15 comments on “Kevin Magnussen, Jenson Button, Stoffel Vandoorne, McLaren MP4-29, 2014”

  1. akilly, it looks ok, not bad considering idiotic rules and all…

  2. Actually it looks ok from this angle. Almost taking back my first impressions :)

    1. This was the first pic i saw and thought, wow, looks good.. but it all goes sour from another angle

  3. Someone is gonna get ****** with that car…. ;-)……that ‘nose’

  4. Jenson doesn’t particularly look happy…

    1. he’s not had much to be happy about lately, has he…..?

    2. I’m pretty sure he has a good reason for that…

    3. Crafted attitudes, we could see it like that:
      – Magnussen is presented humble, tied hands in front, facing a whole new world.
      – Jenson, hands tied behind his back, often seen as someone who wants to show something different than the past, another new start.
      – Vandoorne is hands on hips, trying to show he is capable and worth of it too.

  5. I think it’s a sexy looking car. I hope it gets some wins. Hopefully the color scheme isn’t too similar to Mercedes though.

    1. Its not sexy look that matters but sexy in performance. If its competitive and fast during races then its truly sexy.

  6. front jack mans job is going to be interesting this season!

  7. Awful. There is even a little hole at the end of that… thing.

    1. I saw the picture, then I wrote this comment. I looked at it again, then I laughed, and I still am :D Good lord it looks ridiculous!

  8. With a little flesh colored paint, that nose would be more notorious than a Max Mosely video!

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