouh :-D

        Thanks for giving us this.

        Now i want Webber to have a DNF, Button to win it from Hamilton (with Kubica, Rosberg or Massa on the podium as well) and Alonso bringing it home in 5th with Vettel trailing him in 6th.
        That way they are sepearated by only 10 points, while Webber has 220 points with Alonso 4 behind and Button/Vettel equal 6 points behind. Lewis would have to make up 10 points to Mark, but i believe he is able to do that. Now that would be very tense.

        1. Wow, that would be something.

    2. You could use excel to play with that…..
      … … … nice pun… :D

      1. I too had a fiddle and discovered another Red Bull 1-2 in favour of Sebastian would reduce the points margin drastically! Thankyou for this Keith, it has certainly helped me realise just how close this championship really is.

        1. And 2 more Red Bull 1-2s would put Vettel and Webber equal on points going to the final race. Vettel would technically lead the championship with 5 wins.

  4. Pedro Andrade
    15th October 2010, 9:17

    Priceless! Thanks Keith, that looks great, simple is the way to go :)

  5. Great feature Keith, I just hoping by Abu Dhabi it’ll be all sorted, don’t think my nerves will survive otherwise!

  6. I very much like this!

  7. Next race I’d like it to be…..

    Webber, 11th or worse
    Alonso 6th
    Vettel 5th
    Hamilton 2nd
    Button 1st

    This should even it up nicely.. Oh and put Schumacher 3rd.

    Pity Mclaren will need a 1-2 for this…

    1. I like you’re thinking. Dreamers keep dreaming though!

    2. Yes, I guess we’re all trying to find those scores where everybody will stay as much in the running as possible…
      What a year!

      1. I’m not (comment too short)

        1. trulli dead09
          15th October 2010, 11:00

          i just want Vettel to run into the back of Hamilton and Button, taking Alonso out with them, leaving Webber to cruise to victory and our first champiosnhip in 30 years.

    3. Ha, I came up with exactly the same one! Only i thought about maybe having Massa in 3rd

      1. As much as I want Webber to win the World Drivers Championship, I really want it to be decided in Abu Dhabi. So for me, the perfect result would indeed be; Button, Hamilton, Kubica, Rosberg, Alonso and Vettel, with Webber failing to score points. (Just this once)

        Considering I have supported Mark very enthusiastically all year long, I feel a little guilty hoping for this. But I have always loved it when things are close rather than when they are 2004-esque.

  8. It will be great to have for the last three remaining GP rather than only for Korea. I must say the point system is quite difficult to keep track of as soon as there is more than one race involved.

  9. Man, I hope we have a Webber DNF, McLaren 1-2 and Fernando,Vettel 3-4, in that way they are all 14 points apart!!

    1. hehe, i was doing the exactly the same thing.

      1. Obviously a very hypothetical situation, but imagine if –

        Korea Brazil Total

        Webber #8(3pts) #5(10pts) 234 pts

        Alonso #3(15pts) #4(12pts) 233 pts

        Vettel #4(12pts) #2(18pts) 236 pts

        Hamilton #1(25pts) #3(15pts) 232 pts

        Button #2(18pts) #1(25pts) 232 pts

        That would be awesome .. if all 5 championship contenders were to reach Abu Dhabi and race for the win.

        Its obviously hypothetical, since there is no way in hell that Jenson would manage a 1st and a 2nd within the next couple of races. But its interesting to know that if the Mclarens and Ferrari’s are capable of challenging the Red Bulls within the next couple of races, anything is possible.

        1. Sorry my formatting went all over the place once i posted it.

        2. Jelle van der Meer
          15th October 2010, 14:43

          Talking hypothetical if:
          Mark finishes 9th, 8th and 5th
          Alonso finishes 4th, 4th and 7th
          Sebastian finishes 3rd, 3rd and outside top 10
          Lewis finishes 2nd, 1st and 10th
          Jenson finishes 1st, 2nd and 8th

          Not only will all 5 still be within 10 points heading to Abu Dhabi, the final championship result will show 5 drivers at 236 points within Lewis winning as he has the most 2nd place finishes (each has 4 wins).

          1. woah, pretty cool run of events. so after abu dhabi they’d really be all on 236 points each?

  10. Nothing against the bloke but it would be good to see Webber get a DNF in Korea!! Liven things up again.

  11. To those who want a bad race for Webber I hope you’re prepared for the consequences which will inevitably be a 3rd title for Alonso.
    Just sayin’! ha!

    1. Over my dead body.

      Dont right off Seb! Oh i just forgot, hes gonna also DNF in Korea when he makes contact with Webber hehe.

