5 comments on “McLaren MP4-27 and MP4-28 (top)”

  1. are those gigantic exhause troughs in the back there, or unpainted body-work? the shadows are playing tricks with me.

    1. No, they are either unpainted or a dark material. I can only assume that it is some type of material that deals better with the heat from the exhaust?

  2. @jmwalley I heard someone (probably scarbsF1 on twitter) mention that McLaren don’t normally place their exhausts on launch cars where they’ll appear on test and race cars. The black areas are heat-protective coatings for the bodywork, and the size of them implies that the exhaust could exit anywhere in that area. Its the exhaust equivalent of using a diffuser without vanes, or a 2012 front wing.

  3. It is hard to compare because the two pictures are clearly not to the same scale on the “top view”. The tires seem MUCH smaller on the MP4-28 which is not realistic. But that would also mean that the car had a longer wheel base and was longer overall which doesn’t make sense as I don’t believe the rules have changed to allow that much variation?
    Anyway, if it really is off scale then the total body size for the MP4-28 would be much larger and punch a bigger whole in the air…in other words more aerodynamic drag. Not sure what to make of this.

    1. Looking at the pictures side by side, I think someone photo shopped them to try to help with the side by side views and didn’t quite keep the proportions right.

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