Ferrari and Force India to reveal 2012 F1 cars today

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Ferrari F150 launch, Maranello, 2011
Ferrari F150 launch, Maranello, 2011

Ferrari and Force India will reveal their new F1 cars today.

Ferrari’s launch has been disrupted by heavy snow at Maranello. However they will be showing off their car online at 9am UK time at

Meanwhile at Silverstone Force India will pull back the covers on their new car at roughly the same time. Dan Cross will be at the track to cover the test for F1 Fanatic.

Pictures and news from the launches will appear here as soon as they are available.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Shakedown for Williams (Sky)

“The team headed to the Idiada proving ground outside Barcelona, with reserve driver Valtteri Bottas behind the wheel.”

Hamilton eager to sort out future (Autosport)

“Probably after the first couple of races it’s something we will probably want to get out of the way.”

Australian Open costs a lot too: GP boss (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Australian Grand Prix boss Ron Walker: “The Grand Prix looks expensive but so is the tennis. We’ve never had the debate about the tennis before. They have committed another $368 million to keep it until 2036.”

Pedro de la Rosa via Twitter

“Impressed by what I have seen today at HRT. Great effort in less than three months. Good job guys.”

Roberto Mieres 1924?ǣ2012 (Joe Saward)

“Finally he went to Europe on his own and, thanks to his friendship with Harry Schell, did a deal to become the reserve driver of Gordini, where Schell was teamed with Maurice Trintignant, Jean Behra and Robert Manzon. While waiting for his chance he went to Italy and talked his way into a test with Lancia and went faster than the regular drivers.”

Retromobile Paris 2012 (Nick Mason via Facebook)

“My 1978 Ferrari 312 T3 (driven by Gilles Villeneuve) on the stand at Retromobile with Hall and Hall.”

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Comment of the day

Yesterday’s article on the riding cost of attending F1 races elicited several responses from readers who are feeling the pinch:

I have been to the British Grand Prix since 2002, and made it every year bar one when my mother passed away. However, this year I won?t be going ?ǣ the increases in price have made it uneconomical for me to go. I found paying ??179 as I did last year for camping and three-day walkabout tickets was very expensive, but manageable, but ??215 for the camping and three-day walkabout is too much to budget for.

It’s a shame, and I’ll miss the fantastic buzz, but at those prices, which have gone up year-on-year since I started attending (the first year I went, I got Copse B undercover tickets for ??225 per person, and the second year three-day General Admission was ??79 per person) and it has got to the point where I just can’t countenance the cost.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to BrawnGP!

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On this day in F1

It’s too cold for Ferrari this year but it was too hot on this day last year: the team suffered a setback in testing when Felipe Massa’s car caught fire:

Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

24 comments on “Ferrari and Force India to reveal 2012 F1 cars today”

  1. RIP Roberto Mieres.

    Let’s hope that we will soon see new Argentinian F1 drivers again and that Argentina will be able to host a Grand Prix, too.

    It’s always very sad to see the old heroes pass away. I recently did a small research and found out that only three men of all those who participated in the first (1950) World Championship are still living. The Frenchman Robert Manzon (94) is the only one who scored points in 1950. The Argentinian José Froilán González (89) went on to score the first ever F1 Grand Prix win for Ferrari in 1951. The German Paul Pietsch (100) is the oldest one. Here’s to you guys!

  2. Looks like we could have more than just car launches to talk about today. According to the BBC’s Andrew Benson, Narain Karthikeyan is about to be announced as the second HRT driver:

    It’s already been reported in the Deccan Chronicle:

    1. I think something just changed in the matrix – it’s déjà vu all over again.

    2. Gotta feel for Liuzzi.

      But unlike the other teams I really sympathize that they need the money to survive. Harsh, but you can see that it’s really what they had to do.

      That they waited so long however suggests to me that they were pushing for more money. I wonder how much he is paying.

