One comment on “Peter Brock, Doug Chivas, Bathurst, 1973”

  1. Poor Doug. After the Goss/Bartlett Falcon retired due to damage Bartlett being innocently caught up in someone else’s accident, Brock and Chivas had this race shot to bits. They had over a lap on the Allan Moffat / Pete Geoghegan Falcon (not bad considering the Torana was a 3.3L straight-6 and the Falcon was a 5.8L V8)…until the HDT put out a board for Chivas to “get max laps” out of the fuel. Problem is the fuel gauge wasn’t working and Doug went one lap too far. He ran out on top of the mountain and coasted back down to the pits. He would have made it no problems, but he tried to bump start the car after turning onto pit straight. Bad move beause the car virtually stopped dead and 50 year old Doug had to push the car up a small rise after having just driven 50-odd laps of a demanding circuit in a virtually stock car (with a few mods)

    Moffat sailed past into a lead he wouldn’t lose. Brock made up ground but it wouldn’t be enough, and when he drove past an accident on top of the mountain on the last lap, he punctured a tyre and that was that.

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