Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Valencia, 2011

Hamilton will “think twice” about risky moves

F1 Fanatic round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

In the round-up: Hamilton says he will “think twice” but remain aggressive behind the wheel.

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Hamilton prepared to think twice, maybe (Reuters)

“I want to finish. That’s the key. I’ll always remain as aggressive as I am. However, instead of thinking once about a manoeuvre, you’ll perhaps think twice.”

European GP – Conference 3 (FIA)

Mark Webber: “We?ve seen in the past that sometimes the results can be different and I think that could happen tomorrow, but it won?t be down to?? if Lewis wins by 50 seconds it?s not down to the exhausts regs or the fact that he can?t change the differential by a bee?s dick.”

Reports of Michael Schumacher’s F1 demise may be greatly exaggerated (The Guardian)

Ross Brawn: “I honestly don’t know whether Michael is faster or slower than he was at Ferrari but I think next year we will see this team at the strength and capacity we want, and then we will know more.”

Fry aims to make Ferrari more ‘creative’ (Autosport)

“We are looking at trying to change the way we work. There are a lot of very clever people at Ferrari. We are just trying to give them space to try and come up with ideas and be more creative, I don’t think there will be any [staff] changes.”

Huge Crash at Road America Chevrolet Camaro flies over catchfence 2011 Grand Am (YouTube)

2011 Nurburgring 24 Hours Race BMW flips over barriers (YouTube)

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Comment of the day

Icthyes on Charlie Whiting’s latest brainwave:

So if a different rule had been in place we would have been robbed of a great race and gone home with half-points and a barely-challenged victor, after spending almost half the half-race behind the Safety Car.

So he?s basically saying the solution to people leaving and TVs switching to scheduled programming… is to finish the race? What?

From the forum

It’s race day, so it’s time to play Brundle Bingo!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Alex Bkk, Greg, Kathryn S and Lemon!

On this day in F1

There were few surprises at the front of the grid as Sebastian Vettel took pole position for the European Grand Prix one year ago today.

But the two Williams drivers managed to set identical times to within one-thousandth of a second of each other, while neither Mercedes made it into Q3.

44 comments on “Hamilton will “think twice” about risky moves”

  1. Happy Birthday all! And thanks Keith :)

    1. Oh and horrible crashes, hope they were ok.

      1. Yea, both were pretty violent.

        That Chevy just didn’t wanna slow down on the gravel.

      2. I understand the guy in the chevvy walked away from it on his own legs despite the barrel roll. The guy in the other car was taken to hospital.

        And to add to the crashing weekend, Magnifficient Geoffrey tweeted me this crash on the Nurburgring 24h that happened about an hour ago http://t.co/EFgaIEn Not sure how the driver is, I haven’t heard any news yet.

        1. They’re all doing the 2010 Valencia Webber on the Nurbugring this weekend!

          Anybody any news from the two crashes with question marks regarding the drivers?

          Here’s to hoping these 24 Hours aren’t setting the tone for this racing weekend. I don’t want anyone to go sunny side up at the European GP.

    2. That’s a very good COTD. I completely agree. And happy birthday Alex Bkk, Greg, Kathryn S and Lemon! :)

      1. I agree, very nice COTD Icthyes.

        And a happy birthday to Alex Bkk, Greg, Kathryn S and Lemon. I hope we will have a great race in valencia in the afternoon in celebration of your birthdays.

    3. Happy birthday all and congrats Icthyes. I’ll admit I groaned because every time I feel like I’m about to catch up to your amount of COTDs you bag a couple more! Is that 11 now? You are the ultimate fanatic.

      1. You’re too competitive!

    4. Many whishes everyone!

  2. If you think Hamilton’s bad for crashes try watching a MotoGP race with Marco Simoncelli in it – he’s up to 4 collisions in his last 7 starts – which is frustrating because he clearly has the speed (2 poles this year)

    He crashed in yesterdays race, yet again, and managed to wipe out title contender and current world champion Jorge Lorenzo at the same time!

    1. fullthrottle
      26th June 2011, 10:31

      Something is weird, i was logged as daniel a moment ago, and i don’t know this dainel (i logged out so don’t worry).

      1. Same here

  3. If we could get him to think once that would be a vast improvement.

  4. Bahahaha, I have Hamilton down for the predictions as finishing third, but I have a bad feeling this isn’t gonna end well for him. “Think twice”, that doesn’t mean your gonna drive any differently. Thinking is no good if you still do the same….

    1. And looking at all these big crashes this year, we’re very lucky that F1 didn’t have anything that big yet this year. Yes, Perez had his big shunt in Monaco, but I mean spectacular, like McNish at Le Mans, or this Grand Am crash. Those were insane.

  5. Well the media has ruined Lewis now. In my view

  6. Hope they sort out Road America without ruining it. it is a fantastic track.

    Pimp up the facilities and it would make a great F1 track.

    1. There have been huge shunts at that corner before and it hasn’t changed – Michael Andretti rolled there in the CART race a few years ago.

  7. Great analogy from Webber, love it! Fair point he makes though.

  8. Guided tour of Mclaren pit garages:

    1. Amazing!!! Thanks, Calum!

    2. When he speaks about the chief engineer, he pauses to try remember the guys name.. but cant. LOL!

      1. Haha that is hilarious.

        I suppose he’s practicing “thinking twice” but on this occasion still couldn’t come up with a result.

