Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Jerez, 2012

Live: 2012 F1 testing day two ?ǣ Jerez

F1 Fanatic LivePosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Jerez, 2012
Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Jerez, 2012

Join us to follow the second day of testing from Jerez on F1 Fanatic Live.

The test is due to start at 9am local time, 8am UK time. You can follow test on F1 Fanatic Live via the link below.

Please be aware there is no live video feed from the test and there is no official live timing service.

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21 comments on “Live: 2012 F1 testing day two ?ǣ Jerez”

  1. At least they have made use of that disgusting nose by placing a number on there.

    Have Mercedes said when they are using their 2012 car?

    1. Have Mercedes said when they are using their 2012 car?

      21 February, I believe.

      1. Hopefully Mercedes will follow Mclaren in not featuring that ugly nose ! Having said that, here is an interesting point by Paul Hembery http://www.totalf1.com/full_story/view/406511/Hembery_fears_ugly_F1_cars_a_turnoff/
        Hahaha I guess Hugo Boss and the ugly nose are incompatible in the same car, hence Mclaren was forced to abandon the nose ! :)

    2. the new 2012 merc is due at the barcelona test i believe

    3. First of all, I think McLaren should win this years championship just for the fact that the have actually build a beautiful car. Secondly, I think that the inventor of the dolfin-drop nose should be shot. Third, I hope FIA will rule out these ugly noses for next year. I mean, first we had the snow plov front wings, and now this!!! F1 Should be the pinacle of motorsports, not only in tecnology but also in great design. On the racing side let’s hope for a great season :-)

      1. The designers primary objective should be to make the car as fast and reliable as possible.Normally form follows function and since these cars are very aero dependent the cars look handsome as a result.

        But the FIA gave the designers such a small window to work in,regarding nose height that this was inevitable if they were going to make most use of the air underneath the nose.

        The FIA probably thought/hoped most would go the Mclaren way,would not look great if Mclaren changes their design mid season.

        Adrian Newy and Rory Byrne can not both be wrong…

  2. Trying to sort a glitch with the live page. In the meantime best to continue to the discussion here. I’ll let you know when the page is back.

    1. Ok cheers Keith, good luck! Just joined before the page went down

  3. Schumacher goes faster than Webber in a 2011 Mercedes?! I know that testing shouldn’t be read into but I didn’t see that happening..

  4. One question though, would the Mercedes and HRT be running EBD’s in testing or would they have modified the cars to work without them and do bans apply to testing as well?

    1. Good question…one would think they must be running some new things on their cars or what would be the point of going out there with strictly a 2011 car. My question…can we expect the new cars to be slower than last year’s cars due to the EBD ban?

      1. Logical answer would be: yes, at least at the begining. The loss of downforce from EBD translates into slower cornering speeds, but as we know, F1 teams perfected the ways of regaining downforce. I expect the cars to be as fast as the the 2011-spec soon.

        The other question is whether MGP is running with EBD. From the testing point of view it would be pointless, we’ve all seen some pointless PR-runs during winter testings in the past.

      2. I mean it would make no sense to run EBD’s considering that not only are they banned but any data would aid solely for tire comparison. While this is what Mercedes have outlined, it seems quite expensive to do just to get tire data.

        1. Just as a point of interest, Adrian Newey has said that last years car was designed around the EBD…if Merc did something similar last year, not sure they did though, then one would think they couldn’t just put in this year’s version of their exhaust solution with last years bodywork and expect that to give them something useful to go by.

          As to Merc just doing tire comparisons, that would make more sense to me in that by using last year’s car they can truly get a sense of how the new tires are vs. last year’s tires, and the data wouldn’t be convoluted by being on a different car altogether that likely will treat the tires differently. So it might not be a bad thing for them to confirm any changes in tire behaviour by using the benchmark car…not that the tires are to be that much different from what I understand, and from what MW has said, that being that the tires are ‘old news.’

          Still, it would be great to know if they are using EBD, or are even allowed to run the EBD…if not then is their tire data actually useful as the car would be behaving differently presumably…

  5. typical mclaren. always doing fewer laps than the rest. surely they’d want to really rack up the miles? they should be on double the laps they are now…

  6. And we’re back now. Apologies for the interruption.

  7. Any Idea what tires there are running as the times are faster than yesterday….

  8. No Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc. @ work… :(

  9. Why doesn’t live page work with Opera properly?
    I can’t see the comments. I can see just tweets.

  10. Going out to film the cars on saturday for promo, which corners would be my best angle for some cars running wide onto kerbs?
    I looked at the curva ayrton senna, that looks like the most likely from 2011 videos to get it onto the chevrons.


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