4 comments on “Lotus T128”

  1. Is it my eyes or are half the team ‘shopped in there?

    Also spotted a cheeky V-sign just off centre-pic – naughty!

  2. I feel such sympathy for this team. :)

  3. Team Lotus Notes? Isn’t that IBM’s e-mail software? I’m confused. :D

    Overall, I think the car looks nice. I’m glad that they were now more confident to design a more audacious car. I hope it performs well. Best wishes for Team Lotus.

  4. bleeps_and_tweaks
    31st January 2011, 16:44

    I thought that the split airbox, that Mercedes introduced in Valencia in 2010, had been banned in the new regulations? The T128 looks like it’s got one pretty similar to that to me?!?

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