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  1. Got to love this picture :)

    1. jimscreechy (@)
      27th December 2010, 13:31

      That picture is Too funny!

    2. jimscreechy (@)
      27th December 2010, 13:39

      Please sir! Permission to uses this picture as my wallpaper for the next seasons?

  2. ha ha ha awesome cant stop laughing…..5 starts for the pic.

  3. The picture would be hilarious if it would anyway near the truth.
    As it is, it is just another example of perverted partisanship.
    Great work Keith!

    1. That’s the first time my work has been called ‘perverted’ ;)

      1. From the webster dicti”perverted” means:
        -Deviating from what is considered right and correct.
        -Marked by misinterpretation or distortion.

        Gosh, I thought English was your mother language!

        1. Your sarcasm is wasted I’m afraid, as I’m well aware of what the word means – I simply stated that that was the first time my work had been called ‘perverted’, which it was. Do you struggle with reading simple sentences as well as constructing them?

          Also it is worth pointing out, as you also seem to have a problem with the concept of caricature, that the purpose of the illustration was not to show ‘the truth’, but simply to lampoon a particular subjective opinion of it.


          1. Caricatures are just fine as long you are not lampooned by it.

        2. jimscreechy (@)
          27th December 2010, 13:36

          Oh for Christ sake lighten up! Are you so fixated on your F1 Involvement and perceptions you can’t have a laugh? Jeees!

    2. In a palace of sunlight and laughter, some people
      can only see the mouse droppings behind the sofa.

  4. Pic is awesome, yes ! :)

  5. lol poor Massa :-)

  6. kenneth Ntulume
    5th November 2010, 10:22

    Good comical relief, at this point of ridiculously high anxiety….
    is any one feeling this?
    sweaty palms, increased heart beats,unbearable tension, nervousness..

  7. Couldn’t stop laughing at that picture, it sums up the championship perfectly.

  8. Wonderful picture! :D

  9. Awesome pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hahahaha. Love this.

  11. From the artist’s blog: Very happy to supply A3 prints of the illustration, price would be £12.50 – anyone interested can e-mail me on neil@caricatureclub.co.uk :)

  12. :))vow Keith bravo ..true picture of today F1 and Vettel face is just :))

  13. Luib: “Caricatures are just fine as long you are not lampooned by it.”

    What you mean is “caricatures are just fine as long as someone I like or a position I support are not lampooned by it.”

    Sorry but it doesn’t work like that – I’m free to caricature whoever I please and whatever opinion I please, in whatever way I please, just as you are free to dislike and/or disagree with it. Where would political cartooning be if they were not allowed to lampoon politicians? That’s caricature’s raison d’etre.

    But anyway, enough off topic nonsense :)

    1. absolutely brilliant. I love them. Keep up the great work. FYI even in Iraq they are now allowed to draw Caricatures of politicians. It used to be a at risk of serious personal health if you did that under old regime.

      I love caricatures even if it lampoon someone I care for. People shouldn’t be so thin skinned, sensitive, transparent and fickle minded. I wonder if Luib agrees or maybe even been part of the suggestions that one or more then one specific driver crash out in the race or blows his engine. Now how uhm different is that? Ok to wish or think ill luck on one driver but not to make fun of another? Ohh well people never stop surprise me.

  14. Cool, can we buy prints of this?

  15. Great photo. I dont necessarily agree with the subjective opinion. But its all in good fun. And its quite funny.

    At least the best driver in the grid is in front this time lol.

  16. Fantabulous job, Neil D. Eat your heart out Luib.
    This is a very funny piece of work!
    Keep them coming Neil D!!

  17. Awesome!

  18. Absolutely brilliant. I LOVE the message, totally true of the 2010 season and the Ferrari team orders scandle.

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