Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2011

Lewis Hamilton: The F1 Fanatic quiz

F1 Fanatic QuizPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2011
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2011

The next subject of our F1 Fanatic quizzes is 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

He’s one of the biggest names in Formula 1 today – but how well do you know his career?

Tackle these 20 questions and find out:

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How did you get on? Share your score in the comments (but remember not to leave clues about the questions!)

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41 comments on “Lewis Hamilton: The F1 Fanatic quiz”

  1. No questions about reprimands? :)

    1. No, I’d probably have to update it after the next race…

      1. will you ever release the answers to these quizzes? i got 16 but i swear i answered everyone right! :D

        1. The problem with doing that is I have to take new users into account.

          Someone who hadn’t done the quiz before might see the list of answers first, which obviously would be undesirable.

          Similarly, if I just closed the quiz, new users wouldn’t be able to take as many quizzes as everyone else.

          A system of showing people which questions they got wrong may feature in a future version, though.

          1. k thanks for the reply!

      2. No, I’d probably have to update it after the next race…


  2. 19/20. Question four confused the hell out of me.

    1. Actually I got Q4 right, it was the question which wasn’t really about Hamilton I got wrong.

  3. I ran out of time on my first attempt and now it’s taking 0 as my score.. this hasn’t happened before with any other quiz.

    1. That’s always been the rule – you can’t improve on your original score. Which is the way it has to be, or everyone would have 20 out of 20. I think we had a bug early on which allowed some users to repeat a quiz once after they had taken it, but that was sorted a while ago.

      1. I think in previous ones I ran out of time, and I just got to try it again more quickly. I didn’t realise that wasn’t a rule.

      2. In the future would it be possible to make the timer a feature you can see anywhere on the screen? Otherwise you get to the last few questions not knowing how tight you are for time. Great quiz, Keith.

        1. I’ll keep that in mind for future revisions.

          1. Cool, cheers. The quizzes really are a great addition.

      3. I know you can’t improve on your original score, but on previous quizzes when I’ve ran out of time the 0 never counted and I got to try again until I actually completed the quiz within the time limit. The Senna quiz took me about 3 attempts before I was within the time limit but it still counted my score as 10 when I eventually completed it within the allowed time.

        1. That’s been the case with me as well. On the Jenson Button quiz I ran out of time three times consecutively, and now it shows that I have completed two more quizzes!

      4. I think maybe it just needs to be reworded, so instead of it saying “If the timer reaches 0 your score will not count”, it should say “If the timer reaches 0 your score will be counted as 0”.

  4. 7/20. Dreadful. Better than my Schumacher and Alonso attempts though.

    My problem is that I have very little recollection of anything pre-2009. I’m still quite new to all this!

  5. 18/20 – not bad at all. Wish I knew what I got wrong, though. :|

    Targeting to get in the Top 5 after this quiz – and make up some ground to catch those in the lead.

  6. Whoo! My first ever full score. The bit about the other McLaren rookie nearly threw me off though. How do you choose the order for these Keith? Which driver is next?

  7. I’ve been missing quzzes recently, I’m glad this new one came out, absolutley made my day in the halftime for waiting for the next GP. 19/20, no idea what was my mistake, but can can think about question #16, I wasn’t sure if I had to answer with the number they scored “individually”, or “together”. But maybe it wasn’t my problem :)
    Superb quiz, I really liked it.
    Will there be in the future subjects other than “drivers”, maybe “teams”, or “seasons” or “countries”?

    1. I’ve been missing quzzes recently

      This is the first one for a couple of weeks, the last was the one on Button. Got some more in the pipeline…

  8. 19 out of 20! Best score so far! Probably because it was all so recent! Very happy with that, I wish I could know which one I got wrong though, about three were educated guesses so i’d like to know which one I missed!

    No matter, I love this quiz feature and i’m in the top 20 of the leaderboard, very happy!

  9. I got 19/20 but i swear i know every question. For race positions do people put 1st or “1”?

    I just put a number so thought maybe thats why

    1. For ‘1st’ put ‘1’ – it does say next to each question where the answer is a number.

  10. 2 out of 20. I’m pitiful.

  11. I get 0 because I was surprised by the time left.
    On my 2nd attempt, I made 19.
    I’m very disappointed because I take care of time but it seems a time bug.
    I need a certain time to translate the questions.
    Can you restore my score, Keith ? please

    1. No I can’t, sorry. The time limit is there for a reason.

      It does say right next to the button to start the quiz “Make sure you submit your answers before the timer runs out or your score will not count.”

      1. otherwise people would look up answers on the internet! ;)

  12. 18/20 which I was very pleased about, I thought I was very clever with one of the answers but turns out not clever enough!

  13. I received 13, but after checking back my answers, I counted 14 correct answers. Strange…

    (I knew the answer to another question, but haven’t understood quite well then (the question about NASCAR)).

  14. After timing out in the first three quizzes, I rushed through this one, although by the time the ads had loaded, I had only 4:48 left!

  15. I can’t seem to do any better than 14 on these quizzes…must try harder!

    1. I had 14, which I regard as “good”. I’ve followed most of Hamilton’s career, although I can’t remember all the races he took pole for/won. Nor did I remember who was the last rookie to start for McLaren, which I got wrong. Nor did I remember the track where he tested for NASCAR. But other than that, I’m satisfied.

  16. Like others, I am also wondering which questions I got wrong. However, I suspect that one of my incorrect answers was to question 8 – a moderately difficult question to which I knew the answer – in which I may have autocompleted to a very similarly-named driver (saying more would give too much of a hint, and perhaps even this is too much).

  17. A41202813@GMAIL.COM (@)
    4th September 2011, 20:26

    Please, Do Not Allow The ENTER Key To Terminate The Quiz.

    Only Allow To Terminate The Quiz, Clicking The Appropriate FINISH Button.

    I Pressed ENTER Unwillingly And The Quiz Went ‘Puff’.

    Go, HAMILTON !

    1. I haven’t been able to re-create this problem – can you supply details please, see here:

      Reporting a technical problem

  18. 20/20, definitely the easiest quiz yet in my opinion.

  19. 10/20…I really am struggling when I haven’t just read the driver’s biography before doing the quiz!!

  20. 17, very pleased indeed!

  21. First time I did this quiz in 2011, I had 7/20.
    I just did the quiz again and got 11/20 o_O

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