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webber-fans-tweetGet a glimpse behind the scenes of the Japanese Grand Prix with @AnthonyFrench?s round-up of the best Tweets from the race weekend.


It may only have been the media day at the circuit but even so the stands were packed – some fans had even arrived to watch set-up the day before.


As the second practice session drew to a close the paddock was stunned by news from Spain that former Marussia test driver Maria de Villota had passed away. Many of the teams and drivers paid their respects to De Villota on Twitter.

On the track Mercedes and Red Bull took turns at the top of the times sheets while several drivers were caught out by the punishing Suzuka track.


The infamous Spoon and Degner corners continued to reap a harvest of the unwary and unfortunate, but Red Bull steered clear of trouble to lock out the front row. But for the first time this year Mark Webber was ahead of Sebastian Vettel.


A poor start by the Red Bull duo let Romain Grosjean seize an early lead for Lotus. Vettel played his strategic cards to perfection to get ahead of the both, passing Grosjean in the final stint for his ninth win of 2013.

Fernando Alonso’s place ensured the drivers’ championship would not be won for at least one more race.

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2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2013 Japanese Grand Prix weekend in Tweets”

  1. When people are passionate about F1, it shows… the mood changes completely.

  2. It may only have been the media day at the circuit but even so the stands were packed – some fans had even arrived to watch set-up the day before.

    And that everyone, is why Japan deserves a Grand Prix far more than Korea, India or Abu Dhabi.

    1. I’m wishing Korea stays on the calendar as long as it can and exposes itself so hopefully draw more fans from the locals.

  3. The most memorable of the tweets this weekend for me were those paying tribute to Maria de Villota.

  4. What happens if there is a massive crash, car on fire, driver staying in but no green light?

  5. Great catch on tweets :)

  6. Great set of tweets. I loved some of them, the Japanese clearly are passionate F1 fans. It was a great weekend of racing, and all we were talking about was the racing after it, not some stupid fire truck :P

  7. Great compilation thanks :)

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