7 comments on “Williams FW36 and FW35 compared”

  1. It’s amazing to think that the FW35 was already subject to restrictions on the nose height, it looks so high compared to the new snout – presumably the FW33 was about 7.5cm higher still!

  2. The nose looks like a lonely lady’s bedtime toy.

    Have the regulations eliminated all the exhaust witchery?

    1. @joshua-mesh – In theory, they shouldn’t be able to do anything with the exhaust gasses now. The exhaust has to exit straight out the rear of the car and with the removal of the beam wing and the restrictions on any type of bodywork in line with the exhaust exit, they shouldn’t be able to do anything.

      Having said that, this is F1 and we have the worlds leading experts in loophole exploitation so I wouldn’t want to bet against them finding some sort of workaround!!

  3. smailliW F1 (like it said on the rear wing :)

  4. The Blade Runner (@)
    23rd January 2014, 16:57

    The FW36 looks like it’s off to sniff out some truffles!

  5. Much better than the stepped nose in my opinion. I know it’s not the final paint, but if it were just a bit more purple given the new nose – the car begins to resemble Gonzo from the muppet show! “Gentlemen – introducing the 2014 challenger – the FWGNZ0!

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