4 comments on “HRT F111”

  1. I love the fact it says “This could be you”.
    This definitely could be us, if we have the amount of money required to buy a competitive seat hehehe….

  2. Oh God – that cracked me up!

    “This could be you!!”

    Is that a heads up to all us fans who know how they operate their drivers?

    Or is the new sponsor Euromillions and that tagline is a suggestion for what to spend your winnings on!

    Anyway this livery makes them look a lot less ‘cheap’ and much more professional – I couldn’t get over their livery last year, don’t slag this off – if Mclaren lauched this we would all be singing about harking back to the Senna and Prost days – slighlty ironic there is no Senna driving it this year though…

    New livery is 100x better than last year, and as a result makes HRT look like a classy racing team.

  3. Braking news for the HRT second driver!



  4. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    8th February 2011, 18:02

    Gotta be said, that’s a NICE livery!

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