Red Bull RB6, 2010

Red Bull RB7 will also debut on February 1st

2011 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Red Bull RB6

Red Bull have become the fifth team to announce they will reveal their 2011 F1 car on February 1st.

The world champions will launch their new car at 8:30am in the Valencia pits.

There will be at least three new cars appearing for the first time within an hour of each other as Toro Rosso unveil their STR6 at 9am and Mercedes’ W02 will appear 20 minutes after that.

Meanwhile Williams are bringing their new car to the test as well. The team are not holding a photoshoot for it as it will appear in an interim livery.

Lotus’s new car is also expected to run at the Valencia test.

With Sauber and Renault launching their new cars the day before, and Ferrari revealing theirs on January 28th, there will be eight 2011 F1 cars at the first test of the season.

McLaren, Virgin and Force India will not have their new cars until the second test at Jerez and HRT have not yet announced their plans.

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39 comments on “Red Bull RB7 will also debut on February 1st”

  1. January 18th? Where can we see the photos?

    1. Typo – it’s actually the 28th.

    2. Apologies Kieth a swift google search and I found that (sorry, I was being lazy) wish I could delete my comment now. lol

  2. is there going to be TV coverage of this?

    1. Only FOM broadcasters can film at test sessions so it depends if any of them are covering it. I think one of the German channels did last year.

      1. Are BBC an FOM broadcaster? I wish they would do red button tests/lauches. Are you able to contact them and find out/ask what they can do about it, now F1 Fanatic has built up quite huge fanbase and reputation on the interweb??

        1. Would be easy enough to Tweet @jakehumphreyf1 if you feel strongly about it…

          1. Tweet.. Haha. That’ll be right, I’m bad enough with my facebooking!!

      2. I would think they might have a look at least at the Mercedes and the Red Bull of Vettel on RTL or the German Sky network.

        But I have not seen any information on test specials or live stream events.

  3. we’d love to have the links to the broadcast if they can be published

  4. I’m surprised that there isn’t a stream on the Formula One website. Even if you had to pay a fee, I think many would still take a peek. Depending on the fee of course…

    1. Maybe Bernie will be willing to sell you a pre season DVD somewhere in April with testing images :-D

    2. F1 already too expensive they should consider giving some things free. I remember one episode of Topgear done during a Monaco race, and it turned out, all the buildings were sealed off. You can’t even go out on your balcony to see whats happening outside.

  5. Chilly economic climate in F1, way to look after the sponsors there boys.

    Have a whole bunch of teams all stepping on each others toes, publicity-wise, and all for dreary pictures of cold drivers standing red-nosed and woolly-hatted, beside a damp car on a grey morning in a dull concrete pitlane.

    It doesn’t need to be anything ridiculous, but c’mon throw a coupla quid at it; have all your sponsors head honchos in a nice room, have them invite some business partners they want to impress, add some lights, some music, some bubbly, schmooze it … get that valuable contract extension nudged along, get someone’s logo signed up for a wing mirror, get some decent images in the press and on TV.

  6. Last year everyone was waiting to see what Red Bull would turn up with, knowing it would be probably be the best car on the grid.

    This year, I at least won’t be having that feeling. The red Bulls were as good as caught by the end of last year. Now there’s no more EBD, I don’t expect Red Bull’s initial advantage to be anywhere near as great nor so fundamental to design. KERS could also be a problem for them.

    1. It is a good opportunity for McLaren and Ferrari to catch up if Red Bull stumbles over something, or the others find some new tricks. I hope they do, despite being a Red Bull fan, i would like to have some excitement back on Saturday. Lets just hope that none of the three makes a car like the 2009 Ferrari or McLaren, because it would be great to have a six horse race again next year right from the start of the season. Maybe Mercedes could join in and make it even better.

    2. If the Redbulls still have that Low running wing setup, possible for them to maintain a performance advantage. Unless of course other teams have come up with their own race legal version.

