Narian Karthikeyan, HRT, Barcelona, 2011

2011 F1 testing day 9: Barcelona

2011 F1 testingPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Narian Karthikeyan, HRT, Barcelona, 2011
Narian Karthikeyan, HRT, Barcelona, 2011

Vitantonio Liuzzi will drive for HRT for the first time in Barcelona today.

But the Saturday crowd at the Circuit de Catalunya is likely to be more interested in Fernando Alonso.

You can find a full list of who’s driving and more information on today’s test below.


The following drivers will be participating in today’s test:

Team Car Friday 18th
Red Bull RB7 Sebastian Vettel
McLaren MP4-26 Jenson Button
Ferrari F150th Italia Fernando Alonso
Mercedes W02 Nico Rosberg
Renault R31 Nick Heidfeld
Williams FW33 Rubens Barrichello
Force India VJM04 Paul di Resta
Sauber C30 Kamui Kobayashi
Toro Rosso STR6 Jaime Alguersuari
Lotus T128 Heikki Kovalainen/Ricardo Teixeira
HRT F110 Vitantonio Liuzzi
Virgin MVR-02 Timo Glock

Update: Ricardo Teixeira to drive for Lotus this afternoon.

Best times so far at this test

Team Driver Time Gap
1 Red Bull Sebastian Vettel 1’24.374
2 Ferrari Fernando Alonso 1’25.485 1.111
3 Toro Rosso Jaime Alguersuari 1’25.638 1.264
4 Sauber Kamui Kobayashi 1’25.641 1.267
5 McLaren Jenson Button 1’26.365 1.991
6 Force India Paul di Resta 1’26.575 2.201
7 Williams Rubens Barrichello 1’26.912 2.538
8 Mercedes Michael Schumacher 1’27.512 3.138
9 Lotus Heikki Kovalainen 1’30.065 5.691
10 Virgin Jerome d’Ambrosio 1’30.950 6.576
11 Renault Vitaly Petrov 1’35.174 10.800

2010 best times

These are the best times for each team from last year’s pre-season test at the Circuit de Catalunya:

Driver Car Best time
Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 1’20.472
Mark Webber Red Bull-Renault RB6 1’20.496
Felipe Massa Ferrari F10 1’20.539
Nico H???lkenberg Williams-Cosworth FW32 1’20.614
Adrian Sutil Force India-Mercedes VJM03 1’20.667
Nico Rosberg Mercedes W01 1’20.686
Kamui Kobayashi BMW Sauber-Ferrari C29 1’20.911
Sebastien Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR5 1’21.413
Vitaly Petrov Renault R30 1’22.523
Jarno Trulli Lotus-Cosworth T127 1’25.059
Timo Glock Virgin-Cosworth VR-01 1’25.942


Today’s test is at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain:

Direction: Clockwise
Length: 4.655km
Fastest lap (all-time): 1’18.483 (Fernando Alonso, Renault, 2008)

Following the test live

Williams are providing live times from the test on their website here:

If you find any other good sources for live times, please post them in the comments.

You can follow live updates from F1 Fanatic and others at the Circuit de Catalunya using the Live F1 Twitter app (no Twitter account needed):

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39 comments on “2011 F1 testing day 9: Barcelona”

  1. I will be glad if Nico Rosberg manages to get more mileage atleast this time. By the way, Vettel clocked the fastest lap though he managed only 30+ laps…. whats up with that?

    1. Rosberg managed that today, over 130 laps!

  2. car and driver the (despite its name an Spanish site) does a live coverage of the tests.

  3. Are Torro Rosso just pulling a Sauber and running no fuel in these tests, or are they the dark horse of 2011 that’ll be nipping at the heals of the big teams? I know it’s just testing and nothing should be gleaned from any of the numbers, but they’ve been nowhere near the slowest in any of the tests so far.

