3 comments on “2011 Ferrari F150 and 2010 Ferrari F10 compared”

  1. It looks like Ferrari have fewer sponsers this year? Maybe it’s because some deals have yet to be finalised, but there are only half as many on the sidepod of this years car. Looks like their funding from Eithad might be lower this year too, given they only have a small tag on the side of the rear wing rather than the right accross the back.

    For a team like Ferrari this isnt a concern, but it is a sign that sponsership is still hard to come by.

    1. Sure you’re looking at the right image? Eithad isn’t visible on the 2011 car in this shot, (top). However Tata, have increased funding.

      Mubadala, the Abu Dhabi Aerospace company, don’t have any sponsorship visible again on the nose.

      Everything else is pretty much the same. I would say it’s more of a minor shuffle than anything else.

  2. Love these high-res side-by-sides. Helps to distiguish some of the more subtle (only?) changes.

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