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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013Felipe Massa said the race simulation he ran in his Ferrari today has given him confidence the team are on a par with their rivals.

“I did a race simluation in the afternoon, I was happy that I could finish the race without problems,” he told media in Barcelona.

“I would say it was important, it was the first race simulation we did in all these sessions, even including Jerez. I think maybe it was a day the car we managed to put more kilometres in the car. I think the car was good on the wet. We drove the whole morning on the wet.

“I would say the race simulation was good. When I was driving even compared with other cars that was doing a race simulation on the same time I think it was positive.”

“For sure you have big degradation in the tyres but compared to the other cars it’s not different, even competitive. So it was good.

“At the end when I did the race simulation the track was really still in the bad condition. When I put the slick tyres the track was still damp. At the end the track was really dry.

“We did a run-out of fuel after the race to see if everything was working fine. I didn’t run when the track I think it was a positive day.

“For sure if you look at the result you are not in the good result but I think that is not important. The important thing is that when I was on the track it was always good and the car was working well.”

Massa was disappointed to face a second day of wet running at the Circuit de Catalunya: “Today was not good, I mean it was a disaster again.” he said. “But even in the bad weather, in the bad day, I did a lot of laps.”

Mark Webber ended the day with the fastest time, 4.8 seconds quicker than Massa. But the Ferrari driver was not concerned by the gap:

“For sure the lap time is good from Webber at the the end but he was also in a good time to do this lap: at the end of the day on a completely dry track. I never run on the completely dry track, always a bit damp.”

“His lap is good and we know his car is good so there is nothing surprising,” he added. “I’m sure Red Bull will be definitely one of the top teams, the top cars for the championship.”

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12 comments on “Massa encouraged by race simulation”

  1. I just hope we see Massa’s form like we saw during the second half of last season!

    1. @mfdb – just three this time, not too bad!

    2. I think it was positive

  2. He seems to be having a much more positive outlook than Di Montezemolo currently, which may be encouraging for Ferrari fans as it would appear Massa is less of a politician. I hope though that Massa is on more even terms with Alonso this season: he needs to be to justify his position there.

    1. I hope he is close, but not too close, because that can always cause complications. :)
      As long as the car is a match for the top competitors, it would be good if Massa is just a bit slower then Alonso.

      1. CarnivorousPope (@)
        28th February 2013, 21:35

        Or maybe just a bit faster would be more fun.

        1. @carvinovrouspope +1, I’ve always wanted to see how the fans would react to that!

          1. @vettel1
            Most likely identical to how they reacted when Massa was faster than Raikkonen.

  3. My only desire for the season ahead is for Massa to win a race. I would jump for joy if this happens!

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