Petrov hopes to be on Russian GP grid

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Vitaly Petrov said he was “proud” to hear news of a planned Russian Grand Prix in 2014 and says he hopes to be on the grid for it:

I?m very proud that my country has made this decision, which will make F1 even more popular in Russia. Almost all the drivers already have a home race so I hope that I can experience the same special feeling of racing at home in a few years? time.
Vitaly Petrov

Petrov’s contract with Renault has not yet been renewed for next year.

Looking ahead to this weekend’s race in Korea, Petrov expects the new circuit to prove challening:

It looks like a tricky circuit. The third sector looks quite a challenge because it?s low-speed with most corners probably taken in second or third gear. Turns seven and eight will be quick corners and there are three long straights where it?s important to use the f-duct. Overall I think it will be quite a good circuit for our car. There should also be some opportunities for overtaking.

The best thing is to walk the track and see it for yourself. Then, I like to do some laps on my bike to understand as much as I can. You have to look at things like the kerbs and the run-off areas. All this is helpful, but you obviously learn the most during the first free practice session. It?s important that you know the lap by the end of this first session.
Vitaly Petrov

With three rounds remaining this year and after an early retirement at Suzuka he is aiming for more points finishes in the final races:

I always try to be in the top ten and that must be the target this weekend. I think we had the potential to do this in Suzuka, but I need to make sure I don?t make any mistakes. Scoring points is important and that will be my aim in Korea.
Vitaly Petrov

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14 comments on “Petrov hopes to be on Russian GP grid”

  1. He wants to be. But will he be? I doubt it, not unless he shows a big improvement in the next couple of seasons (assuming he finds a drive)

    1. or he finds $$$ and no prohblem then

      1. There is a better chance of him finding $ponsors, than finding that extra talent.

    2. But he might be, and i expect Renault to give him the chance to show his worth next year.

      In any case, until 2014 we could have Aleshin in F1 and possibly other drivers as well, so nothing lost if Petrov doesn’t make it.

  2. I suspect that Korea will be the deciding race for Petrov’s staying of leaving. It’s a track neither of the Renault drivers knows, so if Kubica beats him by his usual margin I expect Petrov to be gone. If, however, he comes closer to his teammate than usual, Renault might assume that there is something behind his talk of ‘having to learn the circuit before you’re good at it’. Next year he’ll only be horrible at the Indian GP, whereas he will have experienced all other tracks in a Renault F1 car before…

  3. He gives me a lot of thinking – compared to another rookie – Koba – he disappoints in this season, but I think he is better than Hulkenberg.
    Renault may try another option – to hire Aleshin (sp?) – another talented Russian, new GP2 champion, so Petrov cannot be sure his place for next season.

    Korea will be quite convenient place to see if he can deliver more. Nobody has experience with this track, so he won’t be able to use that excuse.


    From about 10 seconds in. Pretty well done, but given the fine line between success and failure its no suprise to see one of his starts end like Suzuka.

    1. He was pretty good in the first 5 races, while Kobayashi was happy to get beyond the first 10 laps and Huelkenberg was miles behind.
      Just after that he had more mistakes and less impressive drives (well Hungary was good) so he just needs to show a bit more to convince us.

      1. Remember the driver of the race poll of recent history….

        It went to Kobi. He’s got something, call it talent or kamikaze, what ever it is it’s making Pet in a Renault looking like a little girl in a Barbie mobile. Put Kubi and Kobi together.

        Stick it to the Russians at their home GP, Japanese style. :)

  5. I certainly hope he’ll be there. He might have been disappointing (but he was never going to beat Kubica), but I honestly think Petrov has something. If Renault can just channel his ability into qualifying pace, I think he’ll be right on the money. Maybe not a World Champion, or even a race winner, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see him pick up the odd podium in the future.

    1. I agree that Petrov has something although I did say that about Jaime last year. I’ve been impressed with his starts, his race craft and his pace when he actually strung a good weekend together at Hungary. He just needs consistency now and less dizzy moments when he bins it.

      I think many view this year as disappointing for him but with flashes of talent whereas I see the talent but with disappointing flashes/crashes.

      Next year will hopefully be better. I really pray he likes and adapts well to the Pirelli’s.

  6. Ummm… What I posted in the daily roundup…

    “I think in the position we are in, it is clear that the biggest gain for the team is to have two strong drivers if it’s possible,” said Kubica.

    This comment later in the article doesn’t seem to suggest he thinks much of Pets driving and reflects what Keith was saying in the Massa article. Put the best drivers in the best cars.

    I really think Kubi would have loved the rivalry with Kimi and something in me tells me that he’s a bit tired of dragging Pet along.(car development and support)

    Don’t get me wrong I like Pet, but maybe he’d be better off banging doors in salon racing.”

  7. With Kimi’s chance to come back in F1 is looking slim & given the fact there are more & more sponsor joined the team in the last couple of races I think he will make in 2011 with Renault, if he can develope himself well then he will for sure be with the team until 2014 or some other for his home GP.

  8. So do I – because it’ll probably be because he’s good enough to still be around.

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