Paul di Resta, Force India, Hungaroring, 2012

Di Resta says Force India can score “big results”

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Paul di Resta, Force India, Hungaroring, 2012In the round-up: Paul di Resta reckons Force India could spring a surprise in the second half of the season.


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Paul on Spa (Force India)

Williams are not too far ahead of us but Sauber have a big points advantage and it?s going to be a big task to overcome that. But we won?t give up; we?ll keep pushing and see what we can do. We definitely have the potential to get some big results before the end of the year.”

Eric Boullier Q&A: Lotus looking ‘very promising’ (F1)

“We used the summer shutdown to perform a comprehensive maintenance and upgrade programme at the factory. This involved the upgrading of a number of production machines and was no small investment. We?ve also made more investments in our wind tunnel and a new gearbox dyno facility is being built. These are all substantial developments to improve our performance potential and position ourselves as one of the very best teams in this highly competitive sport.”

Return of the King – Kimi Raikkonen on the Belgian Grand Prix (Lotus)

“For me there have only been good memories from Spa and it?s great to go racing there. You can?t get the same kind of a feeling anywhere else. It?s great to race with a modern racing car at a proper circuit that has such a great tradition.”

Spa steps in to resolve ticket issue (Autosport)

“Belgian Grand Prix organisers have stepped in to assist almost 6,000 Formula 1 fans who risked not getting their tickets for next weekend’s race.”

2012 Belgian Grand Prix preview (McLaren)

Lewis Hamilton: “It?s going to be an extremely tough, tactical and interesting finale to the season. There?s no team with a clear advantage ?ǣ although we?re all pushing hard to catch Fernando [Alonso]?s points tally in the drivers? championship ?ǣ so there?s still everything to play for.”

COTA’s countdown (ESPN)

“While passing FIA inspection is vital to the race’s success, there remain obstacles that the Austin race organisers have yet to face. One of the main concerns raised by both locals and members of the F1 circus is access to the circuit. The Travis County race track is currently accessible by only two major roads, and traffic management is going to play a vital role in the public’s response to the race.”

Comment of the day

@AndrewT reckons a certain driver is overdue a win at Spa-Francorchamps:

Kimi, the ‘other’ ‘King of Spa’, as the pitboard showed after his to date last win in Belgium, 2009. With a good strategy, a reliable Lotus, and with his devastating speed, he could even go for the win in Spa, which unfortunately Schumacher won?t be able to do.

However, I would love to see Alonso win here, as all he has is 2 podium finishes in Spa from 2005 and 2007. I think a winner trophy from Spa is one of the most wanted that an exeptional driver would like to have.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Hugh and Michael Williamson!

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On this day in F1

The non-championship Danish Grand Prix 50 years ago today was won by Jack Brabham in a Lotus.

The race was held at a track in Roskilde and run across three heats, each of which was won by Brabham.

Image ?? Sahara Force India F1 Team

29 comments on “Di Resta says Force India can score “big results””

  1. Carlito's way
    25th August 2012, 0:31

    If lotus is performing well at spa, with a good strategy and Kimi at the wheel they. Luke do very well here. Here’s hoping!

    1. Carlito's way
      25th August 2012, 0:32

      Correction – they could do very well –
      Damn iPhone keyboard :)

      1. Luke could do very well there too…

        1. @fer-no65 Cos y’know, the force is with him AND Darth Vader is his dad :) !

          1. JimmyTheIllustratedBlindSolidSilverBeachStackapopolis III
            25th August 2012, 15:16

            alonsader looks like he’s about to start dancing!

          2. Rosberg looks so cure there :P

            But, oh my… Webber as Chewwy made me crack up XD

  2. davidnotcoulthard
    25th August 2012, 0:45

    ‘Paul di Resta reckons Force India could spring a surprise in the second half of the season.”

    Because Force India are switching to Renault?