    2. “I hope you’re prepared for the consequences which will inevitably be a 3rd title for Alonso”

      Yeah, I’d be happy with that :P Good luck to Mark though. Who knew we’d have a year where things seemed to mostly go right for him…

  12. i’m not going to wish a DNf for any driver anymore. The last time i did, My driver, lewis, was the one having the DNF.

    1. and he will have a DNF again soon. lol

  13. Thanks Keith! Stupid points system.

    1. lol love the comment!

  14. 1. Jenson
    2. Hamilton
    3. Alonso
    4. Vettel

    and a DNF for Webber leaves:

    1. Alonso: 221
    2. Webber: 220
    3. Vettel: 218
    4. Button: 214
    5. Hamilton: 210

    1. Now that would be interesting!

    2. Have Alonso in 4th/5th and it gets even closer.

      1. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
        16th October 2010, 2:28

        I assume you mean 1st/2nd?

  15. keith, thanks but it would be cooler if it could allow the the entry of the final 3 races to see who might be champion.

    for example if next two races finish vettel-webber 1-2 then vettel will be championship leader on 256 coming into the final race. Assuming vettel does a schumacher (on hill) and alonso scores a 4th, 4th and 1st at abu dhabi, vettel will be champion with webber and alonso all on 256 points.

  16. It is so good that even 5Live have tweeted and linked it!

  17. It may be intentional but you might consider adding the readonly attribute to the input boxes in the second and third columns if you only want people to enter finishing positions.

    [input readonly=”readonly” … /] but angle brackets


    1. Thanks for the tip, Ian – have done it now. Would be good to get rid of the border on those too.

  18. I’ve got one in Excel for the remaining 3 races.

    I did for the remaining 5 races originally.

  19. Absolutely lovely, thanks for bringing that thing up, I was looking for such feature, now I can make my own championship :)

  20. Cant we share this tool on Facebook ?

    1. You can post a link to it, if that’s what you mean.

  21. I think this tool proves how difficult it will be for a McLaren driver to win the championship now. Unless the RedBull drivers end up colliding again, they should not have to worry about the McLarens.
    Alonso has to hope the RedBulls tangle to pick up another win. Then he’ll be on for it. That’ll also make life almost impossible for either McLaren driver.

    1. I agree – it’s not just that they’re 28/31 points behind, it’s that there’s two other drivers between them and the leader, and you can’t expect all three to hit trouble.

  22. I like it, however i think the other races should be included on the same page. and also could we have drop down boxes instead of typing?

  23. I find that prediction in F1 is most difficult than all other sports since there are so many parameters involved.
    Had this been Ashes, I would have put my money on England but here, its too difficult. And thats really good as I save my money. :)

  24. Thanks so much Keith! This is really handy. It doesn’t matter how much I keep trying to work out this year’s title and possible scenarios or play F1 2010 I can’t get my head around it. I still don’t even know what every positionn is worth so thank you this is a terrific idea

  25. For anybody that thinks the new point system sucks, its awesome! why do you think competition is so close this year? And it isnt that hard to remember its 25 18 15 12 10 8 6 4 2 1, the only numbers making no sense are 25 18 15 after that its just even numbers until 2 and then 1. anyway, thanks Keith for this awesome tool because it makes it much easier to calculate my championship predictions and now I know exactly what place I want everybody to finish in to make most close and exciting season yet!

    1. Numerous topics across internet sites have established the closeness has nothing to do with the current points system. It is marginally closer than the previous system, but that’s it.

  26. Definately want to see 1-Button, 2-Hamilton, 6-Vettel, 7-Alonso, DNF-Webber. If only.

  27. Would love to see a situation where only the winner (from the 5) of the last Race grabs the championship, means going into the final race, points difference between championship leader and 5th contender should be no more than 6 points.

  28. Keith this is made of epic WIN!!

  29. As long as we’re wishing for things:

    1: HAM
    2: MAS
    3: BUT
    4: ALO
    5: VET
    6: KUB
    7: WEB

  30. keith can you do a constructors championship predicter too please?

    1. I could but I think my time would be better spent improving the drivers’ one because that’s what most people are interested in.

      That said if someone wants to take the Javascipt from this and knock up a constructors’ version I’d be happy to put it on here.

  31. Any chance of converting it into old money for those of us old gits unable to work on the new points? (I know it means half and quarter points for 9th and 10th)

  32. I must complain that the picture of Newey is grossly innaposite: the device makes clear that there there will be no further occasion this year for him to furrow his brow or bite his fingernails.

  33. Very nice, just one comment.
    It would be nice to have an additional column showing the difference in points i.e. 1 from 2, from 3, From 4 etc.

  34. Haha poor Mark! Everyone wants him 7th or below to keep it close but at the same time he’s a popular choice for the WDC.

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