Lotus F1 Racing headquarters – pictures

Images (C) Lotus F1 Racing

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  1. Absolutely excellent to see your HQ today on a return trip from Great Yarmouth. Could only improve if I had seen Jarno Trulli and/or Hekki Kovalenen whilst I was there.
    Thank you very much

  2. Hi I am a great supporter of any thing Lotus, I did go to an open day many years ago and walked in the tiled workshops Ex Stable. I have lots of Lotus item 1986 F1 steering wheel pair of overalls label inside Nigel Bennett.
    It would be great if I could over and look at workshop again and see the whole set up again.
    keep up the good work my kind regards.

  3. Why arent lotus making progress in this year’s season inspite of changing to renault engine are there any other areas need for improvement. Are the lotus cars competitive enough are they using DRS and KERS. At least Lotus renault have improved and are on podium .Need to see some progress by Lotus team this season Thank you

  4. tom clark
    1st May 2011, 0:45

    Hi, what is the postcode for the Lotus HQ?, as me and 2 friends have been travelling to different F1 HQ’s.

    We are from Chesterfield, North Derbyshire, and last week we went to our local team Virgin Racing in Dinnington. Then a couple of nights ago we went down to Milton Keynes, to the Red Bull HQ. … … so now we are wanting to visit Lotus.

    If someone could reply to me either on here or by email (see bottom) with the address for Lotus so i can chuck it in the Sat Nav, that would be fantastic! Cheers.



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