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Williams to reveal definitive FW33 livery today

F1 Fanatic round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Today we will get our first glimpse of the Williams FW33 in its definitive livery.

It’s being revealed at 11am GMT and you can watch it live online at

Here’s today’s round-up:


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

F1 to lose $100m from Bahrain Grand Prix cancellation (The Daily Telegraph)

“The revenue from advertising at F1 circuits is received by FOA, which also gets the race hosting fees. Bahrain’s royal family pays an estimated $34m annually but FOA’s chief executive, Bernie Ecclestone, has waived the fee since the race will not be taking place.”

A Guide to KERS (Renault)

“Although the basis of the 2011 system comes from 2009, it has been completely re-engineered to ensure a much more competitive device. So every aspect has been optimised, including its integration with the vehicle. That has meant removing weight and significant repackaging to ensure it can be easily installed and removed from the car. This year?s system represents a weight saving of more than 10kg compared to 2009.”

Nick Heidfeld Q&A – An opportunity too good to miss 23 Feb 2011

“How much it is true that the car was built around Robert I cannot say as I simply don?t know how easy such a task would be. I am sure he gave a huge amount of feedback last season as the clear number one in the team so I assume his feedback was incorporated into this car. If this is a ??Robert-spec? car that is difficult for others to handle I could not say. I take it as it is.”

F1 Fanatic on YouTube

Two videos showing the FIA’s recent Young Drivers Initiative training day featuring comments from Alexander Wurz:

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Comment of the day

Will the Bahrain Grand Prix be re-scheduled? sw6569 is doubtful:

The cynic inside suggests that Abu Dhabi are saying this because India won?t change its date as it isn?t built yet and Brazil has also shown a reluctance to change to a December 4th date (as it clashes with football – or have I made that up?)

I personally still think we?re not going to have a Bahrain race this season ?ǣ which is a shame as 20 races are better than 19 (to the viewer).

From the forum

McLarenFanJAmm asks what would you do if you were Bernie?

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Happy 40th birthday Pedro de la Rosa!

Image ?? Williams/LAT

71 comments on “Williams to reveal definitive FW33 livery today”

  1. I can’t wait to see the Williams. I think we all know its going to look hardly any different though to the last few years. :(

    1. Even if it’s slightly different than last year’s livery it will be an improvement.

      1. Every year I expect them to do something interesting and yet it’s always boring. Maybe this year for the first time since the late 90’s they will come up with something interesting. But then I expected the same from Sauber and they let us down…

        1. But then I expected the same from Sauber and they let us down…

          Don’t remind me. I’m still not over it.

        2. sauber had to please all the new sponsors with a plain old livery. I think when the deals were made, their logos were designed/agreed on their old livery.

      2. It will be blue and white, with some lines of red

        1. I think it will be pink, with gold stars, ribbons… annnnnnd Shark teeth…

          It’s gonna look like a prop from Sharky and George..

          1. I like your optimism.

          2. I’m sure of it.. I designed a version and emailed it to Williams! They didn’t email back because they want to keep it a total secret.

            You wait! I’ll bet PM’s block of flats on it..

            .. seriously.

          3. So did I just win PM’s block of flats?

        2. I was right!

      3. I like last year’s Williams. It was nicely understated. All the other cars are like ‘here look at me, I’m all bright and shiny!’ The Williams looked like a racing car, all business.

        1. I don’t understand why you don’t like the old livery. In my opinion it was easily the best livery on the grid (and probably the best of all since the Mild Seven Renaults).

          1. But when you have a good long hard think back, Williams’ liveries have mopre often that not been quite dull. The green and white Saudia liveries were dull. The Canon/Camel/Labatts liveries were colourful, but rather messy. Rothmans was quite bland.

            In fact my favourite williams livery has to be the FW22 from 2000 – the first year with BMW power, the almost black blue in stark contrast to the white. Excellent livery, that one. Since then it’s just been blue and white in varying degrees.

            If anything, the 1999 Winfield-sponsored horror was the most diverse and interesting, with the multi-coloured flashes as the back of various parts of bodywork.

            In short, I’m not getting my hopes up.

    2. I WAS RIGHT!!!

  2. Can wait to see the williams livery. Hope it will be loud, awesome & different.

  3. Looking forward to the Williams livery although it’s never as good as the interim livery they run. This years overalls suggest a Rothmans retro look but we’ll have to wait and see.

  4. Its supposed to be a “Retro” livery so it could be different to the past um 6 years and it might be yellow, red, light blue, dark blue and white i think it might look like the one from 1985

    1. According to Will Buxton, it will be blue with red and silver. It’s more likely Williams will be imitating the Rothmans livery rather than the Canon/Camel one.

      1. Its going to be very hard for it to look nice with that ridiculously high nose in there.

        1. Have a little faith – I’m sure they can come up with something.

          Most likely if will just be dark blue with siver across the nose and sidepods and a ribbon of red running through it. Hopefully they keep the large numbers from the interim test livery.

          1. You mean a bit like the Sauber only with the White and dark grey exchanged for dark Blue?

          2. Yes, we need more silver on the grid. Oh.

            I hope BasCB isn’t right about his Saubered Williams at least, although I probably should expect the worst :)

            If they keep the large numbers in, the livery will have to be different from last years though, which is good.

            The Rothmans Williams also had a pretty high nose actually, so that isn’t such a problem in my view.