  3. I never miss the opportunity to point out that Kimi’s success rate in Spa is even higher than Michael’s:

    2001: Transmission failure
    2002: Engine failure
    2003: Not held
    2004: Win
    2005: Win
    2006: Not held
    2007: Win
    2008: Led until lap 42 out of 44
    2009: Win

    So far so good so to say. I’d fully expect him to sprung a surprise next weekend if it weren’t for the characteristics of the E20: it performs well in the heat and on circuits with low-to-mid-speed corners. Spa is likely to be cool and is full of high-speed sweepers…

    In any case, go go Kimi! (So says an Alonso fan.)

    1. Thanks for this evidence, Schumi has been successful in SPA but i’m not of the opinion that SPA is his best track, nonsense maybe but perhaps I had that idea because the man above beat him in 2004.

      1. I’d say it is nonsense. Prior to that, he was close to faultless at Spa. Before his first retirement, whenever he completed a full race distance, he’d finish 1st or 2nd. Even now, he has never finished at Spa outside of the points.

        1991 – DNF (Qualified 7th, but burned clutch at Turn 1)
        1992 – Win (He took the Spa crown from then-king Ayrton Senna)
        1993 – 2nd to Damon Hill
        1994 – Win (albeit DSQ due to worn plank)
        1995 – Win
        1996 – Win
        1997 – Win
        1998 – DNF (but had a huge lead before slamming into DC)
        1999 – Out due to injuries
        2000 – 2nd to Mika Hakkinen
        2001 – Win
        2002 – Win
        2003 – No race
        2004 – 2nd to Kimi Raikkonen

        For me, 2004 was him passing the Spa crown to Kimi. But before that, he was undisputed king of Spa for 12 years!

        Even now, some of his best drives for Mercedes are at Spa – he finished well in the points despite starting last in 2010, then caught and beat his teammate in 2011 (his 20th anniversary race).

        1. Wow, that’s also an impressive list, I actually did not complied it myself.

          It’s a shame they are likely not in the proper machinery to continue their dominance – or one of them do so. Michael already fell to this by finishing outside the top 2 for the first time last year, despite driving as well as ever, if not better on this track. However, one could wonder whether he would have done a Hill, Hungaroring, 1997, if he haven’t had to start from near the wrong end of the grid both in 2010 and in 2011.

          I wonder if Kimi will be able to overcome the disadvantage of his package and continue his trend of being in the top 1. Or DNF.

          1. Michael already fell to this by finishing outside the top 2 for the first time last year

            And in 2010 as well.

          2. I wonder if Kimi will be able to overcome the disadvantage of his package and continue his trend of being in the top 1. Or DNF.

            And Michael has a beter average of DNF this year

    2. Thanks for that, it seems that either he wins or he doesn’t finish the race at all, by the way, in 2008 at least he had the fastest lap :)

      1. Yep, Raikkonen’s record at Spa is as good as anyones record on any circuit. He beat Schumacher for the win in 2004 with a Mclaren that was hands down inferior to the dominant Ferrari that season.

    3. You forgot his P2 lap in 2002, driving straight through smoke at Kemmel.

      1. Yeah, he has balls, I rewatched the lap on YouTube a numerous times. :D

  4. I Love The Pope
    25th August 2012, 1:47

    No, Paul, Force India cannot.

  5. Di Resta talks like a manager i can see why he is manager-less.

    1. He is now managed by Jenson Button’s management team.

  6. You can’t beat Kimi saying it like it is.

  7. good on spa, wish silverstone was as efficient

  8. Valtteri Bottas is a NEW World Champion.
    (Event called “Steelpig” -competition. Includes swimming: 300 meters, cycling 10 km and 1l beer at the end) :) Little bit off-topic, but I don’t care.

    1. That’s excellent! I knew I liked that kid.

    2. @nebulaf1ghter
      What a wonderful sport, thanks for sharing the good news with us and enlightening us about the second best sport on the planet.

  9. I think P di Resta has been smoking his underwear.

  10. Watchin the porche`s was crazy the Ginetta`s are bonkers, all ok thank God.
    Couldnt help but think of the stalled car at Imola may 1st 94.
    Shame about Lance and hes brother neil ;)

  11. Sounds like good news for Lotus, lets hope they can remain as competitive as they have been this season, if not more, for the coming years.

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