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    1. It’s a shock at first, but the more I see it the more I get used to it. Like the wing sizes or any other change.

      The one thing I am happy about is that there are no tiny winglets all over the car, I hated that.

  2. I’ve thought caterham will be the ugliest car on the grid. How on earth did that nose pass through wind tunnel?

  3. obviously based on this:

  4. It is by far the ugliest nose…. but could that god awful raise in the nose direct air into the scoop behind the roll bar? Not the air intake but that little scoop… maybe that air will be sent to the diffuser… still ugly…. 8)

  5. Well that looks… urm interesting.

    No thats awful.

    Then again the old 312Ts where angular and won 3 championships (Lauda ’75, ’77 and Scheckter in ’79)

  6. Agreed ugly as and nothing to radical… Interesting the exhaust are pointing downwards. I thought they had to exit out vertically?

  7. I was just sick in my mouth…

  8. Tom (@tomforpresident)
    3rd February 2012, 10:29

    by not having the raised shoulders cars sport of late, that nose seems even more predominant, eek. interesting exhaust work though, makes the top view look interesting.

  9. I thought the exhaust had to be facing up / or protruding / or at least not pointed towards the spoiler..?! this looks like it is…..?

    1. as in its facing downwards…. onto the bottom of the car, which you would think would increase the pressure on the back of the car there…??

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  11. it’s such a shame becuase last years car was really pretty, so what the nose was really high, that just made the car look even better. i preffer the new mclaren mp4-27 f1 car as that looks very nice. i dont know what the designers of the ferrari where thinking, maybe they were smoking somthing, but this car is seriously ugly, however, at the end of the day formula 1 isn’t a bueaty contest is about cars racing around tracks at extremely high speed and i hope the ferrari is faster than all the other f1 cars that take to the grid in 2012. good luck ferrari.

  12. I’m a bit dissapointed with the nose on the Ferrari even the nose is on the Force India too,The MP4-27 looks to me as a level up for McLaren,But yeah still a nice car

  13. I thought that the step nose of the Caterham was ugly when I saw the launch pictures. Delighted to see that Mclaren had a smooth looking car. Now today two more ugly cars, Forcxe India and Ferrari, both with the step nose. Is it McLaren who have missed a step, again?

    Even without the nose the Ferrari looks very odd!

    Time will tell – actually about 6 weeks.

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