Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Korea, 2011

Red Bull

Active years: 2005-
Previous identities: Stewart(1997-1999), Jaguar (2000-2004)
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Major team personnel


Dietrich Mateschitz, the billionaire behind soft drink Red Bull, formed an F1 team in 2005 having bought the remnants of Jaguar Racing from Ford. The company had previously sponsored several F1 drivers.

He appointed Christian Horner to run the team who signalled its determination to succeed by hiring of top designer Adrian Newey, who had crafted world championship-winning cars for Williams and McLaren.

Sebastian Vettel scored the team’s breakthrough victory in 2009 and went on to finish second in the drivers’ championship that year.

Newey’s race-winning RB5 laid the groundwork for a series of championship-winning cars to follow. In 2010 the combination of Vettel and the RB6 captured the drivers’ and constructors’ championship for the team.

Both driver and team retained their titles after a dominant 2011 campaign. Vettel and team mate Mark Webber racked up 12 wins and 18 pole positions in 19 races.

In 2012 they became the first ever team to win their first three constructors championship titles consecutively. Vettel added another drivers’ title after a hard-fought battle with Fernando Alonso which went down to the last race. They remained on top in 2013, dominating the second half of the season as Vettel scored nine consecutive wins.

Red Bull have a sister team, Toro Rosso, which primarily exists to give up-and-coming drivers race experience, evaluate their potential and assess whether they should gain a place at Red Bull. Vettel was promoted from the team at the end of 2008.

However following an unsuccessful 2014 Vettel moved on to Ferrari. Daniel Ricciardo, who had been promoted from Toro Rosso as his new team mate and won three races, remained and was joined by another of the team’s graduates, Daniil Kvyat.


2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Championship position 7 7 5 7 2 1 1 1 1 2
Points 34 16 24 29 153.5 498 650 460 596 405
Wins 0 0 0 0 6 9 12 7 13 3
Pole positions 0 0 0 0 5 15 18 8 11 0


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Red Bull Racing
Bradbourne Drive
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

Major team personnel

Team owner: Dietrich Mateschitz
Team principal: Christian Horner
Advisor: Helmut Marko
Chief technical officer: Adrian Newey
Head of aerodynamics: Dan Fallows
Chief engineering officer: Rob Marshall
Chief engineer (car): Paul Monaghan
Chief engineer (performance) Pierre Wasche
Race team manager: Jonathan Wheatley
Race engineer (Daniel Ricciardo): Simon Rennie
Race engineer (Daniil Kvyat):
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