  4. Come on HRT! Be good this year!! COME ON!

    1. If they do, I bet it’s Liuzzi’s merit :P

      1. If they do, I bet it’s Liuzzi’s merit

        Is that so Fixy?
        *rips off Fixy’s helmet*
        HAHA! You can’t fool me JOE SAWARD!

        1. I see what you’re doing there lol

  5. Please fix the driver’s name on image caption. Correct: Narain Karthikeyan

  6. According to Autosport, Ricardo Teixeira will also be driving the Lotus this afternoon:

    1. I find that a little fishy. Teixeria is a knwn pay driver, and is considered to be of fairly low quality. Meanwhile, Tony Fernandes is asking for $60 million dollars from Proton to settle the Lotus-Lotus naming dispute.

      Could Team Lotus be in some kind of financial trouble?

      1. Oh, come on, that $60 million is enough to cover losing the FOM money thanks to begin 10th, and sponsors being around due to the Lotus name. Even Group Lotus admits it, while still claiming it is outrageous someone would want to cover all the costs. They are just claiming that Fernandes should only get what it cost him to get the Team Lotus name, and give the name to him, that is what the difference in money is about. Personally, that means they are treating him as an intermediary in getting the name, as they have failed to acquire it for 10 years. He should be rewarded at least a big commission on it, frankly, for solving that problem for them!
        But that bit doesn’t say much about the finances of the team.

        But Teixeria is indeed a pay driver, and it is possible that the whole Lotus vs. Lotus thing is affecting the teams ability to attract sponsors.

    2. He’ll be driving tomorrow.

  7. McLaren have not been out yet????

    1. 7 untimed laps

      1. Yeh, it’s not looking good!

        1. Still not out, anyone know what the problem is?

  8. Vettel 1:23.4

  9. Vettel now over a second quicker than yesterday

  10. What’s wrong with Mclaren?
    They are big enough team to be running out of spares all the time.
    I hope they are purposely doing less running and are hiding some innovation which they don’t want others to see during the tests and therefore less time to copy.

    1. Sorry to be stupid, where are you getting this info from?

      1. i mean the times, not the hope that Mclaren are hiding an innovation!


        Change the name= to the surname of the driver testing.

    2. Back out on track now, not sure why no running for half a day.

      1. An hydraulics issue.

        1. Thanks……..

  11. RBR doing short runs.

  12. and Alonso up to 43 laps completed. The Ferrari look kind on its tyres again this year.

    1. Only hearing good things about Ferrari and Red Bull at present.

      1. At least Williams, Merc and Mclaren are now in the 1:24’s… but how close is this compared with their ultimate pace?, not close I hope.

        1. Vettel just did a run on full tanks (race simulation) that had his times going from the 1.29’s into the 1.32’s. He then pitted after 15 laps. He then did similar times and pitted after a further 15 laps. He was on a 60 lap race simulation. Make of that info what you will.

          Also bear in mind that last seasons Spanish pole position time was under 1.20!

          1. Rosberg is doing similar times on his race simulation.

          2. and similar times to Buttons although his seem to be 12 – 15 lap stints.

  13. I know it’s only testing, blablabla, but if you weren’t interested in speculation you wouldn’t be here. :)

    Anybody else starting to get the hunch Red Bull’s lead at the start of this season might be even bigger than last year?

    They started using the pull-rod suspension in 2009. They were the only team without a double decker diffuser who could keep up the the Brawn. None of the other teams caught up with either the Red Bull or the three double decker diffuser teams until everybody started integrating it. I was always surprised so few other teams opted for a similar suspension, this year in particular.

    Just looking at the back of the RB7 seems to generate downforce.

    1. Well a bit of a relief that RBR are only *wide eyes* doing 1:30s on full tanks. Vettel now seems to be down to 1:28’s though, I take it that is after a stop for fresh rubber.

      1. Yes, Vettel has pitted again, and remember that he and Rosberg started out on full tanks (Vettel at about 2.30 local time with a few minutes break for a red flag). So we know what sort of fuel level they were on for each of their stops.

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