Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013

Ricciardo to drive in Red Bull tyre test for Pirelli

2013 F1 seasonPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013Red Bull will conduct a tyre test for Pirelli at the Circuit de Catalunya next week. The 1,000km test will be conducted using a two-year old chassis.

Red Bull are the third team to conduct such a test so far this year. Ferrari did so after the Bahrain Grand Prix, also with a two-year-old car.

Mercedes conducted a similar test following the Spanish Grand Prix but used their current chassis. The FIA deemed that in violation of the rules and barred Mercedes from participating in the Young Drivers’ Test.

“It’s a test that others have conducted for Pirelli,” said team principal Christian Horner. “It’s for them to look at tyre compounds for next year, we’ve just provided a car for them.”

Horner indicated that next year’s driver Daniel Ricciardo will drive the car along with test driver Sebastien Buemi: “It’s an old car, we’re running our test drivers in it, probably Daniel Ricciardo will drive on the other day.”

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13 comments on “Ricciardo to drive in Red Bull tyre test for Pirelli”

  1. Interesting that their next years race driver will be allowed to drive the car, but the test is fair (as was Ferrari’s).

    1. As were mercedes

      1. Merc used their race drivers and the 2013 car in a clear violation of the rules, so no their test wasn’t fair.

      2. @tvm no, they weren’t. They tested with a 2013 car and 2013 race drivers, which is firmly against the rules. Ferrari and Red Bull aren’t breaking any though.

        1. They asked for permission, and besides a 2011 adheres more that it differs to 2012 and 2013 spec and hence just as illegal.

          lesser the point than my reply really just was meant a snide remark to your pointless snide remark that it was fair, you just couldn’t help yourself could you?

    2. @vettel1
      the test will be run to develop the 2014 tyres, Paul Hembry said that another team is interested in running such a test

  2. Red Bull favouring Ricciardo already. Boooo!

    1. Yes, Vettel really needs the practice!

  3. Wonder if its possible to trial any other 2014 components?

    1. I think they’re pretty busy with winning the 2013 championship :P

    2. Thats a really good question, I’m wondering that as well.

  4. Good that it’s out in the open one week before the testing takes place. Anybody who would like to protest the test for whatever reason still has time, and thus there should be no questions afterwards.

  5. I’m happy that Sebastien Buemi can drive a F1 car again, he looked fast as hell on Le Mans this year :)

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