      2. Uh, no? The chief engineer is his personal race engineer also…I hardly think he forgot…just didn’t say it.

    3. Adrian Morse
      26th June 2011, 7:00

      Thanks for the link! Any ideas (or conspiracy theories) about who the smudged-out person at 4:29 is?

  9. I must be confused, what on earth did MW mean by a “bee’s dick?” I am beginning to think Terry Saunders and Kevin Shepherd might be right about him…

    1. A bee’s dick would be very small. So he is saying that the fact they cannot change the differential settings by a very small amount isn’t going to change the outcome of the race.

    2. it means a very tiny amount

  10. think twice

    First thought: “Should I try this risky pass?”

    Second thought: “Where did my front wing go?”

    1. Hahaha, that was amazing!

    2. That’s kind of what I was thinking. In those situations there’s no time to thnk twice. Sometimes there’s not enough time to think once, you just have to go with intuition.

      1. Exactly, US_Peter.

  11. Found an interesting article over at SPEED TV with Paul Hembrey doing a little bit of free-thinking about Pirelli’s plans for their future as tyre supplier. He mostly talks about adjusting tyre allocations so that drivers have enough fresh rubber to be competitive (particularly at events that are wet from Friday to Sunday), but the really interesting stuff comes at the end of the article: increasing mechanical grip by offering tyres that allow for faster lap times, bringing three compounds to races instead of two (but possibly keeping the current two-compound rule in place to keep the strategic element), and perhaps the most exciting of all, the “supersticky” – a return to qualifying tyres with just one lap of life in them. If these ideas are realised, they probably won’t be put into play until 2013 at the earliest.

    Of course, these are all just ideas for now. It appears Pirelli have been brainstorming for a while, and they’ll present their findings to the teams after Silverstone. If just one of the ideas Hembrey puts forward is approved, it will liven up the sport some more (not that is really needs it right now); if all of them get approved, it’s going to be incredible.

    1. Very interesting stuff, Thais for posting the link. The faster tires for 2013 is great news. With aero being reduced it makes sense in terms of keeping speeds and lap times similar. If the FIA allow it it would also increase the mechanical grip to aero grip ratio, which would in turn help with overtaking. Maybe they could rethink DRS at that point as it wouldn’t be as necessary. As you said, if even one of Hembrey’s ideas is realized it would be very interesting.

      1. <blockquote.Maybe they could rethink DRS at that point as it wouldn’t be as necessary.
        The problem is that the teams will not give up their aerodynamic advantage. With the new rules, there will be new loopholes to exploit. Those loopholes will allow more aerodynamic grip, making it harder for cars to get closer to one another. For all they preach about “improving the show”, the teams will abandon that philosophy the moment they find something that will buy them a few extra tenths.

        A lot of people complain about how Formula 1 is becoming a “spec series”. But the truth of it is that a spec series is going to offer closer racing than the current rules allow because there will be no loopholes that the teams can slip through. So long as designers earn more money getting through loopholes for the teams than closing them on behalf of the FIA, they will always choose the former.

        Perhaps the best way to do it is the most radical: ban aerodynamics altogether. Get rid of the front and rear wings outright, and maybe limit the teams to a spec ground effects design with tight restrictions on what they can modify and how often they can modify it.

        1. But the truth of it is that a spec series is going to offer closer racing than the current rules allow because there will be no loopholes that the teams can slip through

          Sadly true.

    2. Thanks for posting that. Makes me feel even better about Pirelli.

      After years of having Bridgestone just providing tyres, here is a company actively working to make the racing good. And doing so in close cooperation with the teams and the FIA. A lot better to give stickier tyres than giving them DRS and other stop gap helps.

  12. “Another Day in Paradise” – the Lewis Hamilton remix

    He calls out to the man in light blue:
    “Sir, can you help me?
    I tried to pass, but I got a drive-through
    Is there something that you can do?”

    He walks on, doesn’t look back;
    He pretends he can’t hear him
    As Lewis pulls into the pit aisle
    With darkened whispers this is a racial profile

    Oh, think twice – it’s another day for
    You and me in paradise.
    Oh, think twice – it’s just another day for you,
    You and me in paradise.

    He calls out to the man in light blue
    There’s been another crash;
    You can tell from the shouting
    Twenty seconds post-race and counting.

    Oh, think twice …

    Oh, Lord, there’s internal rhyme, though in not every instance
    Oh, Lord, the meter is occasionally a little bit bizarre

    You can tell from his fastest lap time
    You can see he hit Felipe Massa
    His fans will say he’s guilty of no crime
    Just don’t mention Paul di Resta.

    Oh, think twice …


    Phil Collins would be proud.

    1. “Sir, can you help me?
      I tried to pass, but I got a drive-through
      Is there something that you can do?”

      Just don’t mention Paul di Resta.

      Sigh, yes, don’t mention poor Paul… Sigh twice.

    2. Jarred Walmsley
      26th June 2011, 11:41

      Awesome song PM,

    3. I’m going to have to listen to the song to understand the whimsy! :P

  13. Another very interesting read on the Austin GP and the economic effects it will have/might have in the Statesmean here: http://www.statesman.com/news/statesman_focus/taking-a-closer-look-at-economic-benefits-claimed-1562447.html

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