3 comments on “Lotus T128”

  1. Quite an adventurous design. They’ve copied the air intake design from last years Mercedes.

    Pity the pictures are renders (poor ones at that), and hardly anything is visible.

    The livery looks good though.

    1. Great livery, but looking awesome only because it’s a rendering. In real world situations I think it will be less shiny as the factory shot reveals.

      The Renault logo is prominent too. So now you have two Lotus teams with their cars featuring the Renault logo and CABC logo but which are essentially unrelated different teams! Even the BMW Sauber-Ferrari moniker phenomenon of 2010 wasn’t stranger than this.

      Keith, it would great if you could post comparison shots of both the Team Lotus and the Lotus Renault GP cars once the latter has been launched.

  2. Computer generated pics? That’s silly…

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