      1. Worrying noises coming from Mclaren if you ask me. But one day there’ll live up to there comments.
        ‘Innovative’, do they have a front wing that scrapes the ground?

        They will use the 2010 car and take downforce off it to match 2011 levels. The 2011 car has the down force levels expected (much less than 2010…. ERR what if the others have found a way to get back near or to 2010 levels.

        The speculation is killing me, I don’t know why I suspect a stunning Ferrari this year and Mclaren to fly or die. RBR will be right at the front again IMO.

        1. ‘Innovative’, do they have a front wing that scrapes the ground?

          Probably not, but rumour has it if you press a button, it’ll make you a coffee! How goods that?

          1. If I remember correctly double diffusers are banned this year right? If so then think back to the start of 2009, when Brawn with their controversial diffuser was smashing everyone – who was the second quickest team, and then easily the quickest without a double diffuser? Red Bull.

            They even won in China without a double diffuser that year. So I would expect them to be right up the front again. The pullrod rear end was developed primarily for a non-double diffuser rear end, so it wouldn’t suprise me if most if not all the cars this year went down that route.

            But in terms of raw pace, I’ll be very suprised if RBR are not the quickest once again…

          2. I am sure there will be some cheeky interpretations around the new rear wing. But I imagine it will all come down to whoever is lucky and has a package that immediately suits the tyres. I believe it will be very similar to 2009 with one car who gets things right straight out the box, be it by luck or judgement, and the others catching up mid season.

        2. I don’t think Ferrari will be stunning.They were fighting for Championship till the last race.Hope Mclaren will terminate Redbulls dominance.Whitmarsh has already hinted they are coming with some innovative designs.I would love to see Lewis Vs Vettel duel.It would be terrific.I am sure Lewis will come on top.

    3. What McLaren absolutely have to do is come up with a car that has good mechanical grip. The MP4-25 was a disaster in this area; how many times were the McLarens the ones to have tyre wear issues first? At Monaco, traditionally a strong circuit for them, they were nowhere. Lewis continues his love affair with Canada but the long straights and fast chicanes saved them there. The trade-off came good in places like Turkey, but I think it cost them in the end.

  7. 9 out of the 12 temas will have their new cars for the first test of the new season, and many of them would make an unvail as well. Why would be so difficult to make a common unveiling of them one day earlier in jerez or somewhere else more glamourous in spain. Mclaren, Virgin and Force India could present the new livrary or an interim car…

    1. 8 of 12. HRT might not even have a 2011 car at this point…

  8. “HRT have not yet bought their car”

    There, fixed it :)

    1. The plan was for their new to bring two Tatas

      1. The plan was for their new driver to bring two Tatas.

    2. They won’t release a date to reveal the new car because we’ve already seen it, the old one.
      The only thing they could do is a relaunch, speculation of course.

      1. They will show it in Bahrain’s desert where nobody will be there to see it’s the F110!

  9. [Williams] are not holding a photoshoot for it as it will appear in an interim livery.

    Let me guess…dark blue?

    1. Invisible paint so no one can see the aggressive design

      1. Invisible paint so no one can see the aggressive design

        lOl :)

    2. Frank refuses to untie the purse strings for such un-needed nonsense. No need to hire professional photographers, and we shall run the new car in the interim livery, but it shall be bare carbon – saves on paint. We’ll then use last years left over blue and white to race-livery the car for Bahrain.

      Oh dear, what has happened to Williams…. I feel pity while typing this. Sleeping giants, once again we all hope for a lucky win next year. :)

      1. Last year if I remember correctly the didn’t use an interim livery whilst not taking a photoshoot.

      2. 7 days… Can’t wait!

  10. I’m expecting Merc to make a step in performance this year, possibly the biggest over last years level.

    1. Most will be expeccting big things from Team Lotus, is it too early to see points?

      That’s another car I can’t wait to see! The green Team Lotus exites me, I thik it will be a green and gold/yellow version of the competition winner to be honest.

  11. Thanks for all the launch updates.

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