      (Assuming that it’s true)

      1. Sorry for his fans but i wouldn’t pick Luizzi over any pay driver even Karthikeyan. The guy never showed talent in F1. Riccardo that was a complete rookie and jumped in the middle of the season got the better of him after 2-3 races.
        Kartrikeyan wasn’t as much worse as people make it out ether. The guy hadn’t driven in F1 for a while and his difference to Luizzi was according to that sensible. I believe he can pretty much drive about as good now so i don’t see why anyone will want to keep Luizzi that is hardly better than one of the not very talented pay drivers.
        If they get good money from the Indian then it’s a good choice. Besides their car won’t be anywhere near the others this time(yeah even Marussia) so is not like his gonna cost them. Slow or fast drivers they will be at the back.

    3. As it turned out we didn’t have to wait that long!

      Narain Karthikeyan takes final F1 seat at HRT

  3. Sky definitely seem to be doing the F1 coverage properly, GP2 and GP3 coverage aswell?
    You can’t say that they’re not gathering together the best possible ideas for F1. The only downside is the cost.. Hopefully that’s something they can address in future years..

    1. The cost is more likely to go up rather than down.

      Don’t forget that Sky is trying to convince us that it is preferable to the BBC.

      1. @mike @keeleyobsessed Yeah, the price will only go up if anything. Our Sky Sports package went up by a couple of £ at the end of 2010.

        However, this does make it considerably better from a value for money point of view.

        Great news.

  4. I hope Pedro means it. It would be nice to finally see HRT make a little step forward.

    1. The best step forward they can do right now is actually have a car ready before the first race of the year.

  5. As an Aussie F1 fan the Australian open article really interests me.

    The only thing I ever here I the media is “F1 is too expensive” and “Webber is so awesome and the bestest”.

    Actually, that’s closely to reality than you might think.

    1. *I ever get here in the*

      Also, I’m happy cause this gives me ammo.

      Now to explain to my girl friends dad that AFL is small time :D

      1. @Mike

        How big is the base of ‘hate against F1’ in general in Australia? I awlays thought there was being quite a large basis of automobile interest. Is it just some political groups blaring nonsense over the media? Or are there actually normal people with common sense that have made F1 their main target?

        1. Most people seem indifferent, V8’s are popular more for the “bokeyness” of it. In that is culteral for blokes to like it.

          Politicains however see the big money and the disruption F1 cause in parts of the city as a massive target. Although this is much more prevelant in Victoria.

          Personally, I’ve never met a fan in real life. :c


    ok, i said it, moving on…

  7. McLaren are the only team to have made a pretty nose. All the others are UGLY. Hope McLaren has the fast one :-)

  8. UNeedAFinn2Win
    3rd February 2012, 11:52

    Looking at the new cars revealed so far, the Williams walrus would fit right in the zoo… actually, would it fit within the regulations, the tip of the nose has to be 55cm from the plane, with the walrus design, that would never be an issue… oh if only access to CFD wasn’t so limited to top tier motorsports !

    Do we have good 3D-modelers/ or even photoshoppers on F1F ?

  9. Is F1 seen as a bigger disruption to the city than tennis perhaps?

  10. I think the last quotes from Sutil´s father are really worth a discution….

    As for Hamilton’s role in the affair, having sat alongside Sutil in the Shanghai nightclub at the time of the alleged assault, Jorge Sutil is blunt.

    It’s really pathetic,” he said.

    “Lewis Hamilton moved to Monaco and didn’t tell Adrian his new phone number. But he often called him if he had personal problems.

    “His father sent my son a message that he hopes everything goes well with the hearing. And Lewis Hamilton, the cause of the discussion, didn’t do anything.

    “I think my son chose the wrong friend,” Sutil’s father added.

    “In a situation where Adrian needed support, he could tell his team that he had another engagement. Or he could have called to say that he doesn’t want to come (to Munich). That would have been acceptable.

    “But he has not even done it in person. For a great champion, that’s a pretty weak performance. I would be ashamed,” added Jorge Sutil.

    So Hamilton was a reason for the fight… Oh this is getting interesting…

    1. At least it makes more sense for Sutil’s father to say these things than it does for Sutil himself saying that.

      Is that from Bild?

  11. Yes, I’m very upset today. Karthikeyan has been confirmed for the second-consecutive season at HRT, the F2012 is the worst-ever looking car and the VJM05 also has the step-nose.

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