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  1. Part 2 looks pretty good, but part 1 looks awful- three consecutive hairpins in such short space. Part 2 will offer more over taking as well as extending the sweeping fast section at the end of the lap

  2. the 2nd section could work but the 1st part is awful. I didnt think they could do any worst but clearly i was wrong

  3. I fail to see how this ‘how it could look’ configuaration will promote any more overtaking? The only bit that looks ‘marginally’ easier to overtake on is the new hairpin at the end of the second long straight entering part 2 due to the extra braking zone. I agree with the other 2 guys, part 1 looks awful and will in no way will help matters.

  4. Part 1 should have less corners. It should really just have one corner – a more open hairpin where the chicane ‘was.’ That will at least create a chance into turn 8. But with Populus’s design, turns 3 and 4 could be more challenging, which is something Abu Dhabi lacks – a challenge.

    The corner at the end of the back straight doesn’t really offer overtaking since the previous corner is a chicane (or as I call them, space creators), so there shouldn’t really be a slow corner there. A long fast corner like the Parabolica from Monza would be better and it would at least make Abu Dhabi an interesting track.

    But I’ve said this somewhere before, this is my least favourite circuit on the calendar and it shouldn’t be on the calendar.

  5. Forget building tracks for the purpose of overtaking. Just build good, spectacular tracks.

    Take Laguna, or Brands Hatch. Pretty much impossible to overtake in fast cars, but classic tracks.

    1. But why are they classic tracks? Because they are old? Being old doesn’t really make it a classic. Brands Hatch is a classic because certain drivers pulled moves nobody ever considered possible.

      I consider Austin a classic already to be honest.

  6. By Populous, made better by Calum?

    Populous Sector 1 hairpin means the hairpin grandstand gets to see the cars more per lap.

    Cars continue to blast down the main straight but when they have navigated the hairpin at the end of the straight, they travel under a new bridge on a wide radius corner.

    The cars will then go through the Hotel complex the opposit direction to whichh drivers are used to.

    Populous change number 2 is another hairpin for the drivers to negotioate before bombing up the slightly curved ‘straight’ and over the new bridge corner. The grandstand near this corner will have a unique view if this fast corner.

    Then onto the original pit straight to start the next lap.

    Abu Dhabi has the £ to do that if it wants! ;)

    1. Ohhh I like that. In fact i like figures of 8 circuits. Interesting solution !

    2. I guess one issue is figure-of-eight circuits seem to go against the grain with the FIA, because the bridge can introduce safety concerns (i.e. how would the medical helicopter reach an accident).

      Suzuka has likely been grandfathered, but I’m not sure they would authorise new circuits without significant safety checks and measures, something that may not be possible in your design.

      That’s not the official word, just my take on why there are no new figure-of-8 tracks when several current ones could be modified to work.

  7. Definetly like it, one more change would be to delete the chicane between the two straights and make it a corner like where the singapore sling used to be.

  8. It needs more normal high speed corners, not just 90 degrees and hairpins. Seriously.

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