Force India VJM04 roll blade

Force India’s technical director explains the VJM04

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Here’s a closer look at the Force India VJM04 with a voiceover by the team’s technical director Andrew Green.

Green says the new car is mechanically similar to its predecessor but there are several important aerodynamic changes.

“The removal of the double diffuser resulted in quite a substantial loss of downforce which we spent the winter trying to recover.

“From the outside the biggest change you’ll is a move to a ‘blade’ roll hoop. It just gave us a small packaging advantage, we felt, so we went down that route.”

See the video above for more on Force India’s new F1 car.

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24 comments on “Force India’s technical director explains the VJM04”

  1. nothing radical… yet

    I think this sums up most of the launches, hopefully we will get to see some slightly more radical updates during the next test sessions.

    1. Maybe this car is rad? Whats he on about with the aero that we can’t see I wonder? There may be more to this design than we think. He seemed to be trying to hide a sly smile of I think we got it.

      I can’t wait to see what all these teams are covered by in quali’s! …well, I can wait and I will wait, but I wish I didn’t have to.

  2. Is the tube on the floor of the car seen at 1:12 the RB like exhaust?

    1. I completely disagree! LoL. [Insert technical knowledge opposite of BasCB]

      1. Your teasing me!

  3. Sounds uninspired !

  4. I dont think there’s a team I’m not excited to see do well this year. Some more than others obviously. Not a massive fan of Ferrari.

    However I hope Force India show their hand and push up the grid.

    So the real question is, who is going to be the casualty? Who’s going to fail miserably to give other teams their success? ( bit off topic )

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I’d really like to see all the teams outside of the top 3 do better this year, but of course that has to come at someone’s expense. In an ideal world there’d be some parity between most teams, with different teams on the podium at every race. I doubt FI are going to improve on 7th in the constructors, but I could be wrong. It’s gonna be a fascinating year with the combination of reduced downforce, new tires, KERS, and the drag reduction system! I wish I could just fast forward to March 12th right now. That first qualifying of 2011 is gonna be so good!

      1. I agree, the more the merrier.

    2. I think Ferrari are going to be a bit of a flop this year. I don’t claim to be an expert, but they look like they have missed some tricks with their design; it just looks too simple.

      I can also see Mclaren coming unstuck. Cars as different as theirs are usually either brilliant or rubbish.

      1. Yes let’s not forget how shocking the KERS Ferrari was at the beginning of 2009. Since this year KERS is effectively provided by either Ferrari, mercedes or Renault (and Williams) a rubbish system will make several teams uncompetitive. Conversely this could also promote some of the lesser teams if they luck into the best system

        1. I do not think KERS is as important as you make it out to be. A strong car with a good amount of aerodynamic efficiency, which is also a good fit with the Pirelli’s, would most likely be the strongest competitor. The difference between the different KERS systems would probably be a tenth or two per lap. I highly doubt a good KERS system to be a game changer.

      2. I hope ferrari flop this year, i really do, and as for mclearn i just hope their braveness pays off

    3. I hope Mercedes aren’t the flop – though I fear they could be…
      It would be sad to see them leave soon, they need lots of podiums and some wins so Stuttgart keep paying for the F1 team!

      Renault hould be gong strong next year – in a good competition with the evenly matched Robert and Nico from Merc GP, but that’ss been blown out the water – depending on the replacement, Merc should beat Renault comfortably.

      I sense Williams will Languish near the bottom this year. :(

      Constructor’s Predictions!
      Force India
      Scuderia Torro Rosso

      The more I thik about it, Renault could be in crisis if Roberts is out all year, FI have a srong line u – I’d day stronger than Senna + Petrov…

  5. They are guarding the rear…

  6. The nosecone which you can see at 27sec, seems to have a vent flowing in to the monocoque. Would be interesting to understand where that airflow is being directed to…

    1. There seems to be quite a lot going on underneath the nose, but above floor level. It looks more complicated than their front or rear wing.

      1. That is why they have the images in angles. The straight on image is taken in such a way the bottom floor work in hidden

  7. Isn’t that roll hoop illegal this year?

  8. Drag Reduction System

    Hmmmm. I’m presuming this is something more than the movable rear wing!

    1. Nope. That’s the technical lingo for the movable rear wing.

  9. Check out 2:40!!!!
    They somehow also got Alonso as a mechanic!! Albeit with a tacky wig…

  10. jasonhussey (@)
    18th March 2011, 16:29

    wow that was funny. Good didn’t inspire me at all.

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