      2. oh right i would think that they would have some yellow ahwell

        1. The Rothmans livery never had yellow.

          1. But it did have gold.

          2. Red would be going in place of the gold.

  5. I don’t know why but I’ve dreamed with a green and white livery, with tones of red and yellow. I think It would be a nice livery.

    1. I’ve dreamed of a cream body with heavy use of pink/brown/orange as the primary highlighting with maybe a hint of mustard yellow outlining. They could get a twinkie sponsorship and bring in the American audience! LOL.

      1. I want UPS to sponsor an F1 team. Brown and gold. There’d be nothing else like it.

        1. apart from the black and gold renault which could look quite similar.

          1. Not really because UPS doesn’t really have gold so much as yellow per say.

        2. They actually sponsor a couple of Porsche’s in the Supercup and they look awesome!! That metallic dark brown certainly looked rather sexy in the sun at Monza to me anyway!!

    2. so you liked the old bennetons then!

      It’ll be nice to see at lease a small change with the williams livery!

  6. I think it will be another boring livery. All the cars just about look the same on tv – even renault have a car that will blend in with everyone elses. How about someone does something radical that will get noticed – pink, orange, bright green – surely the sponsors would love it because it would be impossible to miss such a car! Enough of boring ‘traditional’ colour scemes – lets see some fun and excitement in the sport.

    1. Spyker tried that with an orange livery. It didn’t stand out as much as you’d think. Maybe a lighter orange, like the early 2000s McLaren testing colours would work.

      1. But it did help Spyker find their cars when their drivers inevitably beached them.

        1. I still have a trauma from Albers invariably moaning on Dutch television when he finished early/much worse than his “hopeful” view before the race – much worse than Verstappen, who also complained a lot, but at least could also show something for it in the right circumstances.

  7. I’m looking forward to see this… as all of you, really expecting something different… \o/

  8. I’m expecting white and dark red, like their current rear wing. It appears to be a pretty big sponsor for them so we’ll have to wait and see.

    1. I’ll be happy as long as the car doesn’t end up looking like it did in ’98 with the Winfield colours.

      1. Seconded, That was horrible.

  9. If it’s like the Rothmans livery of 1997, I’m all squee* for it.

    *A girlish expression of joy

    Bernie Ecclestone, has waived the fee since the race will not be taking place.

    Could you ever imagine Bernie doing this for Spa, or Silverstone?

    1. Actually, 1996.

    2. No I can’t, but I’d imagine that if there were issues like Bahrain in Britain; Bernie and most of the teams would have more to worry about than claiming on fees!

  10. I’m more excited about the Williams reveal than I have been about any of the cars! I see everything with rose tinted glasses.

    oh and my first comment of the day! :)

    1. Congratulations Sam! You’re now a member of the club, I don’t think there are any benefits though.

      Maybe we should make some ‘I got COTD on F1Fanatic and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt’ t-shirts?

      1. Why not a “I got COTD on F1Fanatic and I got this lousy T-shirt. What to say?”

  11. Qatar National Bank has the same colors as the driver overalls have (dark blue and burgundy) so there is a speculation the team could unveil new sponsor too.

    1. Now that sounds good!

  12. i would love to see Williams have an interesting livery this year. but i agree with Grace. It will be boring as usual.

  13. Car will be rothmans look o like,not many sponsors thou

  14. Interesting that teams sponsor agreements would have not-appeared-at-race clauses that kick in with this: they can’t turn up, so not their failure, as there is no race; moreover, they didn’t decide to not have the race; I would have thought a circumstance like this would have been an exception in such a clause.

  15. I’ll be tuning in for the launch.

  16. A late 80s Boutsen/Patrese livery would be sick! :) But I don’t expect it though.

  17. Hope there is more blue than white.

  18. The Canon/Camel/Labatts livery was a strange mix of colours but actually worked really well and is still memorable 20 years on.

    Rothmans was quite ‘corporate’, Winfield was pretty awful.

    How about something that includes the AT&T turquoisy-blue?

    1. I bet the Mansell championship winning year colours are only obsessed about because of a long and sustained succesful time for Williams and their British driver, but who cares – it’s a cool paintjob!

  19. well with AT&T being the main sponsor im guessing its going to be basically blue and white again.. yawn

    though it could be interesting if they go for the lighter blue used in the AT&T logo.. here’s hoping :)

    1. The FW27 (2005) was the last good lookin’ williams for me :\

  20. rothmans livery is back

  21. Lovng the informative talk about the car

  22. I was hoping to see more yellow : (

  23. “the williams has a tight rear end” haha

    1. it does have a ‘rothmans’ looks about it..

  24. Can a historic livery win you an F1 title?

    Lotus-Renault and Williams will be hoping so with their 1970s ‘JPS’ and 1990s ‘Rothmans’ title winning paint jobs!

  25. This is a livery launch and I haven’t even had a proper look at the livery yet. Instead i’m listen to a chef . Bad presentation .

  26. Over in less than 20 mims : o

  27. Nathan Bradley
    24th February 2011, 11:36

    Hi, very off topic but bear with me.

    Does anybody know of a book/magazine/website that has big, high res photos of all 32 WDC’s?

    I’m decorating my bedroom at the moment, and my idea is to create a big collage-type thing of all 32 champions as a ‘Wall of Champions’

    So if there’s a book/magazine, my idea is to cut the pictures out (awful, I know) and if there’s a website, I’ll just print them out.

    Any help much appreciated


    1. Try this website. The photos are small, but you should be able to enlarge them.
      Hope this helps!

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