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Become an F1 Fanatic Supporter: Annual subscriptions now available

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F1 Fanatic ad-freeLast week the new F1 Fanatic Supporter subscriptions were launched and take-up has been very good so far.

Several readers expressed an interest in being able to pay yearly instead of monthly, so that option is now available as well.

See these links for more information or sign up below:

Become an F1 Fanatic Supporter

By becoming an F1 Fanatic Supporter you can contribute ??1 per month or ??12 per year towards the cost of running the site, and in return your F1 Fanatic account will become ad-free.

This will allow you to browse the site with no external ads, giving you more screen space and quicker-loading pages.

If you would like to contribute towards running and improving F1 Fanatic, and get to browse ad-free in return, simply fill in your F1 Fanatic user name below and click Subscribe.

You will be taken to an external page hosted by PayPal to complete the transaction (you do not require a PayPal account).

Monthly payment

??1 per month

F1 Fanatic user name

Annual payment

??12 per year

F1 Fanatic user name

You can also make a donation to F1 Fanatic or contribute in other ways.

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  • 28 comments on “Become an F1 Fanatic Supporter: Annual subscriptions now available”

    1. I like “pearly yearly”! :)

      1. @dirgegirl Changed it, thanks!

    2. Hi, is the user name our display name or the login name?

    3. Keith, I have done in the past some contributions, and I am pleasantly surprised not to have any publicity. So because I do not wish to be a free rider, could you confirm that it is because you linked my former contributions to my account or is it some anti add software I could be running which works wonders, and I am spoiling your business ? (In all cases, I’ll suscribe as soon as I am back from my work trip, great idea and convenient execution you have here)

    4. Should be log in I’d imagine…

    5. I never thought I would pay money for internet information that is freely available. But the quality of this site is so good I have no problem paying for this kind of information of my favorite sport.

      Keep up the good work!

      1. As for me, in the form of yearly subscription, I sent money to Keith to give us the chance to read freely his F1 articles.

    6. HI Keith. Just paid the yearly sub by Paypal and it said it was successful but the transaction hasn’t appeared in the Paypal account. Can you check that you’ve received the dosh please?

      1. stet that. Looks like it’s just taken a while to go through.

    7. More than happy to subscribe to this excellent site (especially the BIG photos!)
      Keep up the great work Keith.

    8. Love this idea… thanks Keith… I’ve been a long time reader and your technical insight is next to none… 8) So glad the yearly came about as it’s much easier… although here in Canada it cost me $20… lol… our darn dollar… cheers all and thanks again Keith!!

    9. Thanks very much to everyone who’s signed up so far. All payments received so far have now been processed.

    10. Good way to respond to your reads @keithcollantine Once I have my first month out of the way I shall sign up for 12 :)

    11. The next step is a sad development for this website becoming more and more commercial – needless to say that this was for me the last step and will under no circumstances pay

      1. You’re entitle to your own opinion. But I don’t see this site as commercial. Of course the bills have to be paid and the ads should cover this. But there are so many free F1 sites with ads. But none of them offers this kind of quality information.

        Even Autosport shares it’s quality articles only with paying subscribers.

        Besides, ads? What ads? Don’t you remember 10 years ago when there were so many ads and pop-up screen you couldn’t find the article…

    12. I have just subscribed F1 Fanatic and I am now browsing add free. It is a very good deal.

      1. I haven’t subscribed to F1 Fanatic and i am also browsing ad-free. Now thats a pretty good deal :)

        1. As I’ve explained to you already, the site costs money to run. If you don’t support the site by contributing to it and deprive me of income by blocking ads, then how am I going to obtain money to keep running the site with? Your actions could lead to me having to shut the site down, so it’s not a good deal for either of us.

          1. How do u make money from the ads? Is that by showing them or by users clicking on them? If its the latter u (and anyone else) never get enything from me because i never ever click ads

            1. The vast majority of ads are paid based on when they are shown. So if you are using something which stops the ads from being displayed, you are preventing me from earning the revenue I need to run the site.

    13. Should the e-mail given at registration be the same as the Paypal e-mail?

    14. Next up, an F1fanatic phone app, then world domination! Best of luck Keith :-)

    15. Keith – Does it auto-renew yearly? Or do we go in and renew each year? I’d probably renew next year (intending to go yearly) but I don’t like auto-renewing subscriptions in any way shape or form :P (Got to have an element of review and control, year on year)

      1. @raymondu999 It’s a subscription so the payment is either taken every month or every year depending on your choice.

    16. Hi Keith, i wanted to make payment for a year but i don’t have a paypal account. You have mentioned in the details of payment that no paypal account is required. but if i go to yearly subscription it gives second option as “I need to create a PayPal account” at the same time for monthly payment second option says “Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit or debit card”. Could you please enable option for yearly payment through which a person can directly pay using credit card.

    17. I would think about paying more seriously, if you were considering me as reader instead of potential plagiarizer. Because of the annoying copyright note I come here only if a article is really unique (like these nice stats after race, thx).

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