Jose Froilan Gonzalez, Ferrari, Silverstone, 1951

Jose Froilan Gonzalez, 1922-2013

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Jose Froilan Gonzalez, Ferrari, Silverstone, 1951

Jose Froilan Gonzalez made history with his victory in the British Grand Prix on July 14th, 1951.

The stocky driver, dubbed The Pampas Bull, won at the wheel of a Ferrari 375. It was the first victory in a world championship race for the Italian manfacturer, which has since amassed over 200 further wins.

Gonzalez joined fellow Argentinian racers Juan Manuel Fangio and Onofre Marimon on starting grids in the fifties. Although he didn’t match Fangio’s racing success, nor did he suffer the unfortunate fate of Marimon or many other drivers who lost their lives in the perilous early years of the world championship.

His first Silverstone win set him on course to end the year third in the world championship. Three years later he repeated his Silverstone success for Ferrari.

Also in 1954 Gonzalez shared a Ferrari 375 Plus with Maurice Trintignant and drove it to victory at the Le Mans 24 Hours, the pair finishing a lap ahead of their closest rivals.

Despite a successful year, which included finishing second to Fangio in the championship, that was his last full season of F1. He appeared at his home country’s round of the world championship over the next few seasons and made his final appearance in 1960.

Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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  • 10 comments on “Jose Froilan Gonzalez, 1922-2013”

    1. Rest in Peace Jose.

    2. Great person, humble and charming whom I had the opportunity to meet many years ago.

      RIP to a great F1 legend.

    3. RIP Pepe… :( such a sad day. A member of a golden era in our country’s motorsport history.

      To think we had a 1-2 in the world championship…

      To think, also, that I met him plenty of times walking around his FIAT dealership near my dad’s shop. Always cheerful, willing to say hello to anyone.

      You will be missed, Pepe.

      1. sad news… I saw some of his interviews on the Argentinian F1 programs , and looked very humble and friendly despite his success, and even when I know nobody is eternal , he was a respected man. he was definitely a landmark in F1

    4. Old ships draw to home again as new ships sail away…

    5. R.I.P. Gonzalez and Hunt.

    6. joeyzf1 (@)
      16th June 2013, 4:11

      R.I.P. Jose

    7. RIP to the Pampas Bull. A great driver in his own right, who could’ve accomplished so much more had he stayed in Europe after 1954

    8. RIP, Cabezón.

    9. Great, HUGE name, the f1 world lost, yerterday one of the 1st. With him (and others) f1 become legendary

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