Robert Kubica, Renault, Monte-Carlo, 2010

Live: 2011 Monaco Grand Prix second practice

F1 Fanatic LivePosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Follow the 2011 Monaco Grand Prix second practice session on F1 Fanatic Live.

F1 Fanatic Live combines updates from the teams and drivers in real-time via Twitter with comments from F1 Fanatic readers and more.

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2011 Monaco Grand Prix

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14 comments on “Live: 2011 Monaco Grand Prix second practice”

  1. BBC Redbutton is showing tennis, anyone else not getting the f1?

    1. yeah – i’m watching on freeview, and it’s tennis on channel 301.

  2. Yeah I’m on freebies too: unfortunately I found this on BBC website:

    1255-1435 Live coverage of the 2nd practice session from the Monaco Grand Prix with 5Live commentary. Not available live on freeview. Will be replayed in the afternoon.

    At least they’re putting it on later rather than not at all. :)

  3. Stupid predictive text :P
    Freebies = Freeview

    1. Cheers Fixy! You’re a star!

    2. Cheers Fixy, was looking for stream cus of tennis

      1. It’s streamed live on the bbc sport website.

  4. Hey guys what’s wif the poxy tennis lol I aint even got a remote for ma freeview box so cnt push the red button lol so is it getting shown after the tennis or sumfing some1 elp lol

  5. Rob Haswell
    26th May 2011, 15:10

    I love the pic for this post. Ahh.. I long for the yellow Renault days again. It was totally badass.

  6. It’s on red button now.

    Cheers for he link, but I couldn’t watch on my iPod – nothing works on the iPod – no live comments, no video links and no BBC website live feed… :(

    1. Well it is an MP3 player. My toilet can’t pick up FM radio reception.

  7. Go to this link to compain. They show two unknown tennis plaers over F1